Mods I Use

1 Jul

I had a request for the mods I use, so I’ll try to come up with a basic list. My CC folder is actually completely out of control, so I’m including mods but not much actual content. If you want to know where I found any specific content I’m using, ask me about it and I’ll try to find out for you =)

Twallan’s Mods– Story Progression, Master Controller, Overwatch, Careers, stuff like that.

The most important of Twallan’s mods is Vector- the Zombie diseases are necessary for my legacy.

Dexter the Bear– lets you kill sims in gruesome ways.

Desecrate’s guns– also lets you kill people

Tons of Shimrod’s mods– especially the one about Zombies. The No Cars one is good too.

Some of Twoftmama’s mods– these aren’t currently available, but they also aren’t necessary for a zombie apocalypse, they’re just generally nice in the game.

13th sim– lots of cool apocalyptic objects.

Vasilla’s freckles. Here is part two.


It should be noted that I chose not to update to 1.55 because most of these mods aren’t yet updated for that, so I have no idea if they’ll work in an updated game or not.



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