Chapter 1.9- Baked Flesh

23 Jul


One summer morning over breakfast Velma and Oscar decide that they are going on an adventure.


They sneak out to the river, because it’s technically Leisure Day and they should probably do something fun. This is very dangerous, as Oscar has spent his whole life inside a chain link fence, and has never seen a large body of water before.


But magically, he is a fantastic swimmer!


Later, Velma fishes a bit, while Oscar is an asshole and scares all the fish away.


She ends up teaching him how to fish.


They soon realize their flesh is baking in the sun, and hightail it home.


Ooooh shit. They’re in big trouble for sneaking off.


Miss Bad Attitude over here gets a scolding, and Oscar is sent up to his room.


But Velma eventually starts to feel bad for almost getting her best friend killed.


Her and Daniel make up with a hug, and she promises to be more responsible.


Daniel and Roscoe play zombie attack! Oscar really doesn’t get the seriousness of his situation.


Velma is twelve, and that means aging up!


Boom! She looks good and ready for some zombie murder. She got the athletic trait, which works good for her. She’s also brave and klepto and something else I guess.


She’s got a pretty interesting face, and she’s rocking the dreadlocks. I’m sure Joanie’s stoked about that.


Joanie has had some chest pain and a pretty bad cough lately, so she’s been staying in from the gardening work.


She’s been loving the rocking chair, and takes nice long afternoon naps.


Oscar picks up the gardening slack. I have a mod that lets kids garden, but it makes them look like my 13 year old brother who is going through a growth spurt.




Oscar: Hey dad, since you won’t let me go to the river by myself, can you teach me to fish?

Daniel: Yeah, I guess I could try and instill some self-sufficiency in you. Let’s go.


And so they did. Oscar didn’t catch anything, but he did make it to level 2 of Fishing Skill. I love this picture of them.


Come to papa.


Velma gets bored and decides to head home.


But she doesn’t quite make it. She runs into this guy named Ryan who’s only a few years older than her.


They get along pretty well, and make plans to see each other again soon.


She gets home just before Oscar and Daniel.


Daniel checks in with Joanie and gives her some of the fish he caught. She spent the day napping and tidying up the house.


Oscar spends the evening smashing colored blocks around. This activity will clearly make him more proficient at repairing toilets and electrical objects when he grows up.


Later, when everyone is sleeping, Velma has a visitor.


Her visits with Ryan behind the garage become a pretty frequent thing.


He’s sort of a douche, but he’s pretty charismatic, so she likes him.


REALLY likes him.


She’s hormonal as fuck, and pretty much dreams solely about sexy Ryan now.

Ah, teenagers.


There have been a bunch of vehicles passing through town lately, and Daniel decides to go check out where they’re going. On the way, he kills Velma’s mom.

Good thing he doesn’t know it’s Velma’s mom.


He makes it to the gym, where he starts hearing noises.


There are large green trucks parked outside, and lots of the gym equipment has been dragged outside.


Daniel sneaks up to the door to the gym and peeks in. The windows are all boarded up and have heavy objects in front. Almost all the exercise equipment has been removed and a fence has been built around the stairs to the gym’s basement. Daniel is worried about being discovered, and runs home.

Sunburns, boyfriends, and military presence. Interesting.


2 Responses to “Chapter 1.9- Baked Flesh”

  1. janeeyreforce November 14, 2013 at 2:56 am #

    Finally got enough free time that I can continue reading this. Great chapter! Velma looks like a total badass.

    • thronepie November 17, 2013 at 12:27 pm #

      Thanks! Velma is a total badass =)

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