Chapter 3.1B- Sober as a Bird

6 Apr

And we’re back with Part B. Heavier drug use begins here kids, so use the X button in the top corner of your browser if you’re uncomfortable.


Honey’s stories end up being much funnier than Taco’s, and mostly center around the love triangles and goofy antics that arise in the Mad House.


Noemi glances over as Spades hands his pool cue off to someone else and heads off early to a side room.


Not long after Spades leaves, a small somber group gathers in the corner, led by Rush. After only a few minutes of murmured discourse, they disperse.


Noemi and Honey catch their breath after roaring with laughter at Honey’s retelling of the time Taco got his foot stuck in the chandelier.

Honey: Ahhhh…. He’s such a dork. I have no idea how that old thing didn’t rip out of the ceiling.

Noemi: That sounds like a fun night!

Honey: God, do you want to have a really fun night? Let’s go find Kaz.


Noemi follows Honey out into the foyer, where they see Kaz, Meg, and another guy lounging around.


Kaz: Heyyyy Honey Baby. Glad you could join us.

Honey: We were looking for you actually. We were wondering if you had anything tonight, in celebration of our new roommate.

Kaz: You know me baby, I’ve always got something.

Noemi watches as Kaz pulls a small bag out of her pocket. She removes the contents and reaches up to hand them to Honey.


Honey: I’m assuming it’s your first time, so you should probably start with one. Don’t let it sit on your  tongue or it’ll burn you.


Noemi stares as Honey tosses the pill into her mouth and swallows it effortlessly.


She does her best to mimic the action and is relieved to have gotten it down without burning her tongue.


Honey moves to sit in the empty chair, leaving Noemi to sit next to the guy on the couch. She realizes she recognizes him from before.


Noemi: Hey, you’re my bartender!

Guy: You sound like you forgot about me!

Noemi: I may have been drunk.

Guy: I’ll allow it this time. My name’s Shrike, and you’d better remember that.

Noemi: That’s the weirdest name I’ve heard so far, there’s no way I’ll forget it.


Shrike and Noemi continue to chat for a while, and then listen in on the others. Honey and Meg seem to be talking about art, but Noemi doesn’t know anything about art and can’t pay attention. She realizes Shrike and Kaz are now having a rapid conversation about their guns. She turns back to listen to Honey and Meg and is surprised to realize they are talking about something entirely different now.

She decides to take stock of how she’s feeling. She feels really good, and awake.

Noemi: I don’t feel anything.


Shrike: Me neither, I don’t know what Kaz thought she was giving us.

Noemi: I’m sober as a bird.

Shrike: Do you know a shrike is a kind of bird?

Noemi: Holy shit no way.


And then Noemi realizes that she is feeling it, because the people around her have become so completely interesting that all she wants to do in the whole world is stay right there and talk to them. She smiles sweetly at their beautiful faces engaged in deep conversation with one another.


She flits back to her conversation with Shrike. He is telling her about the most beautiful sunset he ever watched from the top of a mountain.

Noemi: That’s really amazing, Shrike! I just love how much you loved that experience, it’s so beautiful!

Shrike: Wow… it really was, wasn’t it?


She looks up again and Meg is gone. Kaz and Honey are wrapped in a tight embrace.

Kaz: I wanna go dance with you!

Honey: No, I wanna dance with you!

Kaz: You don’t understand, I wanna dance with you, love!


Noemi: Let’s all go dance!

They all jog into the main room, hungry for music.


Noemi laughs when she sees Meg obviously predisposed against a wall.


Honey and Kaz dissolve into the throng, and Noemi dances alongside Shrike. She loses complete track of time, feeling her body melt into the rhythm and exchanging banter with Shrike.


Then this beauty got  in my way while I was trying to take a picture. No regrets.


Noemi whirls and sings to the music. Shrike dips her and spins her, and she laughs hysterically.


She’s numbly aware that she’s still being watched, and realizes that she doesn’t care at all.


She sees Meg still busy with Scotch.

Noemi: Does she always do this?

Shrike: All night long.


Noemi: I feel like they’re gonna contaminate the keg somehow, there’s gotta be a biohazard going on by now.

Shrike: Maybe if I go grab some drinks they’ll take off. I’ll be back in a bit.


Noemi resumes dancing. Glancing over she sees that Scotch and Meg have indeed moved elsewhere.


She closes her eyes and rocks to the motion of the music.


Opening her eyes, it takes her a moment to register what she’s seeing.


She looks away to see if anyone else is noticing this. When she looks back the confrontation is over.


She stares at Rush, who has resumed his calm demeanor. He stares back, and Noemi’s mouth goes dry.


Noemi realizes how slowed her mind must be that she’s held his gaze this long, and quickly turns away.


Candy: That was fucking weird, did you see that Jade?

Noemi: I don’t even know.

Candy: These guys are crazy tonight, I don’t know how we’re going to deal with it without a few more shots in us.

Noemi: I’m so on board with that.


After taking said shots, Noemi and Candy realize that a pillow fight has broken out.


They’re torn between joining the pillow fight and staying behind to watch Daisy’s impromptu karaoke performance, but ultimately decide that pillows are less painful.


The whack of a pillow into her face reawakens Noemi to her senses, and she realizes that she has reunited with Meg.


All around her the pillow gladiators scream and cheer as they make contact.


Through the archway she notices everyone huddled around a guy telling a story, and immediately drops her pillow and sprints over to join them.


She misses every word of his story, and instead stares at the changing expressions on everyone’s faces.


She looks around herself. The story is over, and the room is nearly empty.

The few that remain are either standing around quietly or on their way to passing out.


Zana: Heyyyy. I wasn’t sure anyone was still up here. This is getting lame, let’s go.


Then Noemi is mildly aware of the fact that she is laying down in a soft bed. The last thing she registers before passing out is the sound of Zana pulling off her shoes and throwing them clumsily at the wall.

OKAY. What a long chapter. I’m not sure what to say about the level of drugs and alcohol in this post. It’s literally going to be like that this whole generation, and I’m sorry but I can’t write it without that. I feel really guilty.


Chapter 3.1A- Sick Beatz

6 Apr

WARNING: This whole chapter generation is rated M for mature. As in, hopefully you’re all mature enough to read about the irresponsible use of drugs, liquor, and sexuality without feeling the need to go out and emulate it.

We’re all grown ups here right? Okay, good.

So you know that little problem I sometimes have where it’s really really hard to get a whole bunch of sims to cooperate for a scene at the same time? It’s gonna be like that ALL THE TIME now that Noemi is living in a place with like 50 other people. Shit.

Oh well, let’s get started.


Noemi steps out of the chill air and into the Madhouse, and immediately feels the discomfort of like twenty eyes staring at her.


All of the men are huddled around a long table littered with cigarettes. They have obviously been talking, but they fall silent as the girls enter the room.

This is especially uncomfortable because, in case you’ve forgotten, these are all the people that are trying to kill Noemi’s family and friends, and if they knew who Noemi was she’d probably get killed dead.


The thin man at the head of the table looks up from his conversation and glares coldly at them with a raised eyebrow.


Meg exchanges a glance with the man and quickens her pace. Noemi focuses her eyes on the floor and follows after Meg as quick as she can.


As she reaches the next room she hears them return to their conversation in hushed voices.


Meg and Noemi join a group of girls lounging around the bar. They seem to be much more light hearted than the men had been, and merrily greet the newcomers.


Meg: The guys were being pretty secretive, does anyone know what kind of plots they’re hatching back there?


Red Bra Girl: No idea! They haven’t moved for hours. We really want to listen in but they’re just so serious we’re scared we’ll get shot!

Meg: God, they looked like they were going to shoot us for trespassing. Well anyway, I just wanna let you all know that Jade is going to stay here now, and I want to celebrate!


Glasses girl: Super cool! I’m Kaz. I don’t actually live here, I’ve got a place not too far away, but I’m here all the time.

Noemi smiles and greets all the girls as they introduce themselves.


Red bra girl: I’m Candy!

Panda hat girl: Hey Jade, I’m Tally!


The pink haired girl sprawled out on the bar reveals her name last.

Pink hair chick: Hey honey, I’m Daisy. And I remember you! You’re my pool partner!

Noemi: Yeah I remember that! I forget who we played, but we kicked their asses.


Candy: Honey and Zana and a few others are hanging out in the garage. I’m not sure if Jade’s met them, you should go introduce her!

Meg: Yeah we’ll go say hi.


Noemi follows Meg into the garage where the girls are chatting. The air is thick with pungent smoke.

Meg: Hey ladies! Smells like we’re starting the fun early over here!

Face Paint girl: We don’t really have anywhere else to go, the boys have banned us from their secret little scheming session.

Meg: Yeah I could practically hear their asses tighten when we came in. But anyways, Jade’s staying with us now so you should probably all remind her what your names are.


Face Paint Girl: Awww nice! I’m Zana.


Red Lipstick chick: Hi, I’m Rexie. Nice to meet you, hon!

Shaved head girl: I’m Rave.

Noemi: Then you must be Honey.

Blonde girl: I sure am! God you are just the cutest!

Meg: Isn’t she? I’m so glad we’re keeping her!


The conversation moves back to the men’s meeting. Rave reveals that she’s been hearing shouting coming from locked rooms lately, and Rexie agrees that the guys have seemed more tense.


Rave: I’m willing to bet the guys are getting restless from laying low for so long.

Zana: Definitely. And that was fine while our numbers were down, but we’ve gotten so much stronger that I think the Dogs are getting thirsty for combat.

Honey: Of course they are, the testosterone fueled monsters.

Zana: Hey I hear music! Sounds like they’re done in there!


Meg: Finally! Let’s go dance, Jade!


The girls head to the main room in search of liquor and sick beatz.


The men pour into the room from the other side. The small man scowls and walks ahead of the others.

Noemi ogles him curiously but is interrupted by a shout.


Daisy: Come dance with me, darlings!


They dance their way into the group, cheering together for the start of another great night.

Noemi: Holy shit, this is the greatest place in the world!

Meg: You betcha baby!


Then Meg is swept into the air in Scotch’s huge arms, prompting wolf whistles from Candy and Daisy.


Still laughing, Noemi whirls as she’s pulled blindly into a hug.

Noemi: Taco!!!

Taco: Jaaaade!!!


Noemi: Yo, I live here now!!

Taco: New roommate, niiiice!! Hey, sorry I didn’t say hi earlier, it was pretty tense back there.


Noemi: No problem! I got to come back here and meet all the girls and gossip about the guys.

Taco: Sweet! Come get a drink with me and I’ll tell you allll the gossip.


After pounding back a shot at the bar they retire to a corner where they can observe the whole room. Noemi decides she wants to start by finding out what Taco knows about Gerard and Derek.

Taco: Okay, just keep your voice down if you’re gonna ask questions, alright?

Noemi: Sure. So those two younger guys over there, who are they?


Taco: The one with the tats is Weasel, cause he’ll do anything you tell him and he’s a sneaky little fucker. The other guy’s called Toothless Gerry.

Noemi is horrified.

Noemi: How did he lose his teeth?

Taco grins.

Taco: He’s got all his teeth. It’s the guys who piss him off that don’t.

Noemi: Shit, okay. How about that big guy?


Taco: Dr. Sweet.

Noemi: He’s a doctor?

Taco: If we need him to be. Usually he’s more of what you’d call an un-doctor.

Noemi: What’s an un-doctor?

Taco: Ehhhh, let’s just say an un-doctor does the opposite of what a doctor does.

Noemi swallows involuntarily.


She looks over at the pool table, knowing exactly who she needs to ask about next.

Noemi: How about the really serious man in the glasses? He freaks me out.

Taco: Spades. He’s king here. He freaks everyone out.

Noemi: And his weirdo henchman?


Taco: Spades has got plenty of henchmen, but Rush ain’t one of them. They were kids together, so Rush is basically first mate of this crazy ship.

Noemi: I don’t like him.


Taco: I think you’re in the minority, hon. Rush is the only one who can get Spades to loosen up a bit. He’s basically the reason we get to party.

Noemi: It seems like if it were up to Spades you’d all be stuck in super serious meetings all day.

Taco: You got that right.


Honey: Hey lovelies, are we having a gossip sesh?

Taco: I’m just educating young Jade here about all of our fine Mad House members.

Honey: I know way more gossip than you do! Leave her education to me!

Taco: You can have it, I’ve said too much already! I’m gonna grab a beer.

*This chapter is so incredibly loooong that I am splitting it into parts A and B. Part B will literally just resume here.

State of the Yu-nion #1

18 Mar

LOL. Yu-nion. I’m mostly just writing this so I can make that pun.

But we’ve got a few changes happening here, so gather round while I address them, in bullet points. Maybe numbers, actually.


1. I’ve removed the Blog option from the menu. Why? Because I hated it. Sure, it showed my most recent post, but if you actually wanted to read stuff it was terrible because it was all in backwards order. So if you want to read things in proper order, just go through the archives, or click the handy little next button at the bottom of each post.

2. I’ve replaced the blog with a page that is currently empty. Why? Because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. There will eventually be character bios there. Sorted by generation.

3. Generation 3 is beginning. Why? Because I somehow have stuck with this generation for that long. And it’s going to be crazy. Which brings me to my fourth point.

4. Shit’s gonna get real. Like, drugs, alcohol, and sex. Sorry, but that’s where the story is going. I just want to give everyone a heads up so they don’t start feeling all uncomfortable when half the characters are tripping balls all over the place. Throughout my posts I’ll probably apologize multiple times for the graphic nature of things. Playing the sims is a childhood thing for me, and it just feels weird for it to be growing up with me. That said, the only real nudity you’ll ever see is a few butts from streaking.

So thank you so so much for reading!! I absolutely love that I’ve been able to develop this little world as much as I have so far, and I’m so glad for anyone who wants to share that with me! I hope you like the stuff that’s coming up, as I’ve actually written really far ahead. Like, generation 4 is alive and almost a teenager. And all those fully written posts are just sitting around waiting for me to hit the publish button.

Thanks again for all the comments and likes, it really means so much! I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun =)


Chapter 2.21- Octopus Wranglin

14 Mar

Yeah guys so this is a really long chapter and it’s full of like drugs, alcohol, and unkind language. Can you handle it?

Hope so.

Good morning Noemi!!!


Noemi: Owwwww god.

What’s wrong lovey?


Noemi: I gotta headache and I feel like I’m gonna puke.

Ah. Welcome to hangovers.


Noemi heads into the kitchen to see what’s happening, keeping her fingers crossed that noone noticed she was missing last night.


Sam: Mom I gotta tell you about my dream! We were at home, but it was also underwater, and everything was all green and these big sharks were swimming in my room…

Noemi fills herself a bowl full of Fruit Parfait, hoping that she can flush out the liquor by filling her stomach with something healthy.


Sam: So then I wrangled the octopus and locked him in the shower, and then I had to go pee so I went to pee in the toilet but I woke up because I realized I was actually still in bed. So I almost peed my bed!

Oscar: Wow, Sam, crazy dream! Noemi, you look really tired.


Oscar: What’s up? I thought you went to bed early last night.


Noemi:  I dunno. Maybe I’m coming down with something.

Oscar: Huh. Well I hope you feel better, hon.


They finish up breakfast as usual. Noemi is only able to force down a few more bites before it starts to make her feel sick.


Oscar: Noemi, you wanna come see me in your room when you’re done eating?

Noemi’s stomach plummets.

Noemi: Yeah… sure.


Noemi cleans up her bowl and glances over at her little brothers playing so nicely together.


She realizes how lucky Sam and Joey are to have each other, and smiles for them.


Feeling a little bit sick, she goes to join Oscar in her room.


Oscar: Hey, Noemi. I’m not going to take up your time for too long, but I just want to be clear about something. I heard you come in really late last night, and I’m really worried about where you were.

Not sure what to say, Noemi is silent.


Oscar: Noemi, work with me here. I know you’re going places at night and I want to make sure you’re being safe.

Noemi: I took a gun. I was just out for a walk cause I couldn’t sleep.


Oscar: You weren’t with anyone?

Noemi: Of course I wasn’t with anyone, jeez.

Oscar: I’m glad you made sure you were safe, but I don’t like you going out at night. Anything could happen to you, and it’s not setting a good example for your brothers.


Noemi: Oh my god, dad. Can you mind your own business? I just couldn’t sleep is all. Nothing’s going to happen to me if I have a gun, and the boys aren’t going to know!


Oscar: Noemi, this is my business! You’re being really risky and I don’t like it.


Noemi: Yeah, well get over it cause if I want to go for a walk then I will. It’s not like I’m going to die from going on a walk. In fact, I’m going on one now. See ya.


She rolls her eyes and stalks out, leaving Oscar feeling defeated behind her.


Noemi whatcha doin?


Noemi: Celebrating!

Celebrating what?


Noemi: Dad didn’t find out where I went!!

Oh boy. Dat rebellious trait.


Noemi goes to two more of Meg’s parties. Meg leaves early with Scotch every time, at which point Noemi heads home. She’s gotten better at gauging how much alcohol she can handle, and is really cautious to sneak back home without anyone finding out.


She’s happy to have rekindled her friendships with Derek and Gerard, although it always surprises her how different they are now.

(That’s badass Derek.)


And she hasn’t stopped feeling as though she’s being watched.

Regardless, Noemi really enjoys the parties and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


She only really gives herself away when she spends half the next day sleeping. The rest of the house is usually midway through lunch by the time she wakes up with vertigo and a headache.


Sam: Noemi. Get upppp!

Noemi: *snooooore*


It hasn’t slipped past Oscar that Noemi is still sneaking out at night.

Oscar: Honey, what’s going on? Why do you keep going out at night?


Noemi: Dad, I’m not. I just wanna have breakfast.

Oscar: Yes you are going out at night. What’s happening honey?


Noemi: Nothing! Get off my case and let me eat, dad!


Oscar: You know I’m not okay with this, it needs to stop!


Noemi: I really don’t care, dad! I’ll go where I want!

Short of locking all the doors and windows in the trailer, Oscar really can’t control her and just tries his best to make sure she’s being safe. He wakes up every morning sick to his stomach worrying that Noemi won’t be in her bed.


Noemi’s been fighting with Jemyn more too, which hasn’t made her any more interested in hanging out at home.


Oh goodness me, what’s going on cutie pies?

Oscar: Double birthday party!!

Jemyn: We’re getting old, babe. Ready to blow out the candles together?

Oscar: Yeah…. I was hoping Noemi would be here but it’s getting too late to keep waiting.


Jemyn: Okay, let’s go then!


Jemyn: Well that was anticlimactic.


Oscar: Yeah, I feel the same. A few more wrinkles.

Also, his cheekbones magically turned into razor blades when he aged up. They’re SO SHARP.


Sam: Okay Patches. You distract them, and I’ll swipe one of those cakes!


And then Patches did this. I guess it would have been pretty distracting if he had been visible to anyone but Sam.


Oscar: Noemi would have loved this cake. We’d better save her a piece.


Jemyn: You told her to be here for our birthday. If she wants cake she should have been here.

Oscar: I did tell her it was important to me… but she’s got a wild spirit, she’s gotta be given her own space or she’ll take off.


They hear the creak of the front door, and Noemi walks into the kitchen.

Noemi: Oh wow, lots of cake in here.


She scoops Joey off the floor into her arms.

Noemi: Hey sweet pea!! Did you eat some cake too? Or did mean mummy not let you have any?


Noemi serves herself a slice of cake and sits to wolf it down.

Noemi: Mmmm I’m starving. How was the birthday?


Jemyn: I’m pretty sure your dad told you to be here for it.

Noemi: Well you can just-


Oscar: Guys! Let’s just enjoy our evening tonight.

Jemyn and Noemi fall silent, and Oscar launches into an explanation of how hard it is to find cake mix in the zombie apocalypse.

They finish up their dessert and soon the trailer is filled with the clinking of dishes being washed.


Oscar: Listen, honey. I don’t want to control you but I was really hoping you would be here tonight.

Noemi: Well I’m sorry that I didn’t make it for your birthday I guess, but I’m not gonna sit here and cheer about Jemyn’s new wrinkles.


Jemyn: I am starting to get really sick of living with this crap Noemi!


Noemi: Then stop dealing so much crap!

Jemyn: Are you kidding me? I’m the one who cleans up all the crap! The crap you deal when you hurt this family all the time!

Noemi: I already had a family, then you came and fucked it up!


Oscar: You can’t keep attacking Jemyn like that, Noemi! I’ve had it with this!


Noemi: What!? You’ve had it with the truth?? I did have a family once, are you ready to just forget about that?

Oscar: Of course not! We had a family, your mom left! Can you blame me for trying to rebuild something for myself?

Noemi: What the fuck dad? I wasn’t enough for you so you had to rebuild?? Was I broken??


Oscar: No, baby, you were always perfect! I just wanted you to have a family, and now you’re such an important part of it.


Noemi: Fuck you. This isn’t my family, it’s yours. I hope you fucking enjoy your new family.


She stomps out, fuming mad.

Go away, plumbob. Stop being in my pictures.


She nearly hesitates when she sees Sam and Joey giggling together by the door.

Joey: Nemmy go outside?


A sob creeps up her throat as she walks out the door.


She holds her breath and tenses as she closes the door on her sweet brothers.


She explodes into sobs as she pulls out her gun and takes off running down the road.


Finally by the pond, she breaks down on the damp grass, rocking and heaving as tears stream down her face.


Hearing her friend behind her, she slowly stands up.

Meg: Oh my god, honey. What’s happened to you?

Noemi: I’m not going back.


Meg: That’s a pretty big decision. Have some of this and then we’ll talk it over.


Noemi takes the joint and sucks it in. Meg waits patiently as Noemi coughs out half her organs. Between coughs, Noemi relays the story of the fight she had with her dad and Jemyn.

Meg: Well fuck. I wouldn’t stay there another second. I’ll take you in, you can be my rescue puppy!


Noemi: Really?

Jemyn: Sure! But it’s going to be really different than what you’re used to, you know. Don’t be surprised if it’s too much for you.

Noemi: I have to try. Where else can I go?


Sooooo yeah. Noemi’s moving to the Mad House. Which means….



It took such a long time to get here!!

Are you excited?? I am!! Noemi’s in a pretty crazy new environment. And don’t worry, I’ll give regular updates on Oscar and the family back at the trailer.

See you next time in Generation Three!!

PS. I feel kinda guilty talking about drugs, alcohol, and rude language in the sims. Like, it’s part of the story and this would just be a boring old legacy without it, but I feel like I’m corrupting the innocence of the sims. I hope that’s okay for everyone.

Chapter 2.20- No Clothes and a Pool Cue

9 Mar

Hey guys. So I hope we all remember what happened last time. Noemi sure does.


Noemi, you okay?

Noemi: I hate my dad. I hate Jemyn. I’m just gonna sit by this pond forever.



Meg: Hey Noemi, what are you doing?

Noemi: Meg! Thank god you’re here. I guess you could say I just had a blowout with my dad. I’m probably just going to stay in the treehouse tonight.


Meg: Oh honey, you should come party with me tonight! That’ll get your anger out.

Noemi: Shit, you think so?

Meg: Of course! You’re fifteen, you can handle it.


Noemi: I’m going to. I don’t even care if I get in trouble anymore. How much madder can my dad get?


Meg: Who cares! I’m so glad you’re coming with me tonight!! We’re going to dress you up and you’re going to meet all my friends!!


The two girls climb into the treehouse and rummage through the pile of clothes Meg has stored there. Noemi doesn’t feel very covered up in her new clothes, but Meg insists she looks good, and pancakes some thick makeup onto Noemi’s face. Finally they totter down from the treehouse in massive heels.


Noemi and Meg walk up to a large square brick building. The burning barrels and no trespassing signs make Noemi’s heart race. She takes a deep breath and swallows her nerves, determined to have a good time.


Meg: Don’t forget. I’m Sass, and your name is Jade. If anyone asks, you live with a small, unaffiliated group in the hills. You don’t say anything about where you’re really from.

Noemi: Got it.


Meg pushes the door open, and Noemi follows her inside. Her mouth is dry with nervousness.


She takes note of the chess tables and fancy couches in the foyer. She has never seen such extravagant furniture. Everything she has ever known has been standard to the whole military and rationed equally.


Time slows down as they step into the main room. Noemi feels the impulse to turn and run home, but pushes that thought out of her mind.


Meg: Come on, girl.

The two friends stride confidently through the room.


All around her, beautiful, stylish people stand in small groups, talking and dancing. It’s obvious that they all know each other.


She sees girls in almost no clothing and thick makeup, and muscled men with strange hairstyles and piercings. Her stomach flips and she suppresses a smile wondering what her dad would think of this place.

I’m sure he’d be stoked.


Meg: Hey baby!

Meg runs excitedly over to a pair of guys sitting at the bar. Noemi has no choice but to follow.


The guys turn around, and Meg throws herself into the muscled one’s arms.


Meg: Honey, this is my boyfriend Scotch! And this is Taco. Guys, this is Jade, she’s an old friend.


Noemi waves and smiles shyly to the strangely named guys, and Meg launches into an embellished version of the story of how they met.


Taco: I would have been worried, this one really would have killed you Jade!


Noemi laughs.

Noemi: Nah! She’d like you to think she’s a killer, but she couldn’t kill a rabbit if she was starving!


Taco: Oh my god! Speaking of starving, I bet you’re all thirsty!

Scotch: Yeah, shit! I’m gonna make us some drinks!

So, in my mind, Taco talks in like that lazy stoner drawl that some people have. Kind of surfer, kind of stoned.


Noemi waits patiently as Scotch makes drinks and Meg and Taco tell stories about people Noemi’s never met.

Don’t you love when that happens? Like you’re hanging out with two people and they start talking about someone they know but you don’t know and it’s just like wow this is super fun guys.


Scotch: Alright children, time to get wasted.


Meg is first to grab herself a glass. Taco and Noemi follow.


Scotch takes his drink and heads over to sit near a small, thin man with intense eyes. Noemi hopes she doesn’t have to go sit near him.


Meg: Jade we’re going to hang out in here for a bit!


Noemi picks up the drink, having absolutely no idea what it could contain. She decides that just for tonight, it doesn’t matter.

So wise.


She follows Meg and Taco into the back room, which seems to be a large garage.

Meg: Jade, is this your first drink ever?

Noemi: Yeah, actually.

Taco: No way, you’re just a baby! Sass, you better take good care of her!


Meg: Jade’s smart, she’ll probably be the one taking care of me. Cheers guys!


Noemi sits down and takes a deep drink. The drink has a revolting chemical flavor she doesn’t recognize, but with just enough sweetness to make it manageable.

Taco and Meg cheer for her, and propose a toast to her first drink. She laughs and finishes the rest easily while the other two relate stories of their first drink.


Meg: Another! Come on guys!

Taco: I’m gonna see how the keg’s looking, I’ll catch up with you chickies later!

Meg and Noemi saunter back to the bar. As she stands up Noemi feels a pleasant heaviness in her limbs. She smiles and bounces along to the music as she walks.


As the girls sit down at the bar, a man notices them and glides over to them, smiling.

Man: Hey ladies! I’ll be your bartender this evening, and I’ll be happy to serve you any apocalyptic drink you can think of!

Meg laughs.

Meg: I didn’t know you were a bartender! Make us your personal favorite!

The man smiles and mixes their drinks with exaggerated motions, while making charming conversation. He hands them their drinks and continues talking, leaning over the bar. The girls laugh and tease him, and he makes quick witted remarks. At some point in the conversation Noemi learns the man’s name, as well as a strange story involving his mother and fireworks, but she seems to forget everything within five minutes of hearing it.


Feeling braver, Noemi looks around the room. She recognizes Taco from before, he’s involved in an animated conversation with a tall girl.


She sees a hugely fat man lifting a thinner tattooed man upside down above the keg. She has no idea what could be happening there but it looks pretty funny.


Noemi: Sass, Gerard is here!

Meg: Honey, he’s always here. Derek’s somewhere too.


Noemi: We should talk to them!

Meg: We should dance! Come on lady!


Meg: Oh my Goooood, I’m so glad you’re here!

Noemi has no idea how long they dance for. She seems to lose herself in the music.


They seem to move from the bar to the dance floor and back again, although she loses track of how many drinks they’ve had. The man who pretended to be a bartender laughs and chats with them every time they come back.


The energy of the party seems to shift. People seem to break out of their small circles and move towards the dance floor. Noemi and Meg laugh and hug and dance. Meg introduces her to everyone around them, and soon they are hugging and laughing with those people as well. Noemi seems to forget every name she hears.

She takes note of the strange way that her vision can’t seem to catch up with her eyes.


This is why she’s sure she’s imagining the dark eyed man staring at her, even when she’s looking at him.


She’s having a great time dancing with Meg and their new friends though, and easily forgets the man.


However, after the fifth time of locking eyes with him she has a hard time putting him out of her mind, and starts to feel uneasy.


She pulls her eyes away from the weirdo, and glances around for Meg.


So you know when you’re wasted and you look around but can’t really make sense of what you’re seeing?


That’s sort of what’s happening to Noemi. So she tries again, more slowly. Then she systematically goes over her field of vision to find Meg, kind of like you would if you were doing a Where’s Waldo book.


She finally finds her, a meter away, dancing with Scotch. Cool.

She decides she’s feeling hot and wants to find some cold water.


Whatcha doin hon?

Noemi: It’s really cold, I like the cold.


Noemi: I am like, so blue right now.


The next thing she knows, she’s talking to some huge guy with dreads.

Noemi: …and that’s how I escaped that zombie.

Guy: Whoaaa, you’re like… soooo tough.

Noemi: Did you know I’ve never drank before? Like this is my actual first time, and it’s the best ever!


Guy: Duuuuude, we have to do a shot! Happy drinking birthday!


Then the scene changes for Noemi, and she’s racking up a game of pool. She looks around, having forgotten who she’s playing.


She decides that the girl with no clothes and a pool cue must be her opponent.


Everything changes again, and she’s dancing with the guy who had been her bartender.


Whoops, how’d this bottle get here?

Better not let it go to waste.


The world is a series of flashing moments- Noemi is staring at the painted face of a girl, sure that this girl is the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.


She’s staring at another girl doing some kind of acrobatics.


She’s watching Meg follow Scotch out of the room.


And then she’s transfixed by the bottles glowing blue at the bar.


She blinks her eyes and stumbles.

Noemi: Whoa. Where’s Meg.


Noemi: Taco!

Taco: Jaaaade! I missed you! Where have you been?


Noemi giggles and falls into his arms.

Noemi: Everywhere! I did so many things!


Taco: Awesome! How come you look so lost though?

Noemi: I can’t find Sass, I think she left somewhere.

Taco: Ohhh yeah. She won’t be back. But listen, I’m gonna go get a drink, you can stick with me, okay?


She follows him over to the keg where he fills a plastic cup with what looks like foamy urine.


The smell hits Noemi’s nose and her stomach roils. She steadies herself on the wall and backs away from Taco and the keg.


She has to push through a pillow fight on her way out.


I dunno either.


Oh gee it snowed. The run home is a total blur for Noemi, and probably the coldest blur of her life.


This happens.


This happens.


This happens.

Thankfully she remembers to return for her clothes.


She stumbles into the trailer. She’s trying so hard to be quiet that she forgets to close the door and has to double back.



Wild night, eh? Later, guys!

Chapter 2.19- Freaky Giraffe Thing

2 Mar

Hello lovely readers! Welcome back to Zombies and Yu, let’s find out what the Yu family has been up to!


Aww gorgeous =) Noemi is making me realize that everyone in the world should probably go outside and make snow angels right now, cause it’s like the prettiest thing you can do in the winter.


Noemi spends a lot of time alone now. A few months ago Derek stopped coming to the treehouse, and Meg stopped coming a month after that.


She’s just about to turn 13, and has lost interest in playing children’s games anyways.

But still, she misses her friends, and most days sits in the top tower of the treehouse and waits for them.

It’s a lonely existence, but now that the trailer seems to be brimming with her dad’s new family she tries to get out any chance she can get.


Oh boy oh boy, what’s this mean?

Could it be?


Yes! It is! Noemi’s 13th birthday!!

I guess the military could only ration out three candles to represent 13, but whatevs.


At five, Sam is still having a hard time understanding why only Noemi gets to blow out candles. He has a mini meltdown until Noemi promises him the first slice of cake.


Noemi: Hmmm what will I wish for?

At this point she’s pretty much given up all hope of Jemyn disappearing. This year, she just wishes to have her friends back.


She blows out her candles, spitting only on one edge of the cake and making a mental note to serve that piece to Jemyn.


Noemi: Yeahhhh! Time to grow boobs and get acne and become even more defiant!


Noemi: I feel…. I feel….


Noemi: Awesome!! Here’s your cake, Jem!

Dude her whole lower face is Velma.


And what trait does she roll?

Uh, Rebellious. That’s right, her whole childhood of exploding sinks and dying people’s hair has basically become a facet of her personality.

So that’ll be neat.


Ha. One of her pranks got Sam. Fortunately he is able to appreciate the genius of a good prank, and gets a positive moodlet out of the experience.


Noemi goes to the treehouse less frequently these days. She’s stopped expecting to see her friends, and mostly just appreciates it as a quiet place to be on her own.



She spins around. Coming towards her is a tall girl with long dark hair. From far away she can already tell that Meg looks completely different, but her mischevious voice is still familiar.


This girls meet by the pond.

Noemi: Holy shit, Meg. I knew you’d gone to live in the Madhouse now, but I didn’t know you’d look so different!

It was true. Meg had all new clothes that showed off her barely developed figure, and her ear had a spiky metal piercing. Her hair had been dip dyed, and thick makeup lined her eyes.


Meg: Don’t you love it? It’s always a party in the Madhouse, so we’re always dressed for it!


Noemi: Where did you get such fancy jewelry?

Meg: I’m doing really well, Noemi. My boyfriend’s really high up in the Mad Dogs, we have our own room in the Madhouse and he makes sure I get everything I need. When he’s busy I spend all day with the girls doing our hair and cooking huge meals and playing cards and things. It’s really luxurious.


Noemi: Wow, Meg. No wonder you don’t come back here too often, it sounds so fun there.

Meg: Noemi you should come to a party! We party most nights. Some nights the men are away so we don’t, but whenever the Dogs capture someone or do well in a fight, Spades throws a party. He’s the leader. Sometimes he just throws a party for no reason.


Noemi: I’m not sure. I’ve never been to a party, and I’m military. Imagine if they found out, they’d probably kill me!


Meg: No, no. They’d hold you hostage for a while, and then trade you in exchange for some Mad Dogs the military has prisoner. That’s how it always goes.

Noemi: Well, I don’t want that.

Meg: You’d be fine! There’s no reason to tell anyone you’re military, noone would even find out. We’d obviously have to dress you up, that wouldn’t be hard though, you could be hot if you tried. And we’d give you a different name.


Noemi: What’s wrong with Noemi?

Meg: Nothing. But goes by a nickname there.


Noemi: What’s yours, then?

Meg: My boyfriend calls me Sass, so everyone does. But I could nickname you, since I already belong. You could be Jade, cause of your eyes.


Noemi: Maybe. I don’t know. If I think about it for a while, will you still come back and see me sometimes until I decide?


Meg: Of course, hon! You’re my best friend. Maybe when you’re a little older you’ll warm up to the idea.

Meg keeps her promise to return to the treehouse sometimes. Once a month or so her and Noemi meet up and talk and laugh about whatever is on their minds. Noemi always thinks she looks so glamorous and happy, and much more well fed.


Life in the Yu household is generally warm and full of love. Freida has become an old dog, and sleeps all day on the sofa, just like Noemi had taught her. Jemyn has given up on this battle.


Sam has become a cheerful child who can easily wrap the whole family up in his pretend games.


It’s finally time for Joey’s birthday. So far it’s going much more gracefully than Sam’s.


And here he is! He’s got darker blue eyes, and his hair color is somewhere between his parents.


When Oscar looks into his youngest son’s eyes, he realizes how far he’s come since his father died. He appreciates his wife and three children all the more knowing that once he was just a scared kid with noone in the world.


Joey’s whole life is love. He is doted on by his entire family during the day, and at night he sleeps soundly next to his favorite toy.


His siblings sleep in the bunk bed next to his crib, so he only has to do this freaky giraffe thing if he feels nervous.

This comes up when you google freaky giraffe thing.

Joey could join this.


Since Noemi’s grown up, she’s found it harder and harder to keep quiet when Jemyn bugs her.


Jemyn has lost all energy for trying to discipline Noemi, and usually just grimaces through all of her outbursts.


Her dad seems more in love than ever, and Noemi is filled with boiling rage whenever she sees the two of them giggling and flirting.


Noemi: Guys, you know you have a room for a reason right? The kitchen’s for making meals, not babies.


They just look at her, shake their heads, and go back to their conversation. Noemi tries a different strategy.

Noemi: Oooh Oscar! I just love you so much cause you take care of me and let me sit at home alllll day! Cleaning up after you is a breeze when you treat me like such a precious princess!!


Jemyn: Can you get a grip? You’re more mature than that!

Noemi: Oh Oscar! No wonder you forgot about ol’ Velma so quickly, when you’ve got me around as your 24/7 baby factory!


Jemyn: Is this for real?! Oscar, talk to your daughter!

Jemyn storms off.


Oscar: Noemi! What the hell was that?


Noemi: Nothing! I don’t know! The truth??


Oscar: She had nothing to do with your mother’s choice, how dare you bring that up to her! That was unbelievably disrespectful!


Noemi: Disrespecful? SHE’S disrespectful! Who does she think she is to just come in here and start being mom?

Oscar: She’s my wife!!

Noemi: Yeah, well you never gave a shit about what I thought about it, did you?


Oscar: It’s not just you, Noemi. Sam and Joey need a mom too.

Noemi: Well lucky them! I’m glad you were able to give them what I never got! I’m glad they’re not worth leaving!

Oscar face falls. He wonders if his daughter really thinks she’s worth leaving.

Noemi waits for a response. Finally, she scowls at him and huffs out of the trailer.

I feel all awkward, like if I were at my friend’s house and they started fighting with their parents. So…. bye I guess.

PS. Guess which chapter I just wrote. You’ll never guess, cause I’m actually that far ahead. I just finished Chapter 3.10, not even kidding. I’m seriously light years ahead of this blog in the game, it’s horrible.

Chapter 2.18- Exited 2 Party

25 Feb

Wow so this generation has a lot of chapters. I swear I’m trying to wrap it up you guys.

Last we left off, Meg was telling Noemi about the Madhouse Militia. Remember that? I hope so, cause I don’t want to explain it again.

Also Gerard was missing.


One day, Noemi is playing in the treehouse with Meg when she hears a shout. She’s excited to see her friend Gerard, who has been missing for weeks.


She rushes down the slide to meet him, and immediately notices how different he looks.

Noemi: Gerard! You’re back!

Gerard is quiet, and his expression doesn’t change upon seeing her.


Noemi: Where have you been?

Gerard: I joined the Mad Dogs. I’ve been busy.

Derek: What do you do for them?


Gerard: Anything they ask, really.

His voice sounds overly calm, as if he is barely covering his emotions.

Noemi: Can you stay long?


Meg: Of course he can’t, you guys.

Gerard: Probably only for a little bit. I’m still in Initiation, so I don’t have much time to be playing with kids.

Noemi notices that Gerard has some new warm clothes.

Noemi: Well do you want to make a snowman? You’ve got a warm coat, I bet you wouldn’t get cold.


Gerard reluctantly joins her in building a snowman. Meg and Derek get cold and go in the treehouse after a few minutes. Gerard tells Noemi all about the nice things he’s gotten since he became a Mad Dog.

Gerard: I’ve got a place to sleep now, with warm blankets. When I’m done Initiation I’ll get a huge gun I can use to fight zombies and military.

Noemi: What’s Initiation?

Gerard: Oh, they just make me do things to teach me how to be strong like them, and to make sure I can really be one of them.

Noemi: What do they make you do?

Gerard: Just, things. Things that show you’re a grown up.

Noemi: Are you a grown up now?

Gerard: Yeah. I’ve gotta go back.


Gerard turns and walks off through the snow.


Noemi is left alone with Gerard’s scary snowman.

Gerard’s visits to the treehouse get shorter and shorter. After a while he stops coming at all.


Noemi gets bored spending all her time cooped up in the trailer with Jemyn, or in the treehouse with the remaining Predators.

She spends a lot of time playing outside by herself.


Change of subject. I swear to god Sam exists and is being nurtured and cared for. It’s just boring so I don’t talk about it.


So it’s Snowflake Day today. After the outbreak, the military had come up with this holiday as a way to boost morale and unite survivors of all backgrounds during the darkest time of the year. Nobody’s really sure what’s worth celebrating about snowflakes, but they mostly just go along with it as an excuse to drink and eat lots of food.

Oscar invited all his friends to come celebrate, but I guess Denise and Juan Marco were busy. So it’s just Dag.


Dag invited his adorable daughter Scarlett along. I didn’t even know he had a daughter, but here she is. He also has a son somewhere in the game. His name is Leonid. Cool huh?

The party’s sort of a bummer cause most of the invited guests don’t show up, and the house is actually too small to give gifts in.


And then of course the stove bursts into flames.


And then as soon as that’s dealt with, Jemyn goes into labour.


So Snowflake Day is basically a complete shitshow, and at this point Dag is like “Wow, what a great party! Thanks guys!” and presumably sprints out the door. I dunno where Scarlett went, but it doesn’t really matter now.


And in the midst of it all is Sam, who really couldn’t give a fuck.


Finally things chill out, and Joseph Yu is born. Joey is a perfectionist bookworm.


He also happens to be floating baby 2.0.


And after all this, Freida finally shows up from God knows where.


Freida: Guyz, im here! I brought mai frand!


Horse: Wow so exited 2 party!


Horse: Guyz let me in. Guyz pls.


And this gongshow of a day wouldn’t be complete without Oscar falling for a prank intended for Jemyn.

His pits are yellow.


Oscar: What. The hell. NOEMIIIIIII!


Yeah she got in trouble.


But it was so worth it. Look. He has a yellow treasure trail.

I will never get over this game.


Whaa? What’s this??

Is it Noemi’s birthday??


No. It’s Sam’s.

Noemi’s is tomorrow though!


So he does the cutest thing ever, and then…..


wat up ladies.

Sam is five years old now, and he gained the Friendly trait. Such cute.


Because he is a military brat, he’s gotta dress like one.


He gets to sleep in a real bed now. This makes him a little nervous, so Noemi helps him check for zombies first.


All clear! Sam settles happily into bed, glad to have his big sister keeping watch over him.

Awww =)

So time for some real talk guys. It’s about heirdoms and shit. I’ve actually sat down and planned out the entire rest of this legacy up to generation 10. I know what every member is gonna do, I know the names of some of them, and a rough idea of what I hope some might look like. Later on there could be some flexibility, but at this point in the game the story literally won’t progress or get interesting unless I choose the heir and their life course. This bums me out cause I really really love the idea of an heir poll, but it ain’t gonna happen. For the sake of my grand master plan, Noemi is gonna be the heir here. And we’ll roll over into Generation 3 when she becomes a young adult/leaves home.

Super sorry for no heir poll =(

Forgive me?


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