1.7- Rotten Body Goo

9 Jul

Last time, things got too serious. Daniel was depressed and went on a murderous library trip.


He steps into the dark building.


The first thing he sees makes his breakfast come up in his throat.

Also, whenever I watch shows like the Walking Dead or anything with decomposing bodies laying around, I’m always like how are you people not puking?? The whole world must smell like rotten body goo, and they’re all just giving approximately zero fucks.

World War Z says zombies don’t really have a smell, but I call bullshit. They themselves are decomposing, they’re covered in decomposing dead shit, and I imagine dead flesh soup is constantly passing through their digestive tract. I think people in that world must be desensitized to be around such a foul stench.


At least the library is empty of zombies. Our brave hero pushes past the gory scene and goes off looking for something useful.


He steps through a pool of dried blood to reach a book on the top shelf.


Meanwhile, Velma is engaging in her favorite afternoon passtime: trespassing!

Here she is now, in some rando’s house.


There isn’t anything interesting in the first room, so she sneaks off to explore the rest of the house.


She finds a child’s bedroom, and climbs up onto the bed. Perhaps she had a room a lot like this once, although that was so long ago Velma wonders if maybe that was just some dream.


Finally she hops off the bed and closes the door behind her. She runs down a long hallway.


At the end of a hallway, she finds a set of doors leading to a pool room! Velma can’t remember the last time she had a swim.


She eagerly bursts into the room, where her steps slowly falter.


Slowly Velma walks around the scummy pool. Flies buzz frantically in the thick air.


As Velma gazes at the scene in the pool room, she realizes she shouldn’t be here.


Velma turns to leave the house. Breathing hard, she runs off through the fog.

Grandma is gonna be piiiiissed.


Joanie is a very neat sim, and has been working to clean up the scumhole Daniel has been living in. She doesn’t even notice Velma hop back over the fence and run into the house.

Joanie’s parenting style is pretty similar to Lori’s.


Velma decides she’s going to behave for the next little while, and chooses the very tame activity of reading a book.


That lasts all of two minutes. All hail the Queen of the Apocalypse!

Kids holding court is one of my favorite features of Generations, it’s so damn cute.


She’s still a little freaked out at bedtime, and makes sure to check for anything menacing under her bed before she sleeps.


All clear! I downloaded some dirty face makeup for all my grungy zombie hunters. It’s pretty cute, but sometimes it looks like massive face bruises. Which also works, actually.


Daniel fills his brain with gardening knowledge all day long.


He then runs home and settles in next to his best buddy.

He didn’t run into any zombies on the way, because the whole town was stuck mourning a bunch of guys who didn’t die properly again.


Oh hey Emelie. She looks seriously weird here. Her fingers are freaking me out.


She goes and starts eating some marshmallows. Budge is like wat.


Velma gets up and comes for some marshmallows too. I’m glad the sims actually included cats licking their butts, it really completes the Pets EP.


Ultra weird girl time.


After Emelie disappears, Velma goes to water some plants. This nightgown is super cute on her, I just wanna hug her.


Eventually the sun comes up and she is joined by Joanie and Daniel.


Velma: Soooo I met Emelie this morning.

Daniel: That sounds like an interesting dream.

Velma: It wasn’t a dream, and she says you need to name your baby asap.


Daniel: Shit, your dream is right.


So Daniel decided to do this, because more space is better.


He dug himself a well. I’m not even going to try and make it seem logical that he did this in about a day. Whatever, now I can actually let them use the bathtub.


Also, a nice little outhouse. Woo, no more peeing in the dirt!


Work it gurl.

Seriously, wtf is with those leggings.


Velma: Dude. It’s the baby’s birthday. He needs a name.

Daniel: Yeah, shit, I dunno…

Seriously though, I had the hardest time coming up with a name I liked for this kid.


But I finally settled on Oscar Yu. Here he is! He’s got a dirty face too =)


Oh god somebody call a priest.


Nevermind, it’s cool.


Ahhh they’re so cute!


Since they have a new fence now, they moved all the crap away from the backdoor and can now use it too. Roscoe keeps guard.

So I got Dexter the Bear recently. I don’t know why I haven’t had it all along. I didn’t get a chance to use it yet though, so probably next time. Hopefully it works cool, cause Daniel’s running out of ammo and guns are loud.


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