Chapter 2.1- Man-Arms

19 Aug

Here we go, the first post of Chapter 2. Our founder Daniel met an unfortunate early end in a tragic accident. His son Oscar has just witnessed his father’s death and then been taken captive by the armed men who killed him. He is now all alone in the world, and is about to find out what’s been going on at the gym. Cool stuff huh?


Oscar: No.

I know, sorry.


The men take Oscar and have him sit in a chair. The darker, older man introduces himself as Nathan, and the younger man is Bernard. They explain that they are part of a military initiative to eliminate the zombies. The gym in Moonlight Falls has been turned into a temporary base for a small crew of military personnel whose job it is to roam the countryside in small groups and eliminate any zombies they encounter. Bernard explains that Daniel was shot because he had been hidden behind a small horde of the undead, which was the intended target.


Nathan asks if Oscar has anyone else in the world. Oscar stares straight through them, but shakes his head no.

Nathan and Bernard explain to him that he is of fighting age, and has the option to join the military effort if he needs somewhere to go.


He’s totally traumatized and really has nothing else he can do, so he agrees. He is taken to a trailer which he will share with Nathan and two other men.


The trailer is tiny and cramped, and only has three bedrooms. Oscar will have to share a room with another young recruit, a boy only a year younger than himself.


As sparse as the trailer is, it is a huge new world for Oscar. Never before has he even seen a full bathroom with running water.


He is taken into the kitchen, where he meets Juan Marco Torres, who was a small child when the disease first hit. Juan Marco was rescued by a military crew when he was 19 years old, and has been dedicated ever since.


He also meets Evarist Goodfellow, who will be his roommate. Evarist has only been with the military for a month, and lived his whole life on his rich grandmother’s walled acreage. He joined the military after his last remaining sibling died during an allergic reaction. It is immediately clear that Evarist has had nearly no experience with the outside world, and is basically that kid who tries really hard but is still a total pansy.

Upon meeting Evarist, Oscar is suddenly grateful for the years he spent risking his life with Velma outside the fence.


Here’s Juan Marco. He’s kind of a babe. I mostly just wanted to include a picture of his lovely man-arms.


 There is very little to do at night. When he’s not killing zombies, Nathan is a guitar enthusiast. He likes to play to keep everyone’s spirits up, and has even been trying to teach Evarist.

Pause. I can’t believe my game named him Evarist. Evarist Goodfellow. How embarrassing. Apparently once the zombie apocalypse happens, you can name your kid any stupid crap you want, and you don’t even have to spell it right.



Despite being sort of whiny and naive, Evarist gets what it’s like to lose your family. Oscar is just glad to have a friend.


 He also got new army duds, cause that’s what you do I guess.


 The snow falls heavy that night, and the zombies prowling outside are slowed by the cold.


 The next morning, Oscar runs through the snow to his first day working for the military.


He is now allowed to go through the chain fence and into the basement where the real base is.


At the end of the hallway there are shelves where guns and other various weapons are kept.


The bathrooms have been completely knocked out, and a large office is set up. Down here Oscar and Evarist are tasked with simple jobs such as cleaning, preparing food, and organizing things.

Oscar is super stoked about things like computers and electric lights, cause holy shit he’s never seen them before.


They are also frequently in the gym space upstairs, where they train and keep lookout through the windows.


Also sometimes ping pong.


Juan Marco and Nathan are responsible for mentoring Evarist and Oscar until they are experienced enough to be a full military member. Life has pretty much turned into a training montage.

Da na na na na…..




Evarist: Halp.


I think he’s getting the hang of things.


Sometimes a zombie is lured into the gym so they can use it for training exercises.


Evarist also excels at this.


Back at home, Oscar is using a functional fridge for the first time. After 20 minutes of opening and closing the door to watch the light inside, he takes out some pre-packaged ingredients and gets to work on making chicken noodle soup.


The stove is another novelty. It’s weird for Oscar not to have to build a fire every time he’s hungry now.


It’s a bit of a learning curve.


It’s a good thing Oscar is so brave. Otherwise he may have single-handedly ended the whole military operation in Moonlight Falls.


Fortunately all he manages to do is create the most horrid chicken noodle soup that Nathan and Sexy Arms have ever had.


Oscar is slobby as fuck, so he is currently elsewhere doing anything but dishes.


Oscar frequently misses the family he grew up with, but is adapting well to his new situation. He has lots of new friends and the strongest sense of safety he has ever felt.

Woo, look at you go Oscar, settling into your new life and everything =)

I’ve lately been trying to decide if I just want to uninstall University Life altogether. I wish I could just keep the objects (ping pong table, whiteboard) and get rid of all the features I don’t use because they take so much space and lag my game. Same with Supernatural, I wish I could just get rid of everything magical that isn’t zombies.

Whatever, sims.


5 Responses to “Chapter 2.1- Man-Arms”

  1. Purplehamsterz August 21, 2013 at 3:26 am #

    Great as ever 🙂 As for Evarist, his name is only to be expected, I mean in the original Moonlight Falls his family had weird names – who calls their son Peanut? Still, funny that the game automatically gave him a weird name too. Anyway, I really like the direction this is taking, it’s nice to see Oscar surrounded by people, and I look forward to seeing where things go from here x

    • thronepie August 21, 2013 at 1:35 pm #

      Yeah there’s like Peanut and Rainflower and stuff, so I guess Evarist is pretty tame in comparison =)

  2. cookyflukemegg August 21, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    Poor Oscar. Poor everyone, really. Reading this just reaffirms my belief that I could not possibly survive in a zombie apocalypse. You do such a fantastic job of making everything realistic and the storytelling is phenomenal. Thanks for writing it!

    • thronepie August 21, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

      Haha yeah I’m not really nice to my sims. Thanks for the great feedback!

  3. ivanasims March 8, 2015 at 4:54 pm #

    I love the military base idea!

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