Chapter 2.3- The Darkest Timeline

4 Oct

Hi guys!! I swear I’m not dead. And I haven’t forgotten about Oscar and friends. I just got busy with school starting up and uhhh this embarrassing little problem I’ve had lately called Sims Medieval. I don’t even know. I think the addiction is winding down now, so I’m going to try to get back into Zombies and Yu. Plus The Walking Dead is starting soon and there is NO excuse for neglecting my zombie sims blog during a zombie show. Commitment.

Okay so I was freaking out about my game cause it’s acquired a new glitch. Story time.

After the party where Oscar ran into Velma again, the household eventually went back home and went to bed. I guess my game decided that I NEED to fast forward while everyone’s sleeping, because it’s not an option anymore. If my whole household is sleeping, it’s in the 3x speed. It will pause, but if I click any of the other speeds it just jumps back to 3x. This freaked me the fuck out cause I thought my game was forever stuck at 3x speed, so I went back into an earlier save file to see if it was still happening. This file saved right while Oscar was talking to Velma, so I let that fast forward until night time to see if the glitch still happened. I basically just left it on fast forward and went off to do something else for a bit. When I came back it was night time, the party had been completely overrun by zombies, Nathan was DEAD, and Oscar was a ZOMBIE. Seriously.

So I noped outta that alternate reality, went back and did everything over again, and was annoyed to find that the fast forwarding issue was still there. But as soon as my sims wake up it’s fine again, so I just decided to suck it up and not care.

Yeah, so that’s my story. Maybe some of you think it would have been cooler if I’d just ran with the darkest timeline, and honestly I kind of do too, but then there would be no legacy =)


So we return to our regular story with Nathan eating breakfast, because that literally looks like the best meal that’s ever been featured in this legacy.

Nathan: All my cookin, baby.

Yeah, he has like one cooking skill point.


All anyone in the house ever seems to roll wants for is to get buffer and stronger and to work out for long periods of time. I think living in a house full of testosterone-fueled killers creates sort of a competitive atmosphere.


They also keep wanting to make snow angels, go ice skating, and make igloos. I can’t really help them with that, the weather won’t cooperate.

But seriously I just made winter like four days long cause it’s annoying.


During the weekdays Oscar and Evarist go to military school, and on the weekends they have their little cadet jobs. They get to wear cute hats. Unfortunately it’s all glitchy and makes them look like guillotine victims.


Nathan: Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant. And die.


Evarist: Using this legacy as an example, I’m inclined to agree.


Nathan: Don’t have sex in the missionary position, don’t have sex standing up, just don’t do it, OK? Promise? OK, now everybody take some rubbers.


Evarist: However now that I see the shirt you chose to wear this morning, I’m a little more skeptical.


Oh good morning there Oscar! You’re looking buff dude. What’s on your mind?


Oscar: Hey Juan Marco. Sooo random question coming right outta nowhere. I met that Velma chick last night. Who’s she?


Juan-Marco: Oh that’s our boss! She’s like some super highly ranked lieutenant or some shit. She’s in charge of like four different military bases and travels between them and keeps them in check!

Oscar: Oh, sweet. I think she hates me.


Juan-Marco: Yeah, she hates everything. She’s a sexy mama with a black, black heart. Even I couldn’t get through to her, so don’t bother trying.


Juan-Marco: Comprende?

Oscar: Yeah. Thanks.


Evarist: Morning dude.

Oscar: Gimme that when you’re done with it kay?

Evarist: Sure thing.


Oscar and Evarist continue their regular life, doing menial tasks and wearing swell hats. Oscar only sees Velma very rarely, but when she’s in Moonlight Falls they keep to the unspoken agreement of completely ignoring each other.


One day in the spring, Oscar and Evarist are hanging around the base. They haven’t been given an assignment that morning, so they make sure to slack off extra hard.

Midway through their game, they begin to hear Juan-Marco and Nathan’s voices approaching. Quickly they dive under the ping pong table in an attempt to hide from their superiors, but they’re too late.


Juan-Marco: Suit up, twerps! We’re going ranging!


Evarist and Oscar have never been out on a ranging mission before, so they’ll be accompanied by their mentors. Oscar recalls it was the same type of ranging mission that killed his father, but he is eager to do his job and makes a plan to be extra careful about who he shoots.


The guys all get into position by lining up on a street corner.

Evarist: Why is this called the hooker formation?

Nathan: Don’t worry, it’s before your time son.


Zombies that had just been wandering through town are drawn to the group.

Old Dead Guy: Ahh nothing like the sweet scent of LIFE to get me working up an appetite!


The highly trained crew makes short work of anything that lurches their way.


Oscar: Damn we’re good.

Evarist: Shit yeah dude.


Juan-Marco: We’re men, we’re men in tights. MANLY men!


The sun begins to set, so the group runs off into the sunset.


I love shots of sims running. I could make a whole blog just about that.


Since it was their first ever zombie hunt together, the guys party at the gym til late. Nathan works on the near-hopeless case of teaching Evarist to play the guitar, and Oscar celebrates his birthday!


Oscar: Ahhhh! I’m- I’m CHANGING!


Oscar: Oh god.

Juan-Marco: Bro Code Rule #67- When a fellow bro is aging up, one must look away until said bro has received his CAS makeover. This is done out of respect for the bro’s vulnerable state in his game-provided hair and clothing.


Oscar: Thanks bro. I feel better now.


Oscar rolled Good Sense of Humour. I guess it’s immediately effective?


 Anyway, Oscar’s looking way good. I feel like people who are white/asian mixed tend to be really attractive, and Oscar’s no exception.


 Side view.

I swear I didn’t alter his features at all, he just totally looks like a perfect mix of his parents. Which is good, cause I miss them =(

The guys drink and carry on much later than is responsible in such a dangerous world. Eventually they start falling asleep in their chairs and agree to head home to bed. Oscar runs up the stairs behind them.


He turns the corner and walks straight into a dark haired girl, nearly knocking her off balance.

Oscar: You’re new! Where are you from?


Girl: I’m only new HERE. I’m Jemyn and I’ve been in the military long before you I bet. My dad was a rocket scientist for the military, and he was designing rockets to blow the zombies up! Cool huh?


Oscar: Way cool!

Jemyn: Yeah but he had a heart attack and died so the program ended. I wanted to get out of the main base and into the world, so I requested to be sent here!


Oscar: Oh yeah? So you’re all alone in a new place. I’ve been here a while. We could be friends and I could show you around if you want.


Jemyn: I already know my way around, and I’m already friends with the girls I live with. But if you insist….


Jemyn has the Friendly trait.

Oscar: She sure is friendly!


Jemyn: I’m glad we’re friends now, but I’ve got to get home. See you around!


Back at home, Oscar and Evarist banter about who got more kills during their ranging earlier that day.

Evarist: No, dude, I killed more. The one with it’s eye falling out? Me.

Oscar: You can’t have, Nathan even said he got that one.

Evarist: No, he said he got a different one with a knife in its eye.

Oscar: Yeah, well I kissed more girls today.

Evarist: …fuck off.

Woo! Oscar’s getting promoted, meeting girls, and licking plates! I wonder what’ll be next for him.


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