Chapter 2.4- Inappropriate Touching

14 Oct

Wow so right before playing through this I sat down and decided everything exactly that is going to happen in Oscar’s life. I’ve got a basic timeline written out and everything. Honestly, I think it’s exciting, and it’ll probably be pretty sweet.

May I never have a regular legacy.

But let’s get into what’s going on in this update.


Oscar’s life is pretty decent these days. He goes on lots of ranging missions and basically just gets to run around and be macho.


He just so happens to be the number one beer pong player in Moonlight Falls. It takes lots of practice to maintain this prestigious title.


Jemyn: And the new kid takes the win!! Jeez Oscar, better step up your game…


Oscar: I let her win cause she’s cute.

You sure about that big guy?


Oscar: Way sure! Drink up little girl!



Way to impress the ladies dude.

Jemyn: I let you win cause you’re cute.

I think they’re perfect for each other.


Oscar: No hard feeling about my epic win, right Jem?


Jemyn: Why would there be hard feelings over me being generous?

Oscar: The only time I’ve seen you be generous is the night we met. Ever since then I’ve gotten nothing outta you.


Jemyn: I had to make a good first impression. Get to know me a bit and you’ll find I’m VERY generous.

Oscar: My spidey senses tell me it’s in my best interest to get to know you.

Jemyn: Huh?


Oscar: Nothing. Please be my girlfriend? I’m so attractive you just can’t resist.

Jemyn: Fair enough. You’re so attractive I just can’t resist.

Oscar: That’s my girl!

Yay! Oscar won’t be alone forever!


One night, Oscar is held up working really late to finish up some sort of work project which may or may not be a plot device.

He hears footsteps coming down the stairs, and turns to see who it is.


Oscar: Oh hey there Miss World’s Sexiest Girlfriend!

Jemyn only gets to be Sim-World’s Sexiest Girlfriend. Bitch be stealing my title.


Oscar: Oh Jemyn. The way the fluorescent lighting plays off your skin makes you look so pallid and sickly, yet you are still so beautiful to me!


Jemyn: Have you seen your own skin to-



Jemyn: Come here, you! HMMMG


Anyway, as well all know, kissing turns into touching, which turns into inappropriate touching.

Let’s just say some things went down in that basement and if you don’t know what they are, ask your mom.

Mostly I just want to stop writing for romantic interactions already. I feel like I’m super invading someone’s privacy.

Oscar: We’re okay with it. We’re all okay with it.

Yeah, thanks.


Jemyn: That was amazing Oscar. But I’ve got to get home. I hope we can have more woohoo in inappropriate places soon!

Oscar: I feel like we will.

You will.


After Jemyn leaves, Oscar gets back to doing god knows what. Honestly he’s probably just watching cat videos.

Oscar: Am not!

You probably are.

Oscar: I’ll have you know I’m working on a very important secret project. So secret I can’t tell you what it is.

Hush, you. Oscar is so absorbed in his cat videos, he doesn’t hear the second set of footsteps that come down the stairs that night.



Oscar: I just have to shut this really quick. Oh shit.

Oh, hey Velma. What’s she doing? Oh, she’s turning around and walking out like she was never here.


Oscar: Velma! Velma, please.


Velma: *icy stare*


Oscar: What’s that about? I get that you don’t want to acknowledge the past and that’s your problem. But we’re here in the same place now and you can’t even be cordial to me?!


Velma: Okay, okay, I’m talking! Cool it, will you? I didn’t mean to make things weird, I just did what I had to do.


Oscar: Did what you had to do? Oh, I know how that feels, when you have to abandon your family for no reason at all. Yeah, that’s real tough.


Velma: I was nineteen and I ran away. I didn’t know how to handle things! But I’m trying here, okay?

Oscar: Fine. Try.

Velma: Let’s go sit down upstairs and talk, alright?


They sit down across from each other, and begin telling each other everything about where they’ve been. Velma had followed her boyfriend Ryan to the military, and had joined up herself. It didn’t take her long to realize Ryan was holding her back, but she stayed in a lackluster relationship for years before calling it quits. After that, she had risen in ranks quickly at work, and it was her number one priority in life.

Velma is also shocked to hear about the manner of Daniel’s death, and how Oscar was left alone.

They talk until the sun comes up before they realize they’re nearly falling asleep on the table.


Finally Oscar gets up to go.

Oscar: Thanks for sitting with me tonight.

Velma: It was something we needed. But we can’t be friends like we were Oscar. I don’t have friends at work, and I just don’t think I can do it either.

Oscar: That’s fine, I’m just glad to know what’s going on. I’ll see you around.


Oscar makes his way home through the crisp spring morning. He arrives to find the guys already eating breakfast.

Juan-Marco: Where were you last night, tiger? Come on, we made up a plate for you.


Exhausted, he sits down at the table with his best friends. He listens to their conversation about the day’s coming mission before drifting off into thoughts about the crazy night he just had.

Short chapter, but it just kind of feels natural to end it here. Also I’m sick of writing weird emotional conversations between pixel people. Later!


2 Responses to “Chapter 2.4- Inappropriate Touching”

  1. Purplehamsterz October 15, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how everything plays out for Oscar! I like the path this story’s taken, with the military and everything – it let’s there sort of be those really funny, normal everyday moments within all the chaos, which I like. I look forward to your next post x

    • thronepie October 15, 2013 at 11:48 am #

      I look forward to it too… it’s different.

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