Chapter 3.8- Infinite Backrubs

26 Jun

Hey readers! Get ready for another awesome chapter of Zombies and Yu!


After the big victory over the military Noemi is basically treated like a goddess by the other girls. Everyone is constantly eager to hang out with her, do her hair, pour her drinks, stuff like that. The general atmosphere of the Madhouse is much more happy and boisterous, with heavy partying almost every night. It’s like a perma-bender.


Noemi throws herself into the excitement of everyone else, drinking and doing enough drugs to match some of the biggest guys. Yayyy…..

It’s like, three in the afternoon, which is pretty much still morning for the Madhouse, but Noemi, Layla, and Taco have already started drinking.


She takes her first sip of beer and is met with a taste so foul her breakfast rises in her throat.


Hardly able to hold it back, she dashes for the door. God, I’d be so worried about twisting my ankle in those heels.


Layla and Taco follow her out as she empties the contents of her stomach onto the sidewalk.

Layla: Woah Jade, you okay?

Noemi: That shit did not taste right.


She shakily stands up.

Layla: It seemed fine to me.

Noemi: God, I think it was mostly the smell. You’re telling me it was fine??


Taco: Yeah, nothing different than usual.

Noemi: I’ve probably just had too much of it lately. Made myself sick of it.

Layla: That happens to me sometimes, that’s probably what it is.


Off screen is this freaky child who must have some serious zombie slaying skills to still be delivering the news. Such persistence in the face of adversity.


Rush: Noemi, what’s up? You look pale.

Noemi: I came in from outside, it’s just cold out there is all.


Rush: Well I hope you’re okay… cause I kinda got you something. It’s probably the nicest thing ever, but if you’re not feeling well then maybe it’ll have to wait.

Noemi: Show me, show me!!


Rush: Taadaaaa!!

Noemi: *squeeee*

Rush: I know, right?


She throws herself into his big romantic arms and he carries her off to their room.


Unrelated: This guy’s name is Shakey, and he likes guns. He only has one eyebrow, and always has.


Anyway, these guys are getting down to business. Noemi put the roses on the bedside table, but refrained from smelling them as just a slight whiff had made her stomach turn again.


Noemi: Fuck!

Rush: Noemi, what??


She races out of the room, leaving him standing there bewildered.


So she does this again, and I imagine it’s much colder this time without clothes on.

At this point, I’m sure you all are speculating at what’s going on here.


Noemi completely crashes down onto the bed, and her entire body is exhausted.

Rush: No sex then?

Noemi: No.

Rush: Alright, get some sleep. You seem to need it.


He tucks the blankets around her and joins her. She curls up against his warm body.


Ohhhh shit. Look what she’s dreaming about. Hint. HINT.

Noemi learns to stay away from beer and most other alcohol as she can hardly force it down anymore. She starts to recognize a few more signs, and slowly descends into panic.


She hasn’t said anything to anyone, but the real freaking out begins when she discovers that she no longer fits into her old clothes, and has to fashion a toga dress thing out of some old fabric laying around.


Examining herself in the mirror, it’s pretty clear that even this loose fabric does little to conceal her ballooning stomach. She crumples onto the bed and breaks down sobbing.


Rush: Okay, babe. I’m pretty sure something’s going on, and has been for a while. You’ve gotta tell me. Whatever it is, I can help.

Noemi: No you can’t.

Rush: Well why not?

Noemi: Cause it’s kind of your problem too! Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m fucking pregnant.


Laughing, he scoops her up onto the bed and covers her with kisses.

Rush: What are you crying for? Jeez, I thought you were dying or something.


Noemi spends a while sobbing in his arms at the relief of him being okay with it.

Noemi: What do you hope it is?

Rush: Whatever it is, it’s gonna be badass, and I’m good with that.

Noemi: I hope it’s a little boy who looks like you.

Rush: He’ll probably be born with tattoos and piercings then. All ready to join this crazy place.

Noemi: Just as long as he doesn’t pop out with a gun in his hand, I don’t mind.


Of all her friends, Noemi decides that the first person she tells should be Meg.

Meg: Oh my god, no way!!! Well I’m glad you’re having one, cause I never will. I am gonna be such a kickass auntie.


The others take it equally well.

Daisy: I hope it’s a little princess, and we can make her tiny pink clothes and one day we’ll even dye her hair pink like mine!!


Molly: Ahhhh, a little Mad Puppy!! Hey there, precious, can’t wait to meet you!!


Everyone else’s excitement completely alleviates the stress Noemi had had over the pregnancy. Rush’s infinite backrubs policy helps too.


She’s pretty sure that Rush is the most excited out of anyone at the growth of her belly. He pretty much can’t keep his hands off it.


Most of their time together is now spent cuddling and giggling far away from the others. She’s starting to feel that this is the happiest she’s ever been.


Rush: You know what I haven’t thought about? Where are we gonna put the kid?

Noemi: Well, a crib will fit in our room for the first few years, but after that you may have to consider repurposing your office.

Rush: I don’t even mind. My parents gave me everything they had, I won’t have any problem doing the same for my kid.


Rush: Hey babe, what were your parents like? You’ve never told me about them.

Noemi: Well… my mom left right after I was born, so I guess she was a piece of shit.

Rush: Wow, sorry. How about your dad?

Noemi looks trustingly into his eyes, knowing that it is finally time to tell him. She takes a deep breath.


Noemi: Well… my dad raised me. It was okay for him I think, he had a lot of support. He was… in the military. That’s where I grew up.

Rush wrenches out of her arms and jumps up.


Rush: WHAT??!


Noemi: I’m- I’m not with them anymore! I ran away when I was a teenager. I don’t care about them!


Rush: Get. Out.


Noemi: Babe-

Rush: Don’t call me that. Go.


Noemi: But-

Rush: What the fuck, Noemi! You’re telling me that the mother of my child is military pig shit!

Noemi: No!

Rush: Have you been informing on us??


Noemi: Of course not!! I can’t believe you don’t trust me by now!!

Rush: This is bullshit!

Noemi: Yeah, it is! It shouldn’t matter where I came from, I’m beyond fucking done there!

Rush: Just get the fuck out of my office, I’m done hearing about it!!

Noemi: Rush-

Rush: OUT!!


He glares hatefully and waits for her to leave.


The tears burst like a dam from her eyes, and she begins to hyperventilate.

Noemi: Fuck you, Rush!

She turns and dashes away.

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, but I feel like we need it. Sorry guys =(

Chapter 3.7- Shameless Groping

23 Jun

Hey guys, welcome back!

So before starting to write this, I uploaded 234 pictures to WordPress, so I’ve got a lotta work to do!

I also want to mention the fact that if I were writing a few Oscar or Daniel chapters, playing through and taking pictures would take like an hour and a half. With Noemi? Good luck getting it done in like FIVE HOURS. There’s just so many people to coordinate, oh my god. I love Noemi’s storyline, but I can’t freakin wait til all this Madhouse stuff is done.



Noemi’s finally woken up, and she can tell just from listening that the guys aren’t back from their raid of the military base.

She’s sort of in a position where there is a conflict of interest, and is simultaneously worried for Rush and her friends, but her father and brothers too.


She pushes the thought out of her mind and goes off looking for the other girls. As she leaves Rush’s side rooms she is struck by just how completely empty the place is.


Noemi knows better than to worry that everyone has left. She quickly finds them hiding out in the basement, just as she had expected.


Noemi: Hey guys, any news?


Rexie: Not so far.

Layla: Did Rush tell you what they were planning? It’s kind of huge.

Noemi: I didn’t really ask, I didn’t want to know about anything that could get him killed.


Rave: I’ll tell you right now, our guys are gonna be fine! They’ve been rounding up zombies in huge trucks for like two months now. Just corralled in the back.

Noemi: What? How do you know?

Rave: Nixon told me when he was wasted, it was totally secret though. But anyways, super early this morning I guess they were gonna release truckloads of zombies in and around that old gym the military are using as a base. And then camp out in the trees ready to snipe any army pricks that don’t get eaten alive.


Molly: They left hours ago, they’ll probably be back soon. Tonight’ll be a hell of a party!


Noemi finds a spot to sit and waits out the remainder of the morning with the other girls. She eagerly accepts a joint from Candy to take her mind off wondering who would be dying today.

At the first sound of life from above them, the girls immediately start squealing and jostling to be the first up the stairs.


They make it up in one big horde, and then stop just inside the door. Their eyes are wide as they process the scene before them.


Every single Mad Dog is crowded around Rush and the three terrified prisoners (this time it’s nobody we know). The Dogs are cheering and throwing garbage at the prisoners. The old man in the middle has collapsed to his knees, and the other two have sickening gashes oozing blood down their faces.

Noemi watches as the other girls dissolve into the crowd of men, giggling and cheering along with them.


Rush: So… you’re finally in the big bad rebel fortress. How do you like it??

The prisoners give no answer.

Rush: I’ll admit it’s not much of a castle, but you’re my prisoners, and the least you can do is bow before me. That’s the best way to beg for your lives, you know.


The prisoners make no move, quivering as they arch their bodies away from the guns held to their heads.

Rush: Dogs, help this dirt find the floor.

The two standing prisoners are delivered blows to the back and stomach from the butts of the Dog’s guns, sending them hurtling to the floor.


Rush: There’s some manners! Alright, I’ve opened up my schedule to listen to some begging, so get on with it!!

The captives are silent save for their anguished wheezing.

Rush: No? Nobody?


Dr. Sweet: I can teach these boys to beg.

Rush: He’s not lying, I advise you all to take that as a very serious threat.

The youngest prisoner begins to whimper weakly, but no other sound is made.


Rush: Wow, Doc. Busy day at the office for you, then! Alright Dogs, you know where to take them!

He sneers menacingly as they are carried off into the room where Dr. Sweet makes people scream.


Cheers and howls rise up from the crowd, from men and women alike.

Nixon: Teach the military to bow!! Make em beg!!


Puck: Ahoooooo! King Rush!!!


Jublilant cries of “Rush is king” and “King Rush” fill the air, and Noemi watches the chaos with astonishment.


Rush does nothing to accept the title, but glares moodily off above their heads as his people scream his name.

Eventually the clamor shifts to drinking and dancing. The attention finally off of Rush, he strides towards Noemi.


As she responds to his insistent kisses, she realizes that at this point, there is no going back. She has come too far, is too highly involved here. There might not even be anywhere to go back to anymore.


Finally Rush releases her. He stares intensely into her eyes, drunk on power and victory.

Rush: Kings need queens, Noemi.

Her only answer is to kiss him hard again. At last he pulls away, and twirls her into the sea of dancers, laughing joyously.


Molly’s prediction comes true; it is a pretty fucking rad party. Everybody is completely inebriated in under an hour.


Somebody manages to procure two costume crowns, which they slap down atop Rush and Noemi’s heads. Noemi thinks this is a bit excessive, but really, nothing’s better than wearing funny hats at parties.


I was so stoked when they started doing the smustle in complete coordination.


This just kind of happened, I have no idea. Unfortunately the horse wasn’t really in the mood to party, and cowered and ran around the room.


Dusty: Yo buddy, smoke some of this, it’ll chill you right out.

True story: One time I was in a super country bar and a guy tried to bring his horse inside. I guess the horse wouldn’t go though, and the guy was sort of a dick.


So yeah, everything’s crazy, and Noemi and Rush decide to retire to their room right once the party starts getting naked.


An entire corner of the room has turned into the shameless groping area, but I guess Noemi wants privacy to do that.


Clothes and crowns get chucked off quickly. The crowns leave big dents in the walls, and roll under the bed, never to be seen again.

RIP crowns.

Hey, so who’s worried about Oscar and co?


They’re fine, I’m not that heartless. They moved into a nice big army constructed house in a district far far away. After the gym got infested, the army sent all the families with women and children to live in a safer area, and replaced them with tons of big burly men with huge guns to reclaim Moonlight Falls.


See? Everyone’s fine. The second story on this house gives them lots more room, too.


Here’s a nice daylight picture of Sam for your viewing pleasure.


And here’s Sam’s GIRLFRIEND!! Oooooooh. Her name is Dorah, and she is carrying an invisible dog, I think. She actually looks weirdly related to the Yu family, but that’s literally impossible. Soooo whatever.

This seems like a good spot to end it, so thanks for reading and see you all next time!!

Chapter 3.6- Angels on Steroids

17 Jun

Hi everyone, welcome back!

So I made an entire armoury-type room for the Madhouse but I haven’t had any opportunity to show it yet. It has a lot of guns.



Feast thine eyes.


And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

It’s just your average night with Noemi hanging out, doing her thing. chilling with her homies.


Noemi: I didn’t choose the thug life. The thug life chose me.


Oh hai Rush. I didn’t expect to see you in this chapter.


Rush: I wanna dance.

Noemi: So go dance.

He rolls his eyes at her.


Rush: With you, ice queen.

Noemi: What’s that supposed to mean??

But she allows herself to be lead away.


When they’ve crossed through the crowd Rush answers.

Rush: You’re too cold.

Noemi: Am not, ask anyone here.

Rush: To me, you are.


Noemi: After everything I’ve seen here and you staring at me night and day, go figure I don’t warm up immediately! You’re not exactly a master of first impressions.


Rush: I was just watching out for you! And you obviously needed it the night you decided to snooze in the dungeon.

Noemi: Well that was literally my first indication that you weren’t a sociopath.


Rush: You think I’m a sociopath? I’m still not sure about you, crazy.


She’s surprised when she realizes her banter with Rush has actually become fun, and even more surprised when it becomes completely magnetizing.


She hadn’t really meant to, and she hardly could have stopped herself if she had wanted to. But yeah.


This lasted a long time. Like, the repoman actually came and everyone stopped dancing and partying to watch him try to zap away a counter before I deleted him. But these two did not wanna quit.


Noemi: This is… really public.

Rush: You want to get out of here?


They did.


Tonight was the night that Noemi discovered the joys of a bear skin rug. There are oh so many.

Actually I just wanted to show off this dope rug.


So clothes become irrelevant, and Noemi ends up here again. The bed is just as comfortable as Noemi remembers, but that’s not really her main focus I guess.

It’s all pretty new for her, but Noemi knows what to expect. Her dad had begged Jemyn to give her the talk when she was still a kid, which had resulted in Noemi screaming hysterically and running away. Oscar and Jemyn had accepted defeat then, and instead left a stack of informative books in Noemi’s room for her to find. She would never admit to it, but she had read every word.

So while these two get to know each other better, I’m gonna show you something.


Look at the effort I put into this babe machine’s tats! Look at the sick-ass dragon on his back!! It doesn’t render very well in the game, but in CAS it looks like it was drawn by angels on steroids. Super thanks to whoever made this CC.


You guys done yet?

Noemi: No! Go away!



Noemi: snoooore

Yeah they’re done now.


It’s morning, rise and shine lovelies!

Noemi crawls out of the warm cozy nest. Rush watches her as he gets dressed.


Recalling the events of last night, Noemi can’t decide on what to say to him.

Noemi: …now what?

Rush: Now we go make coffee.

She scowls at him.


Rush: Now you keep sleeping with me, because you keep me so warm. You’re like a little furnace.

That seems to be good enough for her, and she busies herself by getting dressed and fixing her hair in the mirror.


These chickas are hanging out in the basement, talkin bout boys.

Rexie: So Jade, I haven’t seen you down here in a while.

Noemi: What?

Layla: You got better places to be, Jade?


Meg: Guys, I was the one who brought her here, and now she’s sleeping with the boss! I’m such a proud momma!

Noemi: You guys, shut up.


Rexie: Oooh, it’s secretive! Something’s going on!!


Noemi: Nothing’s going on, guys. It’s just like, a thing.

Rexie: Oooooh, a thing!!!

Meg: Jade and Rush have a thiiiiiing!!


The girls continue to squeal and giggle as they head upstairs.

Noemi tries fruitlessly to get them to be quiet about it, but they’re adamant about making it a big deal.


She can feel herself blushing bright red, and dawdles behind so noone notices.


Her heart almost stops when she sees something peering back at her out of the darkness.


She looks up to ask Rexie if she can see it too, but then when she looks back, the apparition is gone.


Her heart starts pounding and a buried memory surfaces.


She remembers now seeing something similar that night she had been stumbling around in the darkness.

Noemi pushes the thought out of her mind and races up the stairs to join her friends.


That night, Noemi’s just lounging in bed waiting for Rush, actively trying not to think about what she thinks she saw in the dungeon. He finally shows up and she pulls him hungrily down onto the bed.


Noemi: Hey babe.

She starts sliding her hands under his shirt.


Rush: You better not tire me out tonight, I’ve got to have my game face on early in the morning.

Noemi: Why?

Rush: We’re hitting up the military base when they’re still sleeping. Like, all of us.

Noemi: Should I be worried about you?


He rolls over next to her and pulls her into his arms.

Rush: Don’t ever worry about me. I’m not dying til I’m at least ninety.

Noemi: That’s a nice thought, but don’t get too cocky.

Rush: Can I ask a weird question? You don’t have to tell me, but what’s your real name?

Noemi: It’s Noemi.

Rush: That’s a beautiful name.

Noemi: What’s yours?

Rush: It’s long, and in another language. Rush is the pronounceable version.

She smiles and settles into his arms, yawning.


Noemi is sure it still must be dark out when Rush leaves. She immediately rolls over and goes back to sleep, as she has decided that if anything horrible happens she would rather sleep through it.


Because everyone at the Madhouse has a fucked up sleep schedule, she manages this without difficulty.

Night night Noemi. See you next time, readers!

Chapter 3.5- Beer Thirty

13 Jun

Heyyy! Welcome back to Zombies and Yu, which hasn’t actually contained zombies since like the first generation! Oh well. Noemi’s got better stuff to worry about. Last time, she was passed out on the floor of the basement (ew).

Let’s see how well that worked out for her.


Not too bad, apparently.

Noemi: Where the fuck am I?

She reluctantly crawls out of the most comfortable bed she’s ever slept in and finds her shoes placed neatly on the floor beside her.


A massive headache brews like a storm behind her eyes, and she grabs onto the bed post as a wave of vertigo overcomes her. She takes a deep breath and waits for it to pass, and then decides to find her way out of here.


She steps into the next room and stops in her tracks.

Noemi: Morning.


Rush: Good morning.

He smirks haughtily at her, almost as if he is amused by her confusion.


Noemi: I guess… thanks for last night.


Rush: Try not to pass out in any more basements.

Noemi: Yeah…

She opens the door next to her and is relieved to find it leads to the main room. She quickly exits Rush’s office and closes the door behind her.


Despite the chaos of yesterday, the Madhouse has completely returned to normal. By late afternoon, Noemi is back to working on beating Tally at chess.

Noemi tries her best, but Tally has the power of the Panda Hat on her side.


Rush has taken to watching their games, shooting smug glances at Noemi whenever she makes a mistake.

He laughs uproariously when she finally beats Tally, and Tally throws a temper tantrum complete with howling and stomping.


Later that night Tally seems to have forgiven Noemi, and Noemi is enjoying a joint being generously shared by Dusty.


She’s just passed it off to Layla when someone grabs her wrist and whispers in her ear.

“Hey. Crazy lady.”

Noemi spins around.


Noemi: What, stalker guy??

Rush: I just wanted to know if Tally’s ever told you who she lost at chess to.

Noemi: Well it can’t have been any of the Einsteins here.

He flashes a cocky grin.

Rush: Actually that’s where you’re wrong.


Noemi: You??


Rush: If Mensa we’re still around I’d be in it, baby.

He winks at her, and Noemi rolls her eyes.

Noemi: I’ve gotta see this.

Rush: Alright, you’re on. But don’t drown your sorrows in liquor and pass out in the basement when you lose.

She stalks off.


Noemi: Coming?

He follows her into the foyer.


I love how concentrated they both are at this stage of the game, before anything has happened at all.

They’re taking it very seriously.


After a few moves are finally made, Noemi gets tired of the silence.

Noemi: So, what’s your story? Did you grow up here and everything?


Rush: No, actually. I grew up with real parents and stuff. They were Cherokee and had a lot of survival knowledge, so we did alright.

Noemi: Where are they now?

Rush: They came down with some sort of flu. As soon as they got sick they told me to take off for a few days so I didn’t get it too. When I came back they were stone dead. I was eleven.

Noemi: …I’m really sorry.

Rush: It’s okay, not too long after I was picked up by Spades and his crew. We were all about the same age and we just moved around like a pack of lost boys. The other guys came and went but Spades and I stuck together. When we were fifteen we joined the Madhouse.


Noemi: So you didn’t start it, then?

Rush: No, it’s been around since before I was born, I think. It used to be called something weird, like Brotherhood for Liberty and Truth or something corny like that. Spades called this place a Madhouse, and we worked our way up til he became leader.

Noemi: But now you’re the leader.

Rush: Yeah… now I’m the leader.

The rest of the game passes in silence as Noemi considers the fact that the man in front of her had so casually killed his best friend.


Rush lives up to his extravagant claims of being a chess master, and Noemi is forced to concede defeat.

Rush: Sorry love, but I did tell you I was good.

Noemi: Oh, we’re not done here.

Rush: Right. Let me know next time you’re feeling brave.


We’re gonna take a brief intermission in this post so I can show you the cool CC I have stuck to the outside of the Madhouse.


Biohazard and Quarantine signs <3


GTFO signs too.


Fun. So it’s beer thirty in the morning, obviously. Noemi, Meg, and this chick Molly are just trying to get some shut-eye here, and guess who decides to come disturb their slumber.


Rush: You look like a hobo. Don’t you want somewhere more comfortable to sleep?

Noemi: I’ve had enough of your face today.

Rush: You sure?

Noemi: I’m fine, go away.


Rush laughs and walks away.

Noemi groans and tries to settle back to sleep.


Molly: You hittin that?

Noemi: No.

Molly: You should.

Noemi: No thank you.

Alright we’re gonna end it here for now. You guys might be sick of Rush’s face too at this point, so here’s a different face:


Eeeeee! It’s teenage Sam =)

He wouldn’t cooperate and go somewhere lighter, so it’s just a dark picture. But look how handsoooooome!

His trait list is Excitable, Friendly, Light Sleeper, and Loves the Heat. I’m not really sure which is the new one, but I just wanted to reassure everyone that he didn’t go and become Evil or Insane or anything.


And just in case you weren’t sure, yes, that was Rush rescuing Noemi from the freaky basement.

How nice. Bye guys.

Chapter 3.4- Life is Normal

10 Jun

Hello! We’re back again, because I’m trying to get everything posted ASAP. I can’t believe I’m still just posting the first few chapters of generation 3 when I’ve got all generation 3 chapters written and ready to go. Generation 4 is now a young adult so I’m going to be working on writing those chapters. Basically, I suck at posting. Anyways.


Who misses this guy? I know I do. His daughter’s been missing for a very long time now, and although the military searched, they did not find her. He still hasn’t given up hope, but is trying to go back to normal life for his son’s sakes. Anyone else got the sads?


Awww, squishy kid hugs always make me feel better. Hey, who’s that little peanut??


It’s Joey, he grew up! Unfortunately he developed a major fear of water, but the local swimming pools haven’t been very well maintained in the apocalypse, so that issue doesn’t come up very often.

So yeah, I just wanted to let everyone know that Oscar’s brood is safe and happy. Noone has been zombified, and life is normal for them.


Noemi’s life isn’t so normal. If she doesn’t end up in a bed at night, she usually ends up on a couch or something. Everyone kind of passes out in a pile.

She starts to think that the reason everyone in the Madhouse is so desensitized to scary shit has to be partly due to the drugs.


She discovers this on the day that she sees her first dead body being dragged out.


She knows who it is, and is absolutely horror struck upon seeing his wasted corpse. But to her relief she finds that it is much easier to distract herself, to look away and not think about it. This has to be because of the drugs.


Eventually it becomes habit to look away and not think about it. Noemi becomes perfectly capable of scrubbing dried blood off a floor and then playing a light hearted game of foosball in the same minute. The fact that everyone else is unbothered by the grittier details of life makes it even easier.


Besides, life in the Madhouse is exciting. There are always new people to meet as Rush is always looking for new recruits.


As it turns out, Dr. Sweet is an incredible guitar player. When he plays, everyone stops to come listen.


Tally happens to be the reigning chess master of the Madhouse. She claims to have only ever lost three games, and Noemi has made it her personal mission to beat her.

Meg: Don’t waste your time, honey. Everyone’s tried.

Noemi: Shhh. I’ve got this.



Everyone jumps as Taco and Nixon burst through the front door. Taco bends over, wheezing.


The girls bolt out of their seats as the sound of gunfire approaches.


Tally: Holy Jesus, get to the basement!


Men are hollering at each other and scrambling for their guns. Noemi looks back and sees guys already firing through the open doors, with more running to their aid.


Shaking violently, the girls sprint downstairs. Upstairs they hear the thunder of running feet and pops of gunfire.


The scene in front of Noemi is the picture of panic. Tally is shuffling her entire body under a dusty bed, and the other girls are crying and whimpering.


Noemi looks around wildly for Daisy and Rexie, and breathes a sigh of relief when she sees them huddled under the beds, whispering words of comfort to each other.


Candy is loudly sobbing, and Zana rubs her shoulder while trying in vain to get her to hush.


Rave: Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

Layla: They’ll kill us!! I know they will!

Honey: Shhh! If you’re crying they’ll kill you first!


Noemi watches Meg wedge herself between two beds and start to weep and rock rapidly back and forth.


She had been calm, but all the agitation finally gets to her. She collapses on a bed and presses her hands tightly to her face.

I just wanna pause and write a small disclaimer. I feel like Noemi’s story is getting really gender rolesey. As in, the girls clean and giggle and look cute and hide from scary stuff, and the guys go shoot at things. This doesn’t represent my personal views of how the post-apocalyptic world should be. I just think it’s realistic that some places and societies might be like that sometimes.

If you wanna read about chicks shooting at things, go find Velma.


Anyway, the girls hide in the basement for a long time, and have no idea what’s going on upstairs. They just hear screaming and running and shooting. Eventually it goes quiet. After about half an hour of calm, Rave speaks up.

Rave: Guys… I’m going to look.

Honey: Are you sure?

Rave: Yeah, someone has to. I’ll come back and tell you what’s happening.


The girls seem to collectively hold their breath for Rave as she sneaks up the stairs.


After what feels like an eternity she returns.

Rave: It’s all over, we can go up. We just fought off a full military attack but it’s done now.

A few girls choose to stay down a while longer. Noemi is restless to know what’s happening and follows Rave back up.


The main room is quiet. The guys mill around, muttering to each other and cleaning blood off their hands. Noemi takes stock of the bodies on the floor.


Nixon lays battered against the wall. Noemi would have thought he was dead, but his chest is visibly moving from his breath.

Rave: Nixon’s okay guys, I already talked to him. Doc said the bullet that went through him missed everything important.


Noemi then turns to search for signs of life in the body she’d been avoiding. Dr. Sweet is seeming very rushed in treating him, and his hands are working quickly. The pool of blood seems to expand slowly, running down the lines of the floorboards.

Dr. Sweet shakes his head then, barely noticeable.


Noemi gasps for air and tries to say words that won’t come out. She crumples into Daisy’s arms and is pulled in close.


Rush stares broodingly at the body as it is wrapped in cloth and carried out.


Noemi fights to regain control of her breathing. With a heavy sigh she extricates herself from Daisy. The first thing she notices is that the spot where Gerard had died has already been cleaned. The second thing is that the room has stopped and is listening intently.


Rush: Madhouse! We have suffered today! We have been attacked, and blood has been spilled!


Rush: Our blood! Blood of our friends, our brothers! But you know what that tells me? It tells me that the military is afraid of us! And they are trying to destroy what they fear!

He lets his words hang in the air.


Rush: So let’s show them that we like the taste of blood!!

A few cheers rise from the crowd.

Rush: This is what we are made for! This doesn’t knock us down, this builds us up!!


Rush: So in honor of the blood spilled today… I wanna see the Madhouse CELEBRATE!!!


Any sadness or dejection has completely left the room. The Mad Dogs are cheering and whooping. Soon, the liquor is flowing, the music is pounding, and the Dogs are dancing.


It is on this night that Noemi accomplishes her first kegstand.


It’s a party of epic proportions. The girls end up doing some sort of drunken cabaret dance on the pool table, with a room full of spectators cheering and tossing dollar bills. Money has no worth, so the girls stuff their shirts with fifties and hundreds all night long.


Tally starts off the naked phase of the party. Noemi doesn’t join in, but many do.


Noemi: This isn’t like the military. At all.

No sweetie, no it isn’t.


On the night Noemi completes her first kegstand, she helps her friend Layla complete her first ever naked kegstand. So that was classy.


lol gtfo rick grimes.

Yeah this happened when I wasn’t looking.


Rush we need to talk. What kind of place are you running here?

Rush: An AWESOME one.


…everyone does seem to be having a good time.


It’s pretty much hardcore party mode. Noemi loses track of how much of which substances she has consumed. All she knows is, beer tastes good.


She partially comes to her senses midway through a conversation with Honey, when she realizes Honey isn’t actually there anymore. She struggles to lift her heavy eyelids, and sees she is on some sort of hard floor. Trying to get up proves difficult, as she gets tangled in a chair and crashes back to the ground. She briefly takes notice of the new gash in her knee before fading out again.


The next thing she’s aware of is that she’s struggling to find a bed. She knows it’s close, but all she seems to find is rails and the floor.


She reaches her hands out in front of her face and waves them around. She can’t see them.


She tries dragging her body against the bed to find the surface, and ends up with her legs underneath.


She comes to again, this time holding onto a wall. She holds tight with her right hand as her body seems determined to fall left.


Noemi retches, the strain sending pain through her ribcage.

She fades out again.


She’s not sure if everything’s dark or if her eyes just won’t open. She kicks her leg and feels it ache as it meets a metal bar. She fades out, and then in again. Nobody will bother her here.


Her neck drops back, painfully jolting her spine. Then something comes up to support her head. Comfortable again, she drifts back to sleep.


Chapter 3.3- Taco You’re Drunk

8 Jun

And we’re back! Quick recap: Spades is dead, Rush is leader, Dag is getting tortured, and Noemi is high.


I feel like I should at this point be pumping out like 2-3 chapters per week, since I’ve got fifteen written and just sitting around. So that’s probably how it will go.


Noemi is totally rolling now, and is involved in an animated conversation with these lovelies. As the night wears on the group slowly succumbs to the music, bouncing and swaying where they stand.


So she looks over and basically decides she’s had enough of getting stared at, and she’s wasted enough not to give a shit that she’s going to go freak out on a murderous gang leader.


Mid sentence, she tears herself away from Kaz and strides purposefully towards Rush, who is now avoiding her gaze.


Noemi: Do you wanna stop fucking staring at me?

Rush: What are you talking about?

Noemi: You know what I’m talking about.


Rush flips his hair and flashes her a cocky smirk.

Rush: Sorry honey, you must be on something.


Noemi: You’re the one who’s on something!

Rush: Okay, fine. What?

Noemi: What do you mean, what? Stop staring at me!


Rush: What are you doing in this place anyways?

Noemi: I don’t know, living?

Rush: I’m trying to say you catch my attention sometimes cause you don’t look like you belong in a place like this.

Noemi: I grew up in the hills. Now I’m here. Is that okay with you??

Rush furrows his eyebrows and looks quizzically at her.


Exasperated, Noemi scoffs at him, turns on her heel, and leaves.


Yo, so Noemi aged up! I didn’t make a big affair of it cause the Mad House doesn’t have calendars, so Noemi had no idea when her birthday was.

But I think she looks gooooood.


I wanted to use this shot to show off her cool shoes, but then I lol’d at funny glitch.

Taco: Hurr durrrr.

Get out of the floor Taco, you’re drunk.


So anyway, tonight Noemi’s just trying to find somewhere to pass out, and discovers that the nice room she wanted to sleep in is kind of occupied.


She had heard that there were more beds downstairs, but had so far been nervous to check it out. This was because she had been told that the basement was referred to as “The Dungeon”, and that didn’t sound very inviting.


She’s not even all the way down the stairs before she decides that the dungeon lives up to its name. It has obviously never been decorated like the lavish upstairs, and seems to be more of a damp, dusty storage space.


Everyone in here is either passed out or passing around a huge pipe. Noemi decides to keep going into the next room.


This room contains the beds she had been hoping for, but everything else is pretty much chaos. She notices Zana out cold on the floor. She must have tried to make it to a bed, but never quite made it. Her fingers are twitching and she seems to be making attempts at lifting her head.


Further down the room a drunken fight seems to be starting, and Rexie and some guy are going at it on a bed, completely oblivious. Rave seems to be dry heaving.


Everyone seems pretty occupied, so Noemi climbs shakily up onto a top bunk in the corner. Violent bedspins rock her, and she holds on to the wall and keeps her eyes wide open until finally she falls asleep.


The days start to form a pattern of hanging out, doing whatever work needs to be done, hanging out some more, partying like a rockstar, and passing out somewhere random. During the day the girls primp and try to clean up last’s night’s mess, and the guys go out on missions and hold secret meetings. Everyone in the Madhouse is always either intoxicated or hungover.


It’s early evening and Noemi is hanging out with Taco in another basement room. The entire basement seems to be a labyrinth of rooms defined only by concrete walls. Beyond the three rooms she has been in already Noemi learns is more rooms that are unlit and completely unused.

Noemi: Why don’t you guys use those rooms?

Taco: We don’t need them I guess. They’re just full of old shit. Nobody even used this room until Chem and I cleared it out.


Noemi: What do you guys use it for?

Taco: We cook in here.

Noemi: Cook what?

Taco: Stuff you don’t need to try. Seriously, I don’t even do it usually. Here, come see.


Noemi follows Taco behind the curtains. She sees a guy working at a table covered in all kinds of glass instruments. The air has a strange sour smell.


Chem: Hey, man. This stuff’s just about ready.

Taco: Good stuff, man. Noemi, this is Chem. He’s our chemist. He cooks, I sell.

Chem: It’s our contribution to society.


Chem goes back to his work and Noemi looks around.

Noemi: Is this where Kaz’s stuff comes from?

Taco: Uh, no. She makes her own stuff at her place. It’s good, easy stuff.

Chem: Stick with that stuff, little lady. Don’t get mixed up in ours unless you’re real sure.


After her encounter with Chem, Noemi returns upstairs to her friends. She tells Daisy about Chem and Taco’s room, which Daisy already seems to know about.

Daisy: Oh yeah, those guys know what they’re doing. And it’s a good thing they do. I tried their stuff once and it is dangerously mind blowing.

Yayyyy drugs.


Noemi takes Chem and Taco’s advice and sticks with Kaz’s stuff. Some nights she finds herself dancing for hours with no idea where the time went.


Just about everyone in the Madhouse seems to like to dance too, and the stereo always draws a crowd.

Noemi giggles and flows with the music, Meg at her side in the sea of bodies. Everyone’s skin is slick and hot.

Noemi spins, stumbles, and is grabbed out of the air by someone behind her.


She reaches out for something to hold onto. She steadies herself and looks up at Rush snickering at her.


Disgusted, she pulls herself away and stalks off.

It is at this point that Noemi should examine the fact that her entire life has been spent living in the house of someone she hates.

She hated Jemyn, and now she definitely hates Rush. She hates his dumb hair that he flips all the time, and his ugly tattoos of scorpions, and she especially hates his stupid lip piercings.

Noemi: OH MY GOD he is just so cocky!! Do you see the way he looks at me? It’s like he’s laughing at me without even talking to me, he’s so condescending.

Yeah, honey. Bye guys!!

Chapter 3.2- El Jefe

5 Jun

Sup y’all. Who’s ready for more drugs and irresponsible behaviour?

Okay, great!

God, and it’s been long enough! I can’t believe I’ve let these pre-written chapters sit for so long. I am an idiot and I apologize for being an idiot.


The door clatters open and Noemi startles awake. She squints her eyes, trying to make out the intruders.


Daisy, Candy, and Rexie have flown into the room, shutting the door behind them. They look serious.

Rexie: Hey. Can we hide out in here for a bit?


Zana: Sure… what the hell is happening?


Daisy: We’re not sure. The guys were acting like a pack of wolves and then I think they were carrying a body out.


Rexie: Something really serious was happening, we’re scared to go out there until it blows over.

Zana: Well yeah, stay as long as you like. I doubt we’re going to go anywhere either.


The girls look nervously back and forth at each other, and Noemi takes the opportunity to find her clothes.

Noemi: Does this kind of thing happen often?

Rexie: Yeah, sometimes. Hiding out in the back rooms is pretty much normal protocol for us.


The door creaks open and Rave slips into the room, closing the door firmly behind herself. Her voice is a rushed whisper.

Rave: You didn’t hear it from me. They had a mutiny early this morning, Spades is out.


The girls stare wide eyed and begin a chorus of ‘holy shit’s and ‘oh my god’s.

Daisy: Rush led it?

Rave: Yeah, it was totally quiet. Spades was sleeping when they got him.

Daisy: So Rush is el jefe now. Shit. Is it safe to go out?

Rave: Go for it. Everyone’s in a weird mood but it’s fine.


The girls return to the main room and look around. Noemi feels all of the nervous girls around her return to their confident and carefree selves as if at the flick of a switch.


Rave and Zana go off to join the small group in the corner. Everyone’s faces look grim but there is nothing to suggest at what had happened last night.


Everything seems too normal, as if everyone is intentionally avoiding the obvious, but Noemi catches the meaningful glance sent by Honey.


Anxious and unsure where to go, Noemi follows the other girls into the foyer.


To her left, she sees the last place she wants to go. The idea of sitting down and making small talk with a bunch of fresh murderers makes her stomach clench.


Rush looks especially dangerous right now, and her dislike mingles with wariness.


She sees Zana sit down at the long table and decides her safest option might be to follow.


Taco, usually so animated and excitable, greets her solemnly.

Taco: Hi Jade.

Noemi: Hey.


Taco: How are you?

Noemi: Fine, I guess. I feel like I didn’t sleep at all.

Taco: Yeah, hanging out with Kaz’ll do that to you.

The conversation trails off, and Noemi settles into fatigued silence.

She is roused by a loud commanding shout: Alright Mack’s crew! In the foyer for assignment!


A gang gathers around Rush in the middle of the room, loading guns and listening intently.


Rush and the big guy called Mack confer inaudibly using lots of pointing and hand gestures.


They shake hands, and then Mack’s crew exits the front doors.


Rush walks off the other way and disappears from view.

Noemi wonders what sort of mission the guys are going on, but is tentative to ask questions while everyone seems so strained.

She spends much of the day sitting at the table, napping on a couch with Candy, and helping Rave sort out their latest haul of packaged food. It becomes apparent to Noemi that all of the Mad House’s food is stolen in bulk from the military.


In the early evening she is back at the bar with Taco.

Taco: This has gotta be a pretty weird time for you to show up, hey?

Noemi: You could say that again. I thought…

She trails off, apprehensive to address the subject everyone had been avoiding all day.

Taco: It’s okay, what?

Noemi: Well… I thought Rush and Spades were supposed to be best friends.


Taco: They were best friends, til Rush put Spades in the ground.

Noemi: Why’d he do it?

Taco: I guess Rush stopped liking Spades’ ideas. Figured he had some better ones. Turns out enough of the dogs thought he did too. And once they whacked him, anyone that didn’t agree either changed their mind or left.


Noemi: Did anyone leave?

Taco sighed.

Taco: The dudes here don’t give a shit who they follow. They want protection, chicks, and dope. And there’s plenty of that here. So no, noone left.

Taco’s sort of like Noemi’s stoner spirit guide, hey?


The room goes quiet. Noemi turns around to look for the cause and sees that everyone has stopped in their tracks.


Through all the blood and bruising she makes out the familiar man being marched into the Mad House, a gun held to his head by Gerard.


Noemi’s mouth drops open in horror and she freezes to watch the trio tramp through the room.


They force the man into a side room and the buzz of rushed whispers swells.


She turns and sees Rush looking daggers at the prisoner, with the guys surrounding him looking equally menacing.


Through the door she sees the man beaten brutally to the ground and handcuffed to the bed.


His captors walk out, locking the door from the outside.


Noemi looks back at Rush, who is shaking hands with Mack and praising his capture of Dag.


Noemi watches the room go back to normal. Watching the girls’ pool game, she sees Dr. Sweet quietly cross the room and open the door.

It’s after he closes the door that the screaming starts.

Daisy immediately bounds over and turns dance music on full blast, drowning out the stomach turning sounds coming from the side room.

Taco: Dance?


Noemi declines and Taco whirls away into the gathering crowd.


She decides instead to join a smaller group hanging out next to her.

Kaz: Hey, Jade. You look shook up.


Noemi: I’m fine. I just didn’t expect to see that on my second day here is all.

Kaz: Yup, everyone here is pretty desensitized, you will be too. Here, loosen up.


Kaz hands her two small pills which she takes gratefully this time. After about 45 minutes she feels the relief of euphoria washing over her and her muscles relaxing. She no longer wonders about what could be going on in that room.

This one’s sort of a two parter as well, as the next chapter will pick up right here.


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