Chapter 2.6- The Four Best Friends

25 Oct


Welcome back! Things are going pretty rough for Oscar, Evarist and Velma. Their entire army crew was just ambushed by a group of freaky gunmen, and all their friends are dead or scattered.


Oscar: Yeah, what the fuck?!


Oscar: First you kill my mom, then you kill my dad, now I’m running for my life? What kinda merciless demon simmer are you?




Everyone: OMG WTF was that??


Teddy: Guys! Guys, I found you!

Velma: Great….

Teddy: I can stick with you guys right? I know you won’t let me die, and I’ll do whatever you need! We’re friends, right?

Velma: Fine, friends.

Oscar: Weren’t you dead?

Teddy: Nope, I’m A-OK! I just get light-headed in stressful situations and sometimes I pass out!

Velma: Right… let’s get out of here guys.


Teddy: We’re the four best friends that anyone could have!


Teddy: And we’ll never ever ever ever ever leave each other! …Guys, wait! Guys!


And so the merry quartet heads gleefully to the trees by the mountains.


They come upon this fascinating area that I didn’t know existed in Moonlight Falls. Unfortunately they can’t actually go in it because the game is a douche. So they have to figure out how to create their own shelter. Also, I’m pretending they found blankets and various other supplies there, because logic.


I was gonna get World Adventures just for the tents, but then I would also have to have the rest of World Adventures. And my computer just can’t handle the heavy, so no tents. Instead they get this weird grass hut thing that really sucks.


The group sits dismally around the camp fire, wishing they had something to cook on it.

Teddy: Guys, that was fucked up. Nathan is dead. Lots of people are dead.


Teddy: Doesn’t it bother you?


Evarist: I’m going hunting.

Velma: Yeah we need firewood.

Oscar: I’ll help carry… stuff.


Everyone runs off in different directions. Shivering, Teddy sits down by the fire to brood. He’s a broody sim.


Long after night falls, Velma and Oscar return with heaping piles of nice dry firewood.

Oscar: Oh hey. Did Ev go to bed?


Teddy: I thought he went hunting. He’s not back yet.

Velma: What?


Velma: This is so not okay. I’m your superior, I can’t lose you guys!

Oscar: Velma, it’s not your fault. Evarist isn’t the brightest, but he always makes it through.


Velma: Yeah, but we don’t know what we’re doing out here anyways! We’ll probably die from exposure before anything can even kill us!


Oscar: What do you think my dad taught us all that stuff for? We’ll be fine. You and Teddy should get some sleep.

Teddy: Actually, you guys can sleep. I’ll wait up for Evarist.

Velma: You sure, Teddy?

Teddy: Yeah, I’m staying up.


Velma and Oscar settle into their sleeping bags as Teddy sits staring into the fire. In every dancing flame he sees another masked man jumping from behind a car, or another friend falling to the ground. Other than the wind in the trees, Moonlight Falls is quiet.


Daylight is starting to break behind the mountains when Teddy hears a soft rustling from behind the bushes.


He slowly gets up and tries to peer over the leaves, hoping it’s just a raccoon or a deer.

Unable to see anything, he creeps around the bushes, trembling violently.


The form he sees on the ground in front makes his breath catch in his throat. He steps slowly towards the body, glancing around wildly for signs of masked men or zombies.


The rest of the forest is completely quiet, and Teddy breaks into a run.


He crouches down next to Evarist’s unmoving body and searches for signs of life. Moving closer, Teddy is able to hear a slow, shallow breathing.

Teddy: Evarist?

He pauses to slow his own breathing, and picks up the cold body.


The short walk up the hill seems like hours to Teddy, but he doesn’t even feel Evarist’s weight. He simply knows that his next task will be to wake Oscar.

Back at camp, Teddy sets Evarist on the ground and covers him in blankets. He doesn’t hear Oscar and Velma wake.


Oscar could feel it in the air that morning. He could already tell that heartbreak was coming, and so he had dragged himself out of his blankets quickly. He isn’t surprised when he sees his best friend laying bloodied on the ground.


Velma: Oh my god. Teddy, what happened?

Teddy: I found him just past the bushes, he’s still alive. I don’t know what happened.


Velma: I’m going for water and supplies to clean him up. Don’t try and stop me. Oscar, keep watch.


All through the morning Oscar paces around the camp site. He frequently jumps down to check Evarist’s breathing, convinced it has stopped. Teddy still does not sleep.

Oscar paces nervously for what feels like hours. It doesn’t take long for Velma to return with fresh water and a large rusted chair.


Velma: We shouldn’t have let him bleed this long. Let’s get him up off the ground.


All together, they carefully lift Evarist onto the lawn chair. His eyelids flutter, but he does not wake up.


Velma: Jesus, whoever he ran into obviously didn’t mean to leave him alive. We’ve got to figure out where all this blood is coming from.


They carefully tear off Evarist’s shirt, and Velma uses the torn cloth to wash off the blood. As the cold water hits Evarist’s chest, his breathing speeds up and his eyes open.

Velma washes away the extra blood to reveal a large bullet wound through the center of Evarist’s chest.

Evarist: …what the fuck…ow. Guys?


Oscar: Dude, you’re safe, we’re taking care of you. What happened?


Evarist: Those masked guys. They had me.

Velma: Why? What do they want?

Evarist: They want control. From the military. They want to be in charge or something. They don’t want the military to rebuild.

Oscar: They told you this?

Evarist: Nah, they just threw me in a ditch and shot me. They thought I was dead so they were talking about their plans. After they left I tried to crawl here.


Velma: Shit. Well we can’t leave the forest anymore. And nobody goes anywhere without a gun, got it?


Oscar: That’s fair. I don’t even wanna know what those guys are about, I just don’t want to see any of the rest of you die.

Velma: We’ll stay close. And we’ve always been pretty good at staying alive without fences.

Aaaand that’s the end of that chapter. Damn, this one was hardly any fun, I’m kind of bummed now.

Cool. That helped. I might have to start ending my posts with puppies more often.


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