Chapter 2.11- Looking Alive

10 Dec

Hey there! Last time we left Oscar he was back in the military again! He’s got a trailer now, and he and his daughter are sleeping soundly.

He also has the option to shower again, so that’s good.


It’s mid morning, but Oscar has only had a few hours of sleep when he is woken by a creak in the trailer.

Quietly, he gets out of bed and walks over to the baby’s room.


Oscar: Velma! I’m glad you came.

She flinches and turns to face him, looking embarrassed.


Oscar: Do you want to hold her?

Velma: I… that’s okay, I was just looking.

Oscar: Okay, well did you want to rest a bit? The bed’s really nice.

Velma: You can… I’m okay for now.

Oscar: Do you want to have some breakfast or something?

Velma: Oscar, I’ve gotta go…

Oscar: Oh, sure.


Velma attempts a melancholy smile, before turning and walking out of the baby’s room.

Oscar sighs and looks down at the tiny girl sleeping in the crib.

Oscar: Well hon, we should probably salvage what’s left of this day, hey?


Later, Oscar has dressed and eaten and he and the baby head to the gym.


Oscar enters the gym, which is not exactly the most suitable environment for a newborn. Juan Marco immediately comes to greet him.

Juan Marco: Oscar! You’re looking alive! Yesterday was a big day so today’s been pretty slow, but come downstairs and we’ll get you reoriented with the place.


Juan Marco: Since you’ve got a little girl we’re only gonna let you do safe stuff around here for the next few years at least. There’s a crib set up right by your desk!

Oscar: That sounds perfect, honestly. But I don’t think I’ll have to have the baby all the time, with Velma here too.


Juan Marco: Well, uhhh…

Oscar’s stomach seems to drop straight to the floor.

Oscar: What? What is it?

Juan Marco: Listen, she told me not to talk about it. I’m telling you cause you’re my buddy and you deserve to know.

Oscar: Where is she?!

Juan Marco: Appaloosa Plains. She took a transfer. Left two hours ago. She said she wanted to be right in the thick of it.

Oscar: WHAT!

Juan Marco: I yelled at her right until the truck drove out of sight Oscar, believe me. She wouldn’t hear it.

Oscar: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Juan Marco: I’m not. I’m so sorry man. That was a shitty thing of her to do.

Oscar: Let’s just go downstairs, I need to put the baby down or I’m gonna be sick.


Downstairs Oscar heads numbly towards his desk. Someone had arranged a freshly painted metal crib with soft, cozy bedding in an area perfectly accessible from his desk.


Tenderly he places his daughter in the crib.

Oscar: I’m really sorry, honey.


Juan Marco: I’m sorry man.

Oscar: ….

Juan Marco: Hey, your baby girl’s really cute, what’s her name?


Oscar: Well… my mother was french, I think.

Juan Marco: Did you name her after your mom? Emelie’s nice.


Oscar: No, no. It’s a french name though, I wanted that cause of my mother. No-uhhh…

Juan Marco: Noelle?

Oscar: No- Noemi. She’s Noemi.


Juan Marco: Well congrats man, you’ll be a great dad. You really seem to care about her a lot. But listen, I’ve got tons to do around here so I’ve gotta get going. You can just hang out here and maybe take a look at some of the stuff we’ve got up on the computer so far. Only if you feel up to it, it’s all good if you need some time to get back into the swing of things.

Oscar: Nah, I need to make myself useful.

Juan Marco: Cool, man. I’ll see you later.


Oscar looks around as Juan Marco leaves, wondering how such a familiar place could suddenly feel so foreign.


He makes his way over to his desk and sits down. His view of the crib is perfect for keeping an eye on the baby.

Oscar: So I guess you’re Noemi now. I hope you’re okay with that.


Noemi blinks her eyes, gurgles, yawns, and falls back asleep.

Just kidding. Actual sim babies have a piercing dead stare that could make a tibetan monk scream.


Life for Oscar soon falls into a rhythm. Work at the gym is always busy, and Oscar’s days are filled with corresponding with neighboring districts, setting up resource trades, and constant care for Noemi.

He’s pretty relieved that he hardly has to worry about her at all during the day, as everyone else at the base is fascinated with her and more than happy to feed and soothe her.


Increasingly, Oscar begins to find himself jolted out of his work by the inescapable feeling of a pair of blue eyes on his back. But, whenever he turns to look back the feeling vanishes and he realizes noone is looking at him.

Also, pair of blue eyes=Jemyn. Not Dag. Although that might be a very romantic alternative story if I decided to completely change Oscar’s sexual orientation.

Dag’s pretty beefy and things could get steamy. Just sayin’.


It’s like totally friendzone, I promise.


And this is just something Oscar wants to do, it’s totally not to impress Dag, I swear.



As time goes on, little gifts start showing up around Noemi’s crib. Whenever Oscar tries to ask any of his colleagues about it, they just giggle and feign ignorance. He suspects they’re all in on it.


Noemi is a very serious baby, and is content just to play with her toes whenever she isn’t sleeping. Oscar relishes the time to brush up on his skillin.


Because he is a slob, he’s a little bummed at the fact that he has to start brushing his teeth again.


He has to do this too, but I make him. Mostly for poor Noemi’s sake.


Sup tiger.


All in all, Oscar adjusts well to single dad-hood. He’s feeling less and less fragile about Velma’s abandoning the family, but he knows it will always be a sore spot.


This is my town!!

So previously, I would occasionally have to go into Twallan’s Vector mod and restart the zombie infection because it would slow down, but lately the amount of zombies around has been totally out of control. There’s not an uninfected person to be seen around town. I’m pretty okay with it.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Laaaaater.


4 Responses to “Chapter 2.11- Looking Alive”

  1. janeeyreforce December 11, 2013 at 1:15 am #

    Woo, another great update!

    I can’t believe Velma took a transfer! D: How cruel of her.

    ‘Just kidding. Actual sim babies have a piercing dead stare that could make a tibetan monk scream.’ <– This is a hilariously accurate description.

    I'm totally shipping Dag and Oscar.

    • thronepie December 11, 2013 at 8:03 am #

      Yeah it was pretty cold. Oscar probably should have just called it quits with women and gone gay for Dag at this point.

  2. ivanasims March 8, 2015 at 5:51 pm #

    Velma is such a lousy mom. You would expect better from someone with a hard childhood like hers.

    • thronepie March 8, 2015 at 6:16 pm #

      She is a lousy mom, but I’d say her hard childhood left her pretty damaged. I doubt she could have ever been a good mom.

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