Chapter 2.13- Sweaty Pheromones

15 Jan

It was my personal goal for Oscar to not die by 2.13, and we’ve made it!!!



Although he said he wouldn’t, Oscar has been getting increasingly flirty with Jemyn. They pretty much run around the base being weird and acting like they’re new recruits again.


Here they are keeping watch through the windows together. And that is not a telescope. That is a keeping-watch-thing.


Jemyn: Oh gahd it’s disgusting out there!


Okay so they were just chilling out keeping watch when this little doggy walked up behind them and started whimpering.

And it was really cute and looked sorta familiar, so I checked out it’s family tree.


Everyone, this is Freida, and she is ROSCOE’S GRANDDAUGHTER <333


So Oscar gave her cuddles and loves =)


And something to eat.


And a warm place to yodel.


Jemyn has started coming over for dinner a lot of the time, making the tiny trailer even more full.


This was because earlier she had been working out at the gym, and I guess her sweaty pheromones had drifted across the room or something, but Oscar was super distracted.




Jemyn: 😀 !!!


Oscar: You’re making it really pretty in here and I think you’re an amazing species.

Jemyn: Wow… I don’t know what to say to that…


Oscar: *grabby hands*


Jemyn: Oscar…. really?

Oscar: Yes. So you should come over for dinner and stuff tonight.


So they go back to Oscar’s have dinner, followed by a coed shower.

Just so we’re all clear, sex is when the boy goes inside the girl, like so.


Freida: u have fun you krazy kids, i will be babbysittur.


Oscar: Sounds good. I’ll be in here parking the pink cadillac/ having my banana peeled/ laying some pipe/ negotiating the forested chasm.

Too much?


Noemi: Wow psgetti puppy!

Freida: i such gud babby-sitting.


‘Tis fall.

I needed a landscape picture to bring back my focus cause this post has kind of fallen into crazy-babble.

Raise your hand if you can spot the exact location where Noemi was conceived.


So Jemyn and her yellow slippers are around pretty much all the time now.


She stays over just about every night.


Oscar’s started waking up in the mornings and noticing little things in the house taken care of.


Takehome message: Doing dishes will make boys like you.


Okay that wasn’t the intended message, but doing dishes will make most people like you. Unless they themselves really really enjoy doing dishes and you are taking away their favourite hobby  by doing the dishes yourself.


So Oscar settles in for breakfast AND SOMEHOW STARTS A FIRE.

I think it’s from the hot and sour soup, I don’t even know.

But it turns out you can do Object>Delete on fires, so today I am an honorary firefighter.


For dinner that night, Oscar makes filthy sludge, with a side of sushi.

I don’t know either.


Noemi: I can pee pee in the potty!!


Noemi: I can fly!!


Bam. She’s super cool.

Noemi: Dad? Yo Dad, I just aged up alone in front of the toilet. Dad.


She’s all dressed for adventure.

And she rolled night-owl, so she’s gonna be having some adventures.


Noemi: Cool, I’ll just play in my room until someone comes to check on me.


3 hours later.

Noemi: Hey Dad, notice anything different about me?

Jemyn: Wow, you’ve got your hair pulled back, and you’re much taller!


Noemi: Oh, you’re here. That explains things. Dad! Look!

Jemyn: What is it honey? Your dad’s busy in the kitchen right now.


Noemi: I’m not talking to you!! I wanna talk to my dad!!

Oscar: Noemi! You’re not acting like someone I want to talk to right now. Go to your room and think about how you could be a more pleasant person.


Awww, so Noemi’s kind of having a bummer of a birthday.

I still love you Noemi, happy birthday!

Noemi: …thanks. Hey, can you kill Jemyn?

…um, yes. But I don’t like killing people unless it would be good storytelling, so no.

Noemi: Oh. Can you just make her go away for a long time?

I’m done messing with your dad’s relationships, and she makes him happy. Don’t you want that?

Noemi: I guess so. Thanks anyways.


Alrighty well that’s the end of this update. What do you guys think of Noemi? Should Jemyn stick around? Well, she’s going to, so get over it.


One Response to “Chapter 2.13- Sweaty Pheromones”

  1. ivanasims March 8, 2015 at 6:09 pm #

    Noemi looks cool! knowing how sim children usually look like, she is amazing

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