Chapter 2.18- Exited 2 Party

25 Feb

Wow so this generation has a lot of chapters. I swear I’m trying to wrap it up you guys.

Last we left off, Meg was telling Noemi about the Madhouse Militia. Remember that? I hope so, cause I don’t want to explain it again.

Also Gerard was missing.


One day, Noemi is playing in the treehouse with Meg when she hears a shout. She’s excited to see her friend Gerard, who has been missing for weeks.


She rushes down the slide to meet him, and immediately notices how different he looks.

Noemi: Gerard! You’re back!

Gerard is quiet, and his expression doesn’t change upon seeing her.


Noemi: Where have you been?

Gerard: I joined the Mad Dogs. I’ve been busy.

Derek: What do you do for them?


Gerard: Anything they ask, really.

His voice sounds overly calm, as if he is barely covering his emotions.

Noemi: Can you stay long?


Meg: Of course he can’t, you guys.

Gerard: Probably only for a little bit. I’m still in Initiation, so I don’t have much time to be playing with kids.

Noemi notices that Gerard has some new warm clothes.

Noemi: Well do you want to make a snowman? You’ve got a warm coat, I bet you wouldn’t get cold.


Gerard reluctantly joins her in building a snowman. Meg and Derek get cold and go in the treehouse after a few minutes. Gerard tells Noemi all about the nice things he’s gotten since he became a Mad Dog.

Gerard: I’ve got a place to sleep now, with warm blankets. When I’m done Initiation I’ll get a huge gun I can use to fight zombies and military.

Noemi: What’s Initiation?

Gerard: Oh, they just make me do things to teach me how to be strong like them, and to make sure I can really be one of them.

Noemi: What do they make you do?

Gerard: Just, things. Things that show you’re a grown up.

Noemi: Are you a grown up now?

Gerard: Yeah. I’ve gotta go back.


Gerard turns and walks off through the snow.


Noemi is left alone with Gerard’s scary snowman.

Gerard’s visits to the treehouse get shorter and shorter. After a while he stops coming at all.


Noemi gets bored spending all her time cooped up in the trailer with Jemyn, or in the treehouse with the remaining Predators.

She spends a lot of time playing outside by herself.


Change of subject. I swear to god Sam exists and is being nurtured and cared for. It’s just boring so I don’t talk about it.


So it’s Snowflake Day today. After the outbreak, the military had come up with this holiday as a way to boost morale and unite survivors of all backgrounds during the darkest time of the year. Nobody’s really sure what’s worth celebrating about snowflakes, but they mostly just go along with it as an excuse to drink and eat lots of food.

Oscar invited all his friends to come celebrate, but I guess Denise and Juan Marco were busy. So it’s just Dag.


Dag invited his adorable daughter Scarlett along. I didn’t even know he had a daughter, but here she is. He also has a son somewhere in the game. His name is Leonid. Cool huh?

The party’s sort of a bummer cause most of the invited guests don’t show up, and the house is actually too small to give gifts in.


And then of course the stove bursts into flames.


And then as soon as that’s dealt with, Jemyn goes into labour.


So Snowflake Day is basically a complete shitshow, and at this point Dag is like “Wow, what a great party! Thanks guys!” and presumably sprints out the door. I dunno where Scarlett went, but it doesn’t really matter now.


And in the midst of it all is Sam, who really couldn’t give a fuck.


Finally things chill out, and Joseph Yu is born. Joey is a perfectionist bookworm.


He also happens to be floating baby 2.0.


And after all this, Freida finally shows up from God knows where.


Freida: Guyz, im here! I brought mai frand!


Horse: Wow so exited 2 party!


Horse: Guyz let me in. Guyz pls.


And this gongshow of a day wouldn’t be complete without Oscar falling for a prank intended for Jemyn.

His pits are yellow.


Oscar: What. The hell. NOEMIIIIIII!


Yeah she got in trouble.


But it was so worth it. Look. He has a yellow treasure trail.

I will never get over this game.


Whaa? What’s this??

Is it Noemi’s birthday??


No. It’s Sam’s.

Noemi’s is tomorrow though!


So he does the cutest thing ever, and then…..


wat up ladies.

Sam is five years old now, and he gained the Friendly trait. Such cute.


Because he is a military brat, he’s gotta dress like one.


He gets to sleep in a real bed now. This makes him a little nervous, so Noemi helps him check for zombies first.


All clear! Sam settles happily into bed, glad to have his big sister keeping watch over him.

Awww =)

So time for some real talk guys. It’s about heirdoms and shit. I’ve actually sat down and planned out the entire rest of this legacy up to generation 10. I know what every member is gonna do, I know the names of some of them, and a rough idea of what I hope some might look like. Later on there could be some flexibility, but at this point in the game the story literally won’t progress or get interesting unless I choose the heir and their life course. This bums me out cause I really really love the idea of an heir poll, but it ain’t gonna happen. For the sake of my grand master plan, Noemi is gonna be the heir here. And we’ll roll over into Generation 3 when she becomes a young adult/leaves home.

Super sorry for no heir poll =(

Forgive me?


2 Responses to “Chapter 2.18- Exited 2 Party”

  1. Steve February 26, 2014 at 8:18 am #

    Just my two cents, but with a highly story-driven legacy like this I think you have to maintain a higher measure of control. Heir polls are really fun, but this is your story to tell. I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be here going forward. 🙂

    • thronepie February 26, 2014 at 8:51 am #

      Haha thanks! I think so too, I have so much planned out!

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