Chapter 2.16- Thug Face

11 Feb

Welcome back to Zombies and Yu, where everything is lovely and there are no monsters!


Yeah, right.

Time to check in with the Yu family!


What have you guys been up to?

Noemi: I just made some new friends.


Noemi: They’re soooo nice 😀


Oscar: I’m pretty much married!



Jemyn: I’ve been peeing every thirty minutes due to the small human constantly pressing down on my bladder.



Noemi pretty much never goes to school anymore, and has a great time in the treehouse with Meg, Gerard, and Derek. She is now an official member of the Predators. Sometimes they play kill the zombies, and sometimes they play kill the military. Noemi’s fine with it either way.


Noemi quickly learns that Meg is the leader. Although she isn’t always nice, everyone is usually happy to do what she says. It doesn’t take long for Noemi and Meg to become BFFFFFFFFs.


Derek is the crazy one. He’s always ready to do anything scary or silly, and never turns down a dare. Noemi finds out that he’s usually the one who steals food and clothes when they need it, because he’s so quick and daring.


One day Noemi and Derek are sitting in the treehouse together.

Noemi: If I asked you to jump over that railing right now, would you do it?

Derek: No. But if you dared me I would!


Noemi: Yeah, well don’t. You’d get hurt, and the military doctors don’t help crazy rebel kids.

Derek: That’s why I never get hurt!

Noemi: Yeah right, Derek.


Gerard is the funniest one of the group. He always has them laughing, until he gets mad. Sometimes he gets really mad over silly things, which Meg and Derek find even funnier than his jokes. Noemi learns that if you want to pester Gerard, you have to be quick because he has no problem pushing down girls and smaller kids.


She doesn’t really mind though, because Gerard is only really irritable when he’s hungry. The problem is, the Predators are almost always hungry.


So she starts sneaking food from home into the treehouse.

Noemi: Pizza delivery!!


Derek: Come on in!!!

The Predators are always grateful for anything she brings. They even eat raw brussel sprouts and broccoli, which Noemi thinks is icky.


Noemi stays out every day until the sun starts to set. Once she’s sure her dad will be just a little bit worried about her, she says goodbye to her friends and runs home.


Jemyn is now thiiiiis pregnant. She’s quit going out to work and prefers to stay in the safety of the fence.

Noemi is generally more tolerant of Jemyn’s presence, and spends most of her energy working on little ways to annoy her and waste her time.


They still have the occasional catfight, in which the word nemesis is thrown around.




But usually it’s just petty manipulative stuff. Like this one time where Jemyn made pasta for dinner and then Noemi whined about how she wanted pancakes so Jemyn gave in and made them for her.


Or the fact that Noemi praises Freida for peeing on the floor and sleeping on the couch and stuff.

Noemi: Good girl! Such a good girl barking at the zombies after Jemyn’s gone to bed!!


Noemi: Okay but seriously, this shit has to stop.


Overall, Jemyn’s pregnancy is pretty freakin stressful, and I kinda feel bad for the chick.


Good thing Oscar’s so supportive. He even does the dishes like, once a week now.

But seriously, he’s a sweetheart, and he’s pretty much the glue holding the whole family together.




Whenever Noemi gets sick of being in such a warm cozy lovey house, she takes Freida for a walk. She wears her best thug face so everyone knows not to mess with her. Actually though, I have no clue why she wore this face for the entire effing walk. She didn’t even have a weird moodlet or low mood.


Sooo, it’s fall, which means it’s pretty much always raining and dark here I guess. I dunno what kinda emotional problems the weather is having, but it should probably just get over it mmkay?


Today Noemi and Meg have created a No Boys Allowed club. Gerard and Derek are mad, and try their best to convince, threaten, and bribe the girls into letting them up.

Noemi: Okay okay okay! Maaaybe you can come in if you sing us a song and do a little dance!


Derek: I’m a little teapot, short and stout!

Gerard: This is stupid, let us in right now!

Derek: Here is my handle, here is my spout!

Gerard: If you don’t open the trapdoor I’m going to get a big saw and cut the tree down!!

Derek: When I get all steamed up, hear me shout!

Gerard: And then if you’re still alive I’m going to throw you in the pond!

Derek: Tip me over on Gerard’s head cause he’s a big angry face!!


Noemi: That’s a good idea, Derek! Hahahaha!


Noemi dumps a full bucket of pond water right on Gerard’s head. He glares up at her.


Swearing loudly, he flies up the ladder after the girls. Noemi and Meg throw themselves screaming down the slide.


As soon as Gerard follows them down the slide, everyone scatters.


Noemi runs home laughing, knowing Gerard won’t follow her to the military base.


Back at home, she finds the house empty except for Freida.


She’s not too concerned, but she peeks into her dad’s room just to be sure.


She decides to get herself some leftovers from the fridge. She’s careful to step around the big puddle on the kitchen floor.


Noemi is still alone in the house, so she heads to her room and puts herself to bed. She sleeps soundly through the night, and only awakens once to hear Oscar and Jemyn come in.


In the morning Noemi can hear Oscar and Jemyn’s voices carrying over from the kitchen. She gets herself dressed and goes in for breakfast.


She stops in her tracks when she sees the little bundle in Jemyn’s arms.

Noemi: Does this mean you can leave now?

Jemyn: No honey, I’m staying here to be a mommy for your little brother.


Noemi: I don’t want you to touch my little brother!


Jemyn calmly stands up and leaves to go change the baby.

Noemi walks over the her father, who seems to be vibrating with happiness.


Oscar: Good morning, gorgeous! How do you like your little brother?


Noemi: He’s cute! But he’s so small! Was I that small?


Oscar: Of course you were! You might have been even smaller! He’s a pretty big baby.

Noemi: Oh. What’s his name?


Oscar: His name is Sam.

Noemi: That’s boring. Was it Jemyn’s idea?

Oscar: Noemi, don’t worry about it. You and Sam are going to have tons of fun when he gets a bit older!


Life falls back into a routine. Oscar goes back to work after a few days, and Jemyn stays home to look after Sam. Noemi loves this arrangement, because it gives her plenty of opportunities to mess with Jemyn.


She seems to have a new idea for a hilarious pranks every day.


Since Jemyn’s the one who’s usually home, she’s on the receiving end of all of Noemi’s hilarious gags.



Jemyn’s butt: PTHHHHHHT


Jemyn: Ahhhh!


Noemi: Hahahahaha, that scream is the sweetest sound there is!


Jemyn tries half-heartedly to discipline Noemi.

Jemyn: I’ve had it, missy! I’m sleep deprived and stressed from the new baby, I don’t need you causing me problems too!


Noemi can never keep a straight face when she’s scolded, and cackles throughout all of Jemyn’s angry speeches.


Noemi considers using Sam in one of her pranks, but quickly decides against it. She’s pretty sure that Sam belongs in his crib for now.

So this is gonna be the end of chapter 2.16. I’m gonna wrap it up with a quick compilation of everyone’s faces while Jemyn was in labor.


Jemyn: Ahhhhhh!


Oscar: Ahhhhh!


Freida: Ahhhhhh!

Bye guys!!


2 Responses to “Chapter 2.16- Thug Face”

  1. mindychinchilla February 11, 2014 at 9:22 pm #

    This just gets better every chapter! Her “thug face” was hysterical 😀

    • thronepie February 17, 2014 at 1:36 pm #

      Haha yeah, I think she was pissed about the rain.

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