Chapter 1.6- Shitttt

4 Jul


Last update, Emelie had just gone into labor!


Daniel is keeping busy by getting rid of a few zombies in the area before the baby comes. This one is also a werewolf. I figured out how to get rid of all occults with Master Controller, so no more of that noise.


On the way home, Daniel stops to tend his frosty garden. After planting a few more seeds, he continues into the house to greet his wife.


Daniel steps through the door, and screams.


Sobs wrack his body and his head pounds.


Finally Daniel moves to pick up Emelie’s cold limp body, and walks out to the porch. He slumps into a chair, cradling her.

He stares blankly at the devastated street in front of the house they had shared. Some time later, he is roused by a baby’s cry from inside the house.


He gently sets his wife’s body down on the ground, and walks in to help the child.


Daniel numbly picks up the bundle, and carries it upstairs.


With his new son asleep in his crib, Daniel lays down against Emelie’s pillow and waits for sleep to let him forget.


The last sound he hears before he drifts off to sleep are Roscoe’s sorrowful whines beside him.


Daniel loses track of the days, only waking at the sound of his son’s cries, and falling asleep again with a bottle in his hand.


One evening, Daniel awakens to the realization that he hasn’t fed Roscoe or Budge in days. He hauls himself from his bed and makes his way downstairs.


The dirty kid at the bottom of the stairs is just as shocked to see Daniel as he is to see her.


She bolts from the house. Daniel follows her out the front door and watches as she nimbly scampers over the high chain link fence.


Walking up to the fence, he sees that the girl is not alone.


The woman introduces herself as Joanie, and states that she had heard the cries of a baby. She apologizes for her granddaughter’s rudeness and explains that Velma had become much more wild and daring since the two of them had had to split off from the rest of their family. And yes, the game actually named this poor girl Velma. Jinkies.


With night falling, Daniel invites them inside the fence. “It’s just you and that baby, isn’t it honey?” Joanie says.


They go in to escape the rain, and Daniel finds himself telling Joanie everything that had happened to him in the past year. She reveals that she had just recently lost her husband and Velma’s father to the disease, and that the rest of her family was missing. She had been on the run with the increasingly uncontrollable Velma ever since. Daniel invites Joanie and her granddaughter to stay in the spare bedroom upstairs, because how the hell is he gonna survive and take care of a baby all on his own.


Success! Instant child care.


Daniel falls asleep in the rocking chair that night, snuggling his baby son close.


With a new caregiver around, Daniel is finally free to focus on his own survival again.


He decides to make a trip to the library and look for books that could help his gardening.


He quickly realizes that the town is overrun with zombies.


The library forgotten, Daniel tears around the streets with his gun in hand. Rampaaaage!


For every zombie down, another appears right behind him.

The dead one on the ground happens to be Velma’s zombified dad.


Exhausted, Daniel sprints towards the library.


With only a block between him and the library, Daniel runs into someone he recognizes. It’s Emelie’s zombified brother Tristan.


Daniel has no choice. He shoots and runs.


Cautiously he enters the library. Kill count: like eight zombies, including Velma’s dad and Emelie’s brother. Shit son.

Sorry this one was such a bummer. Hopefully things go better for Daniel next time.


2 Responses to “Chapter 1.6- Shitttt”

  1. ivanasims March 8, 2015 at 12:32 pm #

    Emelie’s dead. That’s sad 😦

    • thronepie March 8, 2015 at 12:51 pm #

      Yeah, sowwy 😦

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