Chapter 2.14- Smells Like Roadkill

22 Jan

SUP. Last time on Zombies and Yu, Noemi got sent to her room for being rude to Jemyn.


On her birthday she rolled Night Owl, which is why she’s still up.

Restless, she hops down from her bed and pulls a heavy object out from under her pillow.


Noemi oh my god!!

Noemi: Well do you want me to leave the fence without a gun?

You’re five, you shouldn’t be leaving the fence at all!

Noemi: It’s fine, I’m not gonna get in trouble.


She creeps over to the master bedroom and listens for Oscar and Jemyn’s slow, deep breaths. With them fast asleep, Noemi tiptoes slowly outside.


Noemi: See? It’s not like I went far, I’m just at this awesome abandoned house, right next door to my trailer.

Oh lord, child.


Noemi pokes around for a while before settling in the dirt.

What do you think you’re doing?

Noemi: Building a garage.


Have you got a death wish? Go home!

Noemi: Stop talking to me, you’re making me look crazy.



Eventually she starts to yawn, and heads back home. She silently puts on some pajamas and climbs up to the top bunk.


Just as she reaches the top, she hears footsteps. Noemi tosses the gun under her pillow, jumps under the covers and shuts her eyes. The door creaks open and her father looks up at her.


Oscar: Honey, I know you were out, I heard you come in.


Noemi: No I wasn’t.

Oscar: I know you were, Noemi, and that was very scary for me. Where did you go?

Noemi: The old house next door. I’m okay, daddy.


Oscar: Why would you go there?

Noemi: Sometimes I go looking for my mom. I didn’t find her, though.

Oscar sighed.


Oscar: You mother made a very bad decision, honey. I wish I could change that. But looking for her won’t help, it will just make you sad and put you in danger.

Noemi: I could bring her back.

Oscar: No, only she could bring herself back.

Noemi: You just think that cause you couldn’t bring her back, but maybe I could.


The sting of that remark brought tears to Oscar’s eyes, but he went on.

Oscar: Sweetie, it doesn’t help to think of the way things could have been. We just have to enjoy what we do have. Can you do that for me?

Noemi: Yeah dad. Sorry about making you scared. I’ll go to sleep now okay?


Oscar: Okay, baby. Please don’t go out alone again, I love you so much and don’t want to lose you. Promise?

Noemi: Yeah. Night night.


As Oscar shuts the door, Noemi fights to hold her tears in. She focuses on her long deep breaths until finally she falls asleep.

That was heavy. Puppies?


Hahaha omg guys.


Since things are getting silly, here’s a shot of the inside of Noemi’s head.


And something else. It really gives me a “Donna Noble has left the library. Donna Noble has been saved” kind of feel.


Anyways. Morning time. Jemyn’s making pancakes, Oscar’s pretending to be busy, and Noemi’s-



Jemyn: Honey, that’s pretty loud, maybe you could turn down your volume a bit?


Noemi: …putt putt putt putt putt…

Jemyn: Thank y-




Oscar: Noemi, that’s enough!


Noemi: ….

Jemyn: That’s okay, breakfast is ready! Come get some pancakes.


Noemi: Mmmm, smells like roadki-

Oscar: I don’t want to hear it. Take off that costume and come eat, please.


Oscar: There! Isn’t it nice having breakfast together? Thanks for making pancakes, hon.

Noemi: Pancakes thank you making, hon.


Oscar: Noemi, don’t be silly. Today is a really special day. Jemyn and I have something really great to tell you.


Noemi: …what?


Oscar: We’re going to be having a new baby in our family! It’s going to be you and me and Jemyn and a new brother or sister!


Noemi: Good, so she’ll leave after she has the baby, right?


Oscar: Of course not!! Mothers are supposed to stay with their babies. We’re going to be a family, Noemi!


Noemi: I’m not.


Jemyn: Sit down, honey, we can talk about this.

Noemi: I don’t want to. I’m going to school.


Jemyn: You don’t have school for an hour. Stay here and we’ll figure things out.


Noemi: Can’t you see I don’t care? Have your stupid family!


Jemyn: But you’re part of it! Nobody’s going to forget about you.


Noemi: I hope you forget about me and leave me alone!! I hope you die having the baby!!


Noemi looks up at Jemyn and her father through angry tears. They stare back silently.

Noemi: I’m going to school.


This time nobody stops her from running out the door. She can hear the sounds of sobbing and arguing behind her, until she slams the door and runs down onto the grass.

Okay. I feel better now.

Sorry for the downer post. It’s called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Noemi’s whole story won’t feel as genuine if I don’t show you all this stuff.

It’s kind of a bummer, none of them really understand each other. Poor Yu family.


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