Chapter 2.19- Freaky Giraffe Thing

2 Mar

Hello lovely readers! Welcome back to Zombies and Yu, let’s find out what the Yu family has been up to!


Aww gorgeous =) Noemi is making me realize that everyone in the world should probably go outside and make snow angels right now, cause it’s like the prettiest thing you can do in the winter.


Noemi spends a lot of time alone now. A few months ago Derek stopped coming to the treehouse, and Meg stopped coming a month after that.


She’s just about to turn 13, and has lost interest in playing children’s games anyways.

But still, she misses her friends, and most days sits in the top tower of the treehouse and waits for them.

It’s a lonely existence, but now that the trailer seems to be brimming with her dad’s new family she tries to get out any chance she can get.


Oh boy oh boy, what’s this mean?

Could it be?


Yes! It is! Noemi’s 13th birthday!!

I guess the military could only ration out three candles to represent 13, but whatevs.


At five, Sam is still having a hard time understanding why only Noemi gets to blow out candles. He has a mini meltdown until Noemi promises him the first slice of cake.


Noemi: Hmmm what will I wish for?

At this point she’s pretty much given up all hope of Jemyn disappearing. This year, she just wishes to have her friends back.


She blows out her candles, spitting only on one edge of the cake and making a mental note to serve that piece to Jemyn.


Noemi: Yeahhhh! Time to grow boobs and get acne and become even more defiant!


Noemi: I feel…. I feel….


Noemi: Awesome!! Here’s your cake, Jem!

Dude her whole lower face is Velma.


And what trait does she roll?

Uh, Rebellious. That’s right, her whole childhood of exploding sinks and dying people’s hair has basically become a facet of her personality.

So that’ll be neat.


Ha. One of her pranks got Sam. Fortunately he is able to appreciate the genius of a good prank, and gets a positive moodlet out of the experience.


Noemi goes to the treehouse less frequently these days. She’s stopped expecting to see her friends, and mostly just appreciates it as a quiet place to be on her own.



She spins around. Coming towards her is a tall girl with long dark hair. From far away she can already tell that Meg looks completely different, but her mischevious voice is still familiar.


This girls meet by the pond.

Noemi: Holy shit, Meg. I knew you’d gone to live in the Madhouse now, but I didn’t know you’d look so different!

It was true. Meg had all new clothes that showed off her barely developed figure, and her ear had a spiky metal piercing. Her hair had been dip dyed, and thick makeup lined her eyes.


Meg: Don’t you love it? It’s always a party in the Madhouse, so we’re always dressed for it!


Noemi: Where did you get such fancy jewelry?

Meg: I’m doing really well, Noemi. My boyfriend’s really high up in the Mad Dogs, we have our own room in the Madhouse and he makes sure I get everything I need. When he’s busy I spend all day with the girls doing our hair and cooking huge meals and playing cards and things. It’s really luxurious.


Noemi: Wow, Meg. No wonder you don’t come back here too often, it sounds so fun there.

Meg: Noemi you should come to a party! We party most nights. Some nights the men are away so we don’t, but whenever the Dogs capture someone or do well in a fight, Spades throws a party. He’s the leader. Sometimes he just throws a party for no reason.


Noemi: I’m not sure. I’ve never been to a party, and I’m military. Imagine if they found out, they’d probably kill me!


Meg: No, no. They’d hold you hostage for a while, and then trade you in exchange for some Mad Dogs the military has prisoner. That’s how it always goes.

Noemi: Well, I don’t want that.

Meg: You’d be fine! There’s no reason to tell anyone you’re military, noone would even find out. We’d obviously have to dress you up, that wouldn’t be hard though, you could be hot if you tried. And we’d give you a different name.


Noemi: What’s wrong with Noemi?

Meg: Nothing. But goes by a nickname there.


Noemi: What’s yours, then?

Meg: My boyfriend calls me Sass, so everyone does. But I could nickname you, since I already belong. You could be Jade, cause of your eyes.


Noemi: Maybe. I don’t know. If I think about it for a while, will you still come back and see me sometimes until I decide?


Meg: Of course, hon! You’re my best friend. Maybe when you’re a little older you’ll warm up to the idea.

Meg keeps her promise to return to the treehouse sometimes. Once a month or so her and Noemi meet up and talk and laugh about whatever is on their minds. Noemi always thinks she looks so glamorous and happy, and much more well fed.


Life in the Yu household is generally warm and full of love. Freida has become an old dog, and sleeps all day on the sofa, just like Noemi had taught her. Jemyn has given up on this battle.


Sam has become a cheerful child who can easily wrap the whole family up in his pretend games.


It’s finally time for Joey’s birthday. So far it’s going much more gracefully than Sam’s.


And here he is! He’s got darker blue eyes, and his hair color is somewhere between his parents.


When Oscar looks into his youngest son’s eyes, he realizes how far he’s come since his father died. He appreciates his wife and three children all the more knowing that once he was just a scared kid with noone in the world.


Joey’s whole life is love. He is doted on by his entire family during the day, and at night he sleeps soundly next to his favorite toy.


His siblings sleep in the bunk bed next to his crib, so he only has to do this freaky giraffe thing if he feels nervous.

This comes up when you google freaky giraffe thing.

Joey could join this.


Since Noemi’s grown up, she’s found it harder and harder to keep quiet when Jemyn bugs her.


Jemyn has lost all energy for trying to discipline Noemi, and usually just grimaces through all of her outbursts.


Her dad seems more in love than ever, and Noemi is filled with boiling rage whenever she sees the two of them giggling and flirting.


Noemi: Guys, you know you have a room for a reason right? The kitchen’s for making meals, not babies.


They just look at her, shake their heads, and go back to their conversation. Noemi tries a different strategy.

Noemi: Oooh Oscar! I just love you so much cause you take care of me and let me sit at home alllll day! Cleaning up after you is a breeze when you treat me like such a precious princess!!


Jemyn: Can you get a grip? You’re more mature than that!

Noemi: Oh Oscar! No wonder you forgot about ol’ Velma so quickly, when you’ve got me around as your 24/7 baby factory!


Jemyn: Is this for real?! Oscar, talk to your daughter!

Jemyn storms off.


Oscar: Noemi! What the hell was that?


Noemi: Nothing! I don’t know! The truth??


Oscar: She had nothing to do with your mother’s choice, how dare you bring that up to her! That was unbelievably disrespectful!


Noemi: Disrespecful? SHE’S disrespectful! Who does she think she is to just come in here and start being mom?

Oscar: She’s my wife!!

Noemi: Yeah, well you never gave a shit about what I thought about it, did you?


Oscar: It’s not just you, Noemi. Sam and Joey need a mom too.

Noemi: Well lucky them! I’m glad you were able to give them what I never got! I’m glad they’re not worth leaving!

Oscar face falls. He wonders if his daughter really thinks she’s worth leaving.

Noemi waits for a response. Finally, she scowls at him and huffs out of the trailer.

I feel all awkward, like if I were at my friend’s house and they started fighting with their parents. So…. bye I guess.

PS. Guess which chapter I just wrote. You’ll never guess, cause I’m actually that far ahead. I just finished Chapter 3.10, not even kidding. I’m seriously light years ahead of this blog in the game, it’s horrible.


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