Stuff n Thangs

17 Nov

Wanna know what I’ve been up to lately?

That sums it up.

So, rather than acknowledge the existence of Zombies and Yu, I have created a magical land in Moonlight Falls where there is a weird mashup of Walking Dead/ Game of Thrones characters I’ve thrown in among the locals, and I just set Story Progression on and let everything go into high speed. Then, I see who makes babies with who.

It’s really very bizarre. And disappointing, so far. Most of them just entered a string of crappy and short-lived relationships with various locals until they grew too old to have children and died.

Um, here are some of the lucky members of my world.


Rick Grimes. I’m convinced that Andrew Lincoln’s face is just impossible to capture in the sims, and he came out looking like a weird bird. But he had a really cute redheaded daughter with like, a maid, so that’s good.


Carl Grimes. He grew up and only ever dated old ladies and ghosts.


Theon Greyjoy. Just cause. He’s got a baby on the way with some chick, finally.


Michonne. I wish I had hair that worked for her better. She was really boring also, and did pretty much nothing.


Beth Greene. She ended up marrying some dark skinned dude and popped out two boys who have blue eyes, dark skin, and blonde hair.


Glenn Rhee. I didn’t start the game with him and Maggie together, so he actually ended up dating three different women and having a kid with each, cause he’s a slut like that.


Carol Peletier. She has huge boobs that I never noticed before!! She married Ayden Van Gould and was boring.


Sandor Clegane, haha. He ended up dating and subsequently stalking both Crissy Rain and Daydream Ivy, which was not surprising in the least.


If you don’t know this one, go away. I love him. I wish he would just procreate already, but I guess he’s happy flying solo.


And lastly, Maggie Greene. She was the most entertaining one, because right off the bat she decided to marry Daniel Yu!! She really likes the Asian dudes. They have three kids together so far, a girl and boy who are twins, and a toddler girl. I have pics of the older two!


This is Dominic. He’s soooo handsome. I’d almost like him better than Oscar, except he’s evil. He’s got a really Tom Riddle look to him.


And here’s Holly! She’s so pretty, and she’s good, so I can like her.

The toddler’s name is Seneca, and she looks like she will potentially be cuter than the older two.

Yeah, so that was actually my weekend. And I’ve referenced the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter in this post, so I think I’ve hit a new level of nerd.

Ummmm I made all those characters up there, so if anyone likes them and wants me to upload them, I can maybe figure that out.

K bai.


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