Chapter 2.7- Redneck Swag

31 Oct


Welcome back! Things are looking pretty dismal in Moonlight Falls these days. Not even the weather has been nice.


It’s been a few days since the group found Evarist shot through the chest and left for dead. They have him bundled up in the warmest clothes they can find, and he is always near the fire, but he hasn’t improved much.


Oscar and Velma are exhausted from staying strong for Evarist. Although they never say it, they both know that there is almost no hope for their friend. And neither of them remembers the last time they heard Teddy talk.


Evarist is asleep almost all of the time, but when he’s awake Oscar sits with him near the fire and cooks him small bits of meat. Oscar keeps Evarist occupied with stories from his childhood, to which Evarist mostly just tries weakly to laugh.


Oscar and Velma have stopped trying to involve Teddy, who seems most comfortable sitting in the corner, staring into the flames.


Some mornings Velma joins them to laugh with Oscar about the past.

Oscar: We thought we were so clever going fishing all by ourselves. But I don’t know how we didn’t drown! My dad was so mad when we got back, but his scolding was nowhere near as bad as the blistering sunburns we got out there!

Velma: That was the worst sunburn I’ve ever had! But I still say it was worth it.

Oscar: Definitely, I can’t remember a funner day.


Evarist laughs and lays back in his chair.


His last breath comes long and slow, and everyone understands what it means.


Noone says anything for a long time. Instead they stare at the flames, deep in their own thoughts.


Finally Velma looks up at Oscar, and he meets her eyes.

She silently gets up, and shortly after is followed by the other two.


The next morning the remaining three sit in their regular spots. They don’t talk about the past anymore. Mostly they stay silent, with occasional interruptions to mention firewood or food.

Velma: Oscar, our food stores are running low. If we want to eat tomorrow, we need to find something.

Oscar: …yeah, I guess we do need food.

Velma: I was thinking that if we stayed in the trees, there’s a pond not too far away where we can catch something.

Oscar: Let’s go there. You coming, Teddy?


Oscar: Okay, well let’s go anyways.


After a long walk along the base of the mountain, Velma and Oscar finally arrive at the pond. They pull some fishing rods out of their butts and get fishing.


Oscar: I’m glad we came out here. It’s refreshing getting away from camp, and it smells good.


Velma: You wouldn’t be saying that if you could smell yourself…


Oscar: Wow, you must be really jealous of my superior salamander catching skills.

Velma: Well I dunno what you caught but I just caught us some dinner.


Oscar: Amateur, I taught you to fish!


Velma: Oh right, how could I forget how YOU taught me when you were six years old?

Oscar: I was mature for my age.


Velma: That’s not exactly the description I would use. Come on loser, let’s get out of here.


The walk home is long and tiring, and Velma and Oscar are giddy with hunger and exhaustion.

Velma: Oh hey Teddy. See any visions in the flames?


Velma: Right, well we’ll cut you up something to eat. Sooo since I caught the fish, I’m pretty sure that means someone else has to gut it, right Oscar??

Oscar: *backs away slowly*


Velma: Oh my god…. I’m so glad we went fishing.

Oscar: I know, that was probably the second best fishing trip of my life.

Velma: Agreed.


And then she plays with fire cause she’s so cute.


She is totally my favorite side character, ever. I like her even more than Juan Marco. Even more than the Immortal Gutter Slut!


After some silliness by the fire, the group wraps up in their blankets and falls asleep.

It’s a warm, quiet night, and Oscar sleeps soundly.


He doesn’t wake until the sun is high in the sky. Velma is snoring softly beside him.

As he gets up to get dressed, his movements wake her. After some yawning, she crawls out of her blankets and gets dressed too.


It’s immediately clear that they are alone.


Velma: Wow. He just left…. did he take anything?

Oscar: No, everything’s here.

Velma: Did he mention anything to you about leaving?

Oscar: He never talked to me…


Velma: Well it looks like it might be just us now. Oscar, we’ve really got to get our shit together.


Oscar: This might be stupid, but I think we should go into town. Just to the outskirts. We need clothes that don’t make us look like military. And I want to build a better shelter if we can.

Velma: Honestly that’s not a bad idea. Let’s go now.


The yard looks empty, but Velma and Oscar know not to be out in the open for too long. They dart out of the trees and race towards the run down little house.


Velma: Are you sure you wanna do this?

Oscar: Yeah, the place is abandoned. Let’s go in.


They are greeted by the smell of rotting wood. Everything seems damp and unstable, and Oscar and Velma have to watch their step.


Velma: Let’s see if there are any salvageable clothes in there.


Oscar: Wow. Okay.

Velma: Yeah, Gross. Just keep watch, I’m going to check for clothes.


Velma: Bingo.


Velma: It’s stuck!

Oscar: Try jiggling it.


Oscar: Nice. What’s in there?



Oscar: I feel redneck.


Velma: Come on, let’s just grab anything we can bring back to camp with us and get the hell outta here.


They spend the rest of the day  hauling old plywood and sheets of corrugated metal back to camp.


After a few days of putting up shaky walls, Oscar and Velma are finally able to feel a bit more at home.


Cool, I’m ending the chapter here. I wasn’t able to incorporate this last picture into the story, but I like it so here it shall stay =)


Anybody else feeling the deja vu?

Also, does anyone remember the last time zombies were a threat in this story? No? Me neither. And if I accidentally called Teddy ‘Lucas’ at some point here, I’m sorry. I really thought it was Lucas. I actually wrote all of last chapter with his name as Lucas before I went back and realized it was Teddy. Oops =/


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