Chapter 2.2- Watch and Learn

3 Sep


Daaaaamn… I mean what? Nothing.


Welcome back to Zombies and Yu, with our hero, Oscar Yu. Here he is dreaming about his new job.


Oscar sleeps kinda late, but Nathan is up and at it at 5:00 AM.

The game tells me he is trying to make the stove unbreakable. My intuition tells me that’s not what’s happening, but Nathan has five handiness points, so who am I to question him?

Stove: *dies*

For the record, I probably have like a third of a handiness point. I made a dresser once. From the IKEA instructions.


It’s Snowflake Day!! Juan-Marco escapes the stove carnage at home by coming to set up a party at the gym!

Juan-Marco: It’s beautiful!

Honestly the place is a dump and nothing he can do will ever fix it.

Juan Marco: You’re not invited.

There is literally a forklift in the room.


Mmmm, ration biscuits for breakfast.

The game informed me that due to a terrible fiscal year, Juan Marco and Nathan didn’t get a holiday bonus. That came as a surprise.


As the military members show up for the gathering, multiple mystery packages mysteriously appear!


Nathan: Heeey youuuu guuuuuys!

But they never ended up opening the gifts. Oh well. Nathan busts out his guitar right after this and I repeatedly used cheaty means to keep his motives up so he can play all day long.


Oscar is a flirty sim, and immediately starts scoping for chicks.


Oscar: Hi, I’m Oscar. I’m told my dead mom looked a lot like you, but I never met her so the resemblance doesn’t lessen my attraction.

Coralyn: Haa, you were such a disappointment that it killed your mom.

She’s mean-spirited.

Oscar: She’s a dream! Wanna dance?

Coralyn: Sure, but only so I can laugh at how bad you suck at it.


Coralyn: If I punch you, that’s just part of my awesome dance and it means I like you kay?

Oscar: Sure thing sexy.





Oscar notices Juan-Marco talking to someone he doesn’t recognize.

Coralyn: Later n00b, I’m hungry.




The woman seems to stop and look right at Oscar, before continuing her conversation with Juan-Marco. As Juan-Marco leaves to go talk to someone else, it dawns on Oscar who the woman is.


He goes up to her,  and waits for her to say something.


She stares at him silently, and finally he blurts out everything he’s wanted to say to her for years.

Oscar: You left us! We were family and you just left us! We always waited for you to come back, we kept the front door unlocked for you, we always had enough food for you. Didn’t growing up together and taking care of each other mean anything to you?


Oscar: My dad died, Velma. He was shot in the fall, and I had nobody. Where were you? You were supposed to be there for me, but I was alone!


Again he waits for Velma to say something. He  wishes he could read her face behind the sunglasses.


Silently, she puts on some super ugly warm clothes, and leaves. Oscar incredulously watches her go.


I guess it’s time to check in on Nathan.

Nathan: My… fingers… please…. hungry!

I can’t fix your sore fingers buddy, but let me refill that hunger bar for you! Theeeere you go, keep playing =)


Evarist: Just act natural, Ev. You can do this. You can talk to those girls.


Juan-Marco: Hi nice to meet you, I’m really attractive!

Evarist: WTF dude, that one was mine.


Juan Marco: One day, son. But first you must watch and learn.


Oscar: Life sucks. Girls suck. Stupid Velma.


Oscar: Dude I hate girls. Did you see that chick with the sunglasses on?

Evarist: Yeah I saw you checking her out.

Oscar: No. That’s my childhood best friend who ditched my family.


Oscar: I was so surprised to see her I peed a little, but she wouldn’t talk to me.

Evarist: Yeah man all the girls here just want to talk to Juan-Marco.

No kidding?


Oscar: They’re crazy, Ev. Forget em.


Evarist: Amen, brother.


Like seriously. Those girls don’t know a good thing when they see it.


Nathan: I am literally playing with my finger bones at this point. The skin is gone. My hope is gone.

Ha, cute. Alright, you can stop now.


Nathan: *weeps*


Oh, goodnight then Oscar. Don’t worry about the dishes.

Oscar: *faaart*


The perfect man, Juan Marco cleans up everything.

He’s great. That’s the end of this update. I thought it was interesting. Sorry if you didn’t.

I have a very vague idea of where the next two generations are going to go, but I don’t know what Oscar’s going to do in the short-term yet. I’m totally down for cool ideas from readers!


4 Responses to “Chapter 2.2- Watch and Learn”

  1. Purplehamsterz September 4, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    Ah, an update! Just what I need to cheer me up after my first day back at school after the Summer!

    Coralyn made me laugh out loud – so harsh! Velma looks pretty cool, I can imagine her having some sort of high-flying military job that she can channel all of her bad-assedness into. Good to see her again, even if she did ignore poor Oscar.

    Brilliant as ever, and I look forward to the next one.
    PS: why does this remind me of Juan Marco?

    • thronepie October 4, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

      Probably because that is exactly Juan Marco!

  2. janeeyreforce November 14, 2013 at 3:47 am #


    Also Juan Marco is a total babe. * swoons *

    • thronepie November 17, 2013 at 12:29 pm #

      I super love all the characters in this point of the story.

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