Chapter 1.12- Fresh Fish

12 Aug

It’s just Daniel, Oscar and Roscoe now, and they’ve been spending the last few years basically just bonding. Daniel has taught Oscar just about everything he knows about how to survive on his own.


Oscar is fifteen now, and has no fears about getting rid of whatever is lurking outside the fence at night.


He also spends lots of time with Roscoe.

Roscoe is like 19, which is super old, but he’s still as playful as ever.


The yard is full of leaves, so Daniel and Oscar make a huge pile and burn them off. Sure, the fire attracts lots of zombies, but burning stuff is fun.


Oh, man.


I am so sorry about this. He was really old and I guess it was just time.


Daniel and Oscar buried Roscoe next to Budge. Although it was hard for Daniel to accept the death of his first friend since the world had changed, he knew that Roscoe had lived a very long and happy life. And he was pretty sure Roscoe had had a few doggy girlfriends in his time, so there were probably a few mini-Roscoes running around Moonlight Falls.


Besides, noone who died in Moonlight Falls was ever truly gone.


See? It’s cool.


Daniel and Oscar are on their own now, but they know they have lots of provisions ready for the long winter ahead. As the days get colder, they spend more and more time inside playing old board games or just talking.


By the first snowfall, they are both bored out of their minds and decide to go out and see if they can catch any fresh fish.


The lake hasn’t frozen over, and the fish are practically walking out of the water. Oscar and Daniel spend the whole day absorbed in a competition over who can catch the largest fish.


The waves mask the sound of the rattling moans coming from over the hill.


As Oscar and Daniel banter about their catches, the zombies lurch closer.


The flash of an orange jacket catches Oscar’s eye. He spins around and calls out to Daniel.


Daniel whips out his gun and backs away from the approaching zombies. Oscar sees more movement up on the hill. Two men come sprinting over the crest carrying large rifles.


Oscar stands frozen with his gun in his hand as one of the zombies loses interest in his father and comes running towards him.

All Oscar can hear is a high pitched ringing as the zombies start dropping where they stand. He can’t hear the shots, but he feels the sound slam through the air.


Daniel stands in the middle of the carnage. Oscar lets out his breath in a sigh of relief that his father hasn’t been bitten.


Then Oscar feels more shots rush through the air. Daniel paws at his chest as he sinks to the ground.


He slowly collapses beside the pile of the dead.


Oscar’s only thought is to run to his father.


He wades through the bodies until he reaches his father. The men on the hill race down towards him.


Oscar’s body heaves with sobs as the armed men reach him.


It is immediately clear to them what they have done, and they stand speechless beside the grieving boy.


Finally noticing the men around him, Oscar turns and runs to escape.

Oscar is soon breathless and exhausted, and the men catch up to him.


Oscar yells and yells, and when he runs out of words he lunges at the men, throwing kicks and punches and screaming wildly. They restrain him easily, and drag him off.


Oscar realizes he is being led to the gym, and begs to be allowed to walk. The men put him down and follow behind him as he enters the building.


He steps through the door and gazes emotionlessly ahead.


4 Responses to “Chapter 1.12- Fresh Fish”

  1. Purplehamsterz August 12, 2013 at 3:31 pm #

    I thought Roscoe dying was bad enough, but then Daniel … so sad, they were the links to the beginning!
    Still though, brilliant chapter, and I really can’t wait to see what happens next x

    • thronepie August 13, 2013 at 7:29 am #

      Thanks! It was definitely a sad chapter to write!

  2. SwirlGirl October 19, 2013 at 8:00 am #

    Why. So much. Devastation.

  3. janeeyreforce November 14, 2013 at 3:16 am #

    Such sadness. 😥 Why, Daniel, why?!

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