Chapter 2.20- No Clothes and a Pool Cue

9 Mar

Hey guys. So I hope we all remember what happened last time. Noemi sure does.


Noemi, you okay?

Noemi: I hate my dad. I hate Jemyn. I’m just gonna sit by this pond forever.



Meg: Hey Noemi, what are you doing?

Noemi: Meg! Thank god you’re here. I guess you could say I just had a blowout with my dad. I’m probably just going to stay in the treehouse tonight.


Meg: Oh honey, you should come party with me tonight! That’ll get your anger out.

Noemi: Shit, you think so?

Meg: Of course! You’re fifteen, you can handle it.


Noemi: I’m going to. I don’t even care if I get in trouble anymore. How much madder can my dad get?


Meg: Who cares! I’m so glad you’re coming with me tonight!! We’re going to dress you up and you’re going to meet all my friends!!


The two girls climb into the treehouse and rummage through the pile of clothes Meg has stored there. Noemi doesn’t feel very covered up in her new clothes, but Meg insists she looks good, and pancakes some thick makeup onto Noemi’s face. Finally they totter down from the treehouse in massive heels.


Noemi and Meg walk up to a large square brick building. The burning barrels and no trespassing signs make Noemi’s heart race. She takes a deep breath and swallows her nerves, determined to have a good time.


Meg: Don’t forget. I’m Sass, and your name is Jade. If anyone asks, you live with a small, unaffiliated group in the hills. You don’t say anything about where you’re really from.

Noemi: Got it.


Meg pushes the door open, and Noemi follows her inside. Her mouth is dry with nervousness.


She takes note of the chess tables and fancy couches in the foyer. She has never seen such extravagant furniture. Everything she has ever known has been standard to the whole military and rationed equally.


Time slows down as they step into the main room. Noemi feels the impulse to turn and run home, but pushes that thought out of her mind.


Meg: Come on, girl.

The two friends stride confidently through the room.


All around her, beautiful, stylish people stand in small groups, talking and dancing. It’s obvious that they all know each other.


She sees girls in almost no clothing and thick makeup, and muscled men with strange hairstyles and piercings. Her stomach flips and she suppresses a smile wondering what her dad would think of this place.

I’m sure he’d be stoked.


Meg: Hey baby!

Meg runs excitedly over to a pair of guys sitting at the bar. Noemi has no choice but to follow.


The guys turn around, and Meg throws herself into the muscled one’s arms.


Meg: Honey, this is my boyfriend Scotch! And this is Taco. Guys, this is Jade, she’s an old friend.


Noemi waves and smiles shyly to the strangely named guys, and Meg launches into an embellished version of the story of how they met.


Taco: I would have been worried, this one really would have killed you Jade!


Noemi laughs.

Noemi: Nah! She’d like you to think she’s a killer, but she couldn’t kill a rabbit if she was starving!


Taco: Oh my god! Speaking of starving, I bet you’re all thirsty!

Scotch: Yeah, shit! I’m gonna make us some drinks!

So, in my mind, Taco talks in like that lazy stoner drawl that some people have. Kind of surfer, kind of stoned.


Noemi waits patiently as Scotch makes drinks and Meg and Taco tell stories about people Noemi’s never met.

Don’t you love when that happens? Like you’re hanging out with two people and they start talking about someone they know but you don’t know and it’s just like wow this is super fun guys.


Scotch: Alright children, time to get wasted.


Meg is first to grab herself a glass. Taco and Noemi follow.


Scotch takes his drink and heads over to sit near a small, thin man with intense eyes. Noemi hopes she doesn’t have to go sit near him.


Meg: Jade we’re going to hang out in here for a bit!


Noemi picks up the drink, having absolutely no idea what it could contain. She decides that just for tonight, it doesn’t matter.

So wise.


She follows Meg and Taco into the back room, which seems to be a large garage.

Meg: Jade, is this your first drink ever?

Noemi: Yeah, actually.

Taco: No way, you’re just a baby! Sass, you better take good care of her!


Meg: Jade’s smart, she’ll probably be the one taking care of me. Cheers guys!


Noemi sits down and takes a deep drink. The drink has a revolting chemical flavor she doesn’t recognize, but with just enough sweetness to make it manageable.

Taco and Meg cheer for her, and propose a toast to her first drink. She laughs and finishes the rest easily while the other two relate stories of their first drink.


Meg: Another! Come on guys!

Taco: I’m gonna see how the keg’s looking, I’ll catch up with you chickies later!

Meg and Noemi saunter back to the bar. As she stands up Noemi feels a pleasant heaviness in her limbs. She smiles and bounces along to the music as she walks.


As the girls sit down at the bar, a man notices them and glides over to them, smiling.

Man: Hey ladies! I’ll be your bartender this evening, and I’ll be happy to serve you any apocalyptic drink you can think of!

Meg laughs.

Meg: I didn’t know you were a bartender! Make us your personal favorite!

The man smiles and mixes their drinks with exaggerated motions, while making charming conversation. He hands them their drinks and continues talking, leaning over the bar. The girls laugh and tease him, and he makes quick witted remarks. At some point in the conversation Noemi learns the man’s name, as well as a strange story involving his mother and fireworks, but she seems to forget everything within five minutes of hearing it.


Feeling braver, Noemi looks around the room. She recognizes Taco from before, he’s involved in an animated conversation with a tall girl.


She sees a hugely fat man lifting a thinner tattooed man upside down above the keg. She has no idea what could be happening there but it looks pretty funny.


Noemi: Sass, Gerard is here!

Meg: Honey, he’s always here. Derek’s somewhere too.


Noemi: We should talk to them!

Meg: We should dance! Come on lady!


Meg: Oh my Goooood, I’m so glad you’re here!

Noemi has no idea how long they dance for. She seems to lose herself in the music.


They seem to move from the bar to the dance floor and back again, although she loses track of how many drinks they’ve had. The man who pretended to be a bartender laughs and chats with them every time they come back.


The energy of the party seems to shift. People seem to break out of their small circles and move towards the dance floor. Noemi and Meg laugh and hug and dance. Meg introduces her to everyone around them, and soon they are hugging and laughing with those people as well. Noemi seems to forget every name she hears.

She takes note of the strange way that her vision can’t seem to catch up with her eyes.


This is why she’s sure she’s imagining the dark eyed man staring at her, even when she’s looking at him.


She’s having a great time dancing with Meg and their new friends though, and easily forgets the man.


However, after the fifth time of locking eyes with him she has a hard time putting him out of her mind, and starts to feel uneasy.


She pulls her eyes away from the weirdo, and glances around for Meg.


So you know when you’re wasted and you look around but can’t really make sense of what you’re seeing?


That’s sort of what’s happening to Noemi. So she tries again, more slowly. Then she systematically goes over her field of vision to find Meg, kind of like you would if you were doing a Where’s Waldo book.


She finally finds her, a meter away, dancing with Scotch. Cool.

She decides she’s feeling hot and wants to find some cold water.


Whatcha doin hon?

Noemi: It’s really cold, I like the cold.


Noemi: I am like, so blue right now.


The next thing she knows, she’s talking to some huge guy with dreads.

Noemi: …and that’s how I escaped that zombie.

Guy: Whoaaa, you’re like… soooo tough.

Noemi: Did you know I’ve never drank before? Like this is my actual first time, and it’s the best ever!


Guy: Duuuuude, we have to do a shot! Happy drinking birthday!


Then the scene changes for Noemi, and she’s racking up a game of pool. She looks around, having forgotten who she’s playing.


She decides that the girl with no clothes and a pool cue must be her opponent.


Everything changes again, and she’s dancing with the guy who had been her bartender.


Whoops, how’d this bottle get here?

Better not let it go to waste.


The world is a series of flashing moments- Noemi is staring at the painted face of a girl, sure that this girl is the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.


She’s staring at another girl doing some kind of acrobatics.


She’s watching Meg follow Scotch out of the room.


And then she’s transfixed by the bottles glowing blue at the bar.


She blinks her eyes and stumbles.

Noemi: Whoa. Where’s Meg.


Noemi: Taco!

Taco: Jaaaade! I missed you! Where have you been?


Noemi giggles and falls into his arms.

Noemi: Everywhere! I did so many things!


Taco: Awesome! How come you look so lost though?

Noemi: I can’t find Sass, I think she left somewhere.

Taco: Ohhh yeah. She won’t be back. But listen, I’m gonna go get a drink, you can stick with me, okay?


She follows him over to the keg where he fills a plastic cup with what looks like foamy urine.


The smell hits Noemi’s nose and her stomach roils. She steadies herself on the wall and backs away from Taco and the keg.


She has to push through a pillow fight on her way out.


I dunno either.


Oh gee it snowed. The run home is a total blur for Noemi, and probably the coldest blur of her life.


This happens.


This happens.


This happens.

Thankfully she remembers to return for her clothes.


She stumbles into the trailer. She’s trying so hard to be quiet that she forgets to close the door and has to double back.



Wild night, eh? Later, guys!


4 Responses to “Chapter 2.20- No Clothes and a Pool Cue”

  1. mindychinchilla March 9, 2014 at 10:59 pm #

    Ohhhh my gosh… this chapter had me so nervous the entire time, I was practically yelling at Noemi to get out before anything bad happened!

    • thronepie March 10, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

      Haha yeah it was a pretty crazy chapter, but I gotta let Noemi explore her teenage rebellion phase!

  2. Steve March 10, 2014 at 9:52 am #

    I thought for sure this was going to end horribly for Noemi. Breathed a big sigh of relief once she made it back home!

    • thronepie March 10, 2014 at 9:38 pm #

      Haha she’s alive and well, I promise!

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