Chapter 1.4- Crossbows and Ramen

22 Jun

Last time, Daniel got married!


He and his new bride watch the sun rise while enjoying a breakfast of roasted frog. Barf.

Also, she got a makeover. The arm warmers had to go.


They take off through the rain, looking for a shelter that hasn’t yet been taken over.


This’ll do.

Daniel goes in first with his gun ready.


Roscoe scouts the place out. It’s thankfully empty.


All except for this scraggly little thing. Daniel thinks it looks like a rat, and Roscoe is indifferent. But Emelie thinks it’s adorable, and names it Budge.


Meat is scarce, and Daniel considers having a mystery meat stew that night. But Emelie protests, and Daniel concedes defeat. Budge is cute anyway, from the right angle.


Daniel and Emelie are thrilled to have a warm bed, and quickly get busy.


Roscoe walks in on his parents, and is traumatized.


He takes out his grief on this newspaper. Why is there a newspaper. Who is writing the news.


After doing the nasty, Emelie and Daniel fall into a deep sleep.

The next day, they decide they should stock up their new home with useful stuff.


Emelie goes exploring in the garage, and finds some bikes. That’ll make her and Daniel way faster than the zombies.


She also finds a pistol hidden in one of the drawers.

Actually, it was just laying on the counter all irresponsibly, but we can pretend.


Now able to protect herself, Emelie is put in charge of reinforcing the house. She covers the windows with blankets and shoves all the furniture up against the windows. Brilliant plan, Em.


Whatever, it looks more badass, and also sorta desperate.


I really like these boarded up window things. I downloaded more, but they crashed my game so I had to get rid of them.


Happily, Emelie and Daniel will never ever run out of ramen!


Okay so this exists, and it is in my game. I am absolutely devastated that it is only a decoration, but I can dream right?

It just looks so COOL.


Anyway, Roscoe peed on the floor, so Emelie had to stand in it while she explained to him that they were not savages anymore, because they had ramen.


Daniel went out fishing, and was pretty unsatisfied with the quality of his catch.



I had Daniel try to catch it, but he sucks. Maybe if he had a crossbow.


Later, Daniel found a garden!


With complete disregard for the personal property of the man who lived there, Daniel gathered up mushrooms and potatoes and all sorts of fantastic things.


Meanwhile, Emelie was worried sick that Daniel was still out in the dark. Actually though, she was sick. And here she is puking into a toilet when she knows full well that there is no running water. Fantastic.


Daniel eventually realizes that being out after dark is terrifying, and sprints home.


He only stops when he sees a zombie heading his way.


I think he’s trying to do the Vulcan Salute. Not everyone can, you know.


He ends up making it home, and Emelie is super relieved that she can finally go to bed.


Everyone snuggles up for a peaceful night.


This chick growls sweet lullabies outside the window.

Thanks for reading! I’m currently scouring the internet for default replacement skins for just the zombies, I hate the green. If anyone knows where I could download or request this, I’d be sooo stoked! Any other cool apocalyptic CC recommendations are welcome =)


2 Responses to “Chapter 1.4- Crossbows and Ramen”

  1. janeeyreforce October 15, 2013 at 6:46 am #

    Okay. I’m addicted.

    • SwirlGirl October 19, 2013 at 7:34 am #

      Agreed. I think that Mod The Sims had an Apocalypse contest recently or something. Whatever, it’s October, the zombie season!

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