Chapter 2.15- War Cry

28 Jan

Hello! Last update, Oscar and Jemyn were all like “we’re having a baby and now we’re a family, kumbayaaaa” and shit just went down like

So basically Noemi’s running away to school on her own through the cold even though it doesn’t start for an hour.


Here she is now, heading down the street towards trailer 3, which is the school trailer.


At the corner she hesitates, and stops. Trailer 3 looks dark and uninviting. Noemi looks up and down the empty streets, and stands completely still.


Her mind made up, she bolts across the road, away from trailer 3.


She is nervous to be caught, and runs around past the abandoned farmhouse. The morning chill gives her prickly goosebumps, but Noemi’s heart is beating hard with excitement.

We will now direct our attention to the horses in the background. At first, it seemed to me that they were combining genetic material to create baby horses.


So I got closer and actually found Pretzel Horse.

Black Horse: Bitch you can’t afford me.


Noemi is sure that if she stays on the road, she’ll be caught by someone. Or something. She takes a sharp turn into a grove of trees as rain starts to fall.


Her eyes widen at the sight of a large pond, with a rickety treehouse perched in one of the trees.


As she gets closer, she begins to hear voices carrying across the water. She jumps back behind a boulder and slowly creeps out from behind it, trying to get a closer look at the unfamiliar figures across the pond.


As she steps further out from behind the rock, she is able to make out three children dressed in tattered black clothes playing happily in the trees.


Cautiously, she takes another step out, and freezes.


The girl’s eyes widen.


Noemi stands perfectly still and stares back at the girl.


The girl throws down her fishing rod and raises her umbrella high above her head.

Girl: Hunters!! …WE HAVE PREY!!!!!


All the children raise their umbrellas into the air, and take off running full speed around the lake. Noemi turns on her heel and bolts. She hears them coming fast behind her, but she has a good lead. Her feet pound hard against the ground.

“Prey!! Catch the prey!”




Noemi hears the manic sounds of the hunters behind her, from war cries to wolf howls.

Thunder cracks and drowns them out, and Noemi sees a possible hiding spot. She forces her spent legs to take her in through the fence and around the concrete structure.


She stops behind the building and greedily sucks in air. Her clothes are soaked, but her mouth is dry and salty. Behind her, the world is quiet.


Having caught her breath, Noemi looks up. She gasps at the sight of the boy staring back at her.


Again she spins around and takes off running in the other direction.


She nearly runs straight into the other two children in black waiting just around the corner.


Girl: YEOWW!! We caught the prey! This one runs like a scared little rabbit!

Noemi: Go away!


The other boy joins them from around the corner.

Girl: Nice hunting, Gerard. You chased it right into our trap!

Noemi: Shut up, I’m not your prey.


Girl: Yes you are. You’re a military brat and that means you’re prey. We’re not supposed to let military guys go. Everyone knows that. If we don’t kill you now, we’ll just have to take you back to the others, and they’ll kill you.

Noemi: You’re a liar. You aren’t gonna kill me.


Girl: We kill rabbits whenever we get hungry. We’ll kill you too.

Noemi: Well I don’t care. I’m not even old enough to be in the military. I’m supposed to be in school.


Girl: You don’t look like School People. You’re dressed like Military People, they wear warm clothes with stupid patterns.


Noemi: School isn’t a kind of people! It’s where you go to learn things all day. You learn how to read and write, and how to survive, and history too.

Girl: That’s not a real place. You’re military.

Noemi: I told you, I’m not old enough to work there! My dad works there, and his stupid girlfriend. I don’t even like them.


Girl: We don’t like the military either. They’re trying to take control of everything and force everyone to do whatever they say!

Noemi: My dad and his girlfriend do that! What kind of people are you, then?

Girl: We’re Predators. Me and Derek and Gerard are, anyways. I’m Meg.


Noemi: I’m Noemi. Where do you guys live?

Meg: Well…. usually we live at The Mad House. That’s where our people are. But when things get bad the kids go live in other places for a while. Abandoned houses, old cars, stuff like that. Me and Derek and Gerard are The Predators, so we built a treehouse to stay in, but sometimes little kids come and cry that they want in. But nobody else is allowed.


Noemi: That sounds so cool!

Meg: Yeah! Next time things get bad at your place it would be okay if you came and stayed in the treehouse too. But you have to help hunt.


Noemi: I could hunt!

Meg: Okay. We’re usually playing by the pond anyways so you can always come find us if you’re bored or hungry.

Noemi: I’ll come tomorrow. But I think right now I should go home cause I want to dry off.

Meg: Okay, let’s go. The Predators are going to go back to the treehouse anyways.


The four shivering children walk back around the building and onto the grass.

Meg: Okay, we’ll see you later Noemi. Don’t get eaten on the way home!

Noemi: I never do! See you tomorrow!


The Predators run off one way and Noemi goes the other. As she sprints away from her new friends, she realizes how glad she is that Meg had a change of heart about killing her.


After a quick pause to dump the water out of her boots, Noemi dashes home.


Inside, Oscar is engrossed in Jemyn’s barely grown belly.


Oscar: You’re already a tough little fighter, aren’t you? I can’t wait to meet you, sweetie! Daddy loves you!


Noemi steps into the kitchen, dripping water. Oscar turns to her with a big grin on his face.


Oscar: And Daddy loves YOU!

Her father barrels into her and lifts her off the ground in a big, warm hug.

Oscar: You’re all cold and wet and I’m gonna hug you til you don’t know what hit you!!

Noemi screeches with laughter.

Noemi: Daddy you’re squishing my guts!!


He sets her down, laughing.

Oscar: I’m glad you came back from school, it’s storming like crazy out there!

Noemi: Yeah… I’m going to put dry clothes on and then can you read me a story?


Oscar: That’s the only thing I want to do today!

Awwww. I’m so glad we’re not ending this one with puppies. Which we would have been, if those kids had actually killed Noemi. So that’s nice.

This was the most Lord of the Flies inspired chapter ever.


2 Responses to “Chapter 2.15- War Cry”

  1. Purplehamsterz January 31, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    Just caught up – wow this has been deep! I love it though, and I love Noemi! Meg and the other predators seem very mysterious; I can’t wait to see how that all unfolds!

    • thronepie February 1, 2014 at 9:30 am #

      Thanks! I can’t wait to post the next few chapters!

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