Chapter 2.10- Bro Hugs

30 Nov

Hello! I’m really excited right now cause there’s a new BABYYYYYY!

Oscar’s excited too, Velma’s tired, and the baby is sleeping, eating, and pooping.


Velma is sleeping off the I-just-gave-birth pain when she is awoken by loud noises far off.

Velma: Oscar? Did you hear that?


Oscar: That sounded like gunshots. Hold her, I’m going to go look.


Velma: No don’t leave me with her-

Oscar: I’ll be quick and I’ll bring a gun. Hold tight.


Velma: Oh god.


The sound of shots die down, but Oscar can see lights on at the gym. He walks slowly out of the forest.


He tiptoes up around the trucks and peeks towards the gym door.


Still Oscar can’t see anything, so he steps closer.


Suddenly he knows he’s caught. Two men with rifles are staring him down.


The men stare back at Oscar with their guns held high.


Oscar steps back as the closest one starts walking towards him.


Until he runs up and wraps him in a bro-hug ❤


Juan-Marco: Holy shit man we thought you guys died! How did you survive?

Oscar: We hid out up in the mountains the whole time! What about you guys?

Juan-Marco: We took off the other way and radioed for pick up. It took Sunset Valley’s military guys three weeks to find us! We hung around there until today cause we came to to blow the rebels out of town.


Oscar: And you got them all?

Juan-Marco: Well we got the ones that were lurking around this place.


Juan Marco proudly gestures over to a pile of bloody corpses.

Juan Marco: We’ve covered most of town. We’re thinking most of them have moved on to Appaloosa Plains now, but we’ve got guys on it.


Oscar follows Juan Marco into the gym, where some more members of the team are standing.


Juan Marco: Most of you have met him, but if not, this is Oscar. He’s an old buddy of mine and he’s one of us.


Oscar senses a pair of blue eyes staring him down, and he looks over.


Jemyn runs up to him and wraps her arms around him. Without thinking, he pulls her in close.


Jemyn: I can’t believe you’re alive! I was asking around to try and find out about you forever!

Oscar: Jem, I’m glad to see you too.


Jemyn: But….

Oscar: I’m sorry, things are different.

Jemyn’s face falls. She nods and backs away to rejoin the group.


Oscar: Juan Marco, it’s just me and Velma left. I need to go get her, she’s alone with our daughter.


Juan Marco: If that’s true then we’ll need to leave right now. Denise and Dag will join us.


The four grab their guns and run off towards the forest.


Velma’s eyes widen and her jaw drops when she sees them all standing there.


She smiles at them incredulously.

Dag: You must be Velma. Grab what you need and we can take you back to the gym.

Velma: So we’re back in force now? What happened, tell me everything!

Juan Marco: We’ll explain on the way back, let’s get going!


Back at the gym, Juan Marco explains that they will have their own trailer to live in complete with furnishings for the baby.


Frightened from the chaos of the night, the baby begins to fuss, and Velma passes her off to Oscar.


Velma: That’s all great about the trailer, but when can I get back to work?

Juan Marco: You’re one of our top people, we need you as soon as possible.


Oscar: You just had a baby, don’t you think you should hold off for a bit?


Velma: What? Why? This is the most important time for me to be at work!


Oscar: Are you serious? Don’t you care about the baby? She needs her mother, at least for the first little while!

Velma: I’m right here, and last I recall I’m your superior around here. You can’t just tell me my job!


Oscar: Fine, do what you’ve gotta do. But I’m going to take care of this baby.


Velma turns back to her conversation with a reluctant Juan Marco as Oscar walks out of the gym.


Moonlight Falls is covered in a chill mist, and Oscar holds his daughter close as he walks towards their new trailer.


The family trailers are just as cramped, but they have bunk beds and a small crib.


Oscar sighs and places the baby gently into the crib.

Oscar: Night night sweetheart. Tomorrow we’re gonna have to have a talk with your mama about names. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t have a name for a long time either. I love you either way.


He shuts the door silently behind him and walks over to the master bedroom. He’s giddy to see the cozy double bed waiting for him.

Oscar: Ohhhh man, I missed beds.

He drifts off effortlessly, happy to know that he and his family are safe again.

Woo, that was a pretty serious post. What do you think of Juan Marco’s new look? He’s kinda haggard. You probably can’t see but I added wrinkles. Sorry =/

Also, Denise is just a character I made so it would look like there’s tons of military people around, but I’m thinking she’s really badass looking and she reminds me of Sasha from The Walking Dead.

The. End.


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