Chapter 2.8- Tighty Whities

17 Nov


Hello! Things for Oscar are finally looking a  bit more positive. He and Velma have built themselves a semi-permanent residence and have decided to try growing some vegetables.


Today they have enthusiastically decided to hover over to the ocean.

Cartoons statistics have found that the average person can run 30-40% faster if their feet don’t touch the ground.


Oscar: Velma, I hate to disappoint you, but I don’t think I can show off my sweet fishing skills today.


Velma: Wow, that is disappointing.


Oscar: Sorry lady. You’re gonna have to settle for staring at my chiseled body all day. I’m going swimming.


Velma: Bummer. I hope your chiseled body can keep up with mine.


Oscar strips down to his cute lil tighty whities and follows in after her.


Suddenly Velma turns around and swims towards him.

Velma: Oscar… I can’t take it any longer…. I just have to tell you. Come closer.



Oscar: Blahrgarblewarbhh!



Velma laughs and dives under the water. Oscar is pretty sure she drowned and starts to feel a bit guilty, until she reemerges further out into the bay.

Velma: Let’s swim across!


The sun is beginning to descend in the sky as they make their way across the bay.

Also have you even seen the bay in Moonlight Falls? It’s huge! It took them a few hours to swim across and they would totally have died if they were real people.


Their muscles feel like soggy noodles by the time they reach the other side, and Oscar and Velma are lucky to be alive.


Beauty shot. Kind of. Oscar, GTFO and quit ruining it!


Further up the beach is a small shack. Velma and Oscar basically have a policy that they must explore every new building they see. They would totally die if this was a horror movie.


Velma: Everything’s been blown over from the wind. If someone were living here don’t you think they’d clean up their nasty trash heap?


Oscar: It’s definitely abandoned. Aprez vous.


Oscar: It looks like somebody tried to survive here in this building made of windows. I wonder what happened to them.


Evil windows: *hisssss*


Velma: I think we should go back now, it’s really dark.

Oscar: Yeah, but when was the last time you played foosball?

Velma: But-

Oscar: Foosball is going to happen, and it’s going to happen right now.


Velma: Yeah, foosball probably should happen. We’ll play one game.

Oscar: Two?

Velma: One.

Oscar: Three and a half?

Velma: One. Maybe two.

Oscar: Seven?

Velma: Whatever.


Velma: Ain’t no party like an underwear foosball party.


They actually do end up playing seven games.


Velma: Oscar! Stop playing! We’ve gotta go home!

Oscar: One more! If I win, I’m the best forever, and if I lose, you can be the best forever? Please??

Velma: Jesus, fine!


Oscar won.

Oscar: Wow, I guess I really am the best forever. No hard feelings right?


Velma: Yes there’s hard feelings! If we try to go home now we’ll become some lucky zombie’s midnight snack!


Oscar: Well then isn’t it convenient that we’ll be perfectly safe in here?


Velma: I’m not staying here.

Oscar: Well I’m the best forever, which means that this is where the party’s at.


Velma: *grumble grumble* you’re so stupid…


Velma: We’re going back first thing in the morning okay?


Oscar: Nope. This beauty needs his sleep. You’ll handle breakfast right?


Velma: If you’re lucky. Just don’t touch me and don’t steal the blankets.


Oscar: Sorry, I can only handle one rule at a time. You’re going to have to decide which one is more important to you.


Velma: Fine, keep the blankets.

Oscar: I don’t think so.


Oscar: I told you this was a great party.


Velma: Dude. What are you doing.


Oscar: Fine… I guess you’d better go home then, if this party is so lame….


Velma: Well…. maybe I’ll stay.


And so she stayed, and they did stuff, and I don’t know what it was but it obviously didn’t require feet.

I just be like dis.


Velma: Holy shit.

Oscar: I told you I was the best ever.


And so the sleepy little scamps drifted off into dreamland.


I was peeking around the town while Oscar and Velma were sleeping and found THIS!!!

It looks like my town is wonderfully zombie infested, but actually it’s just that same problem where a dude dies so everyone sticks around mourning him =(


Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!!


Oscar: Hoo boy last night was interesting. I hope she doesn’t regret it.

You’d better hope she doesn’t kick your ass.


Oscar: Look Velma, I’m a good boy who makes breakfast!

Velma: Sweet, I’m starving!

Oscar: Phew!


Awwwwwww <33333


Sims. Why.



2 Responses to “Chapter 2.8- Tighty Whities”

  1. Purplehamsterz November 18, 2013 at 7:32 am #

    Mmm, roast honey, my favourite. I knew those two would get together (I won’t lie, I wasn’t overly fond of Jemyn) but I’m sure there’s lots more drama to come!

    Great as ever, with some really nice pictures 🙂 I look forward to seeing what comes next!

    • thronepie November 22, 2013 at 6:18 pm #

      Gotta love that ooey gooey plasticy taste!

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