Chapter 2.21- Octopus Wranglin

14 Mar

Yeah guys so this is a really long chapter and it’s full of like drugs, alcohol, and unkind language. Can you handle it?

Hope so.

Good morning Noemi!!!


Noemi: Owwwww god.

What’s wrong lovey?


Noemi: I gotta headache and I feel like I’m gonna puke.

Ah. Welcome to hangovers.


Noemi heads into the kitchen to see what’s happening, keeping her fingers crossed that noone noticed she was missing last night.


Sam: Mom I gotta tell you about my dream! We were at home, but it was also underwater, and everything was all green and these big sharks were swimming in my room…

Noemi fills herself a bowl full of Fruit Parfait, hoping that she can flush out the liquor by filling her stomach with something healthy.


Sam: So then I wrangled the octopus and locked him in the shower, and then I had to go pee so I went to pee in the toilet but I woke up because I realized I was actually still in bed. So I almost peed my bed!

Oscar: Wow, Sam, crazy dream! Noemi, you look really tired.


Oscar: What’s up? I thought you went to bed early last night.


Noemi:  I dunno. Maybe I’m coming down with something.

Oscar: Huh. Well I hope you feel better, hon.


They finish up breakfast as usual. Noemi is only able to force down a few more bites before it starts to make her feel sick.


Oscar: Noemi, you wanna come see me in your room when you’re done eating?

Noemi’s stomach plummets.

Noemi: Yeah… sure.


Noemi cleans up her bowl and glances over at her little brothers playing so nicely together.


She realizes how lucky Sam and Joey are to have each other, and smiles for them.


Feeling a little bit sick, she goes to join Oscar in her room.


Oscar: Hey, Noemi. I’m not going to take up your time for too long, but I just want to be clear about something. I heard you come in really late last night, and I’m really worried about where you were.

Not sure what to say, Noemi is silent.


Oscar: Noemi, work with me here. I know you’re going places at night and I want to make sure you’re being safe.

Noemi: I took a gun. I was just out for a walk cause I couldn’t sleep.


Oscar: You weren’t with anyone?

Noemi: Of course I wasn’t with anyone, jeez.

Oscar: I’m glad you made sure you were safe, but I don’t like you going out at night. Anything could happen to you, and it’s not setting a good example for your brothers.


Noemi: Oh my god, dad. Can you mind your own business? I just couldn’t sleep is all. Nothing’s going to happen to me if I have a gun, and the boys aren’t going to know!


Oscar: Noemi, this is my business! You’re being really risky and I don’t like it.


Noemi: Yeah, well get over it cause if I want to go for a walk then I will. It’s not like I’m going to die from going on a walk. In fact, I’m going on one now. See ya.


She rolls her eyes and stalks out, leaving Oscar feeling defeated behind her.


Noemi whatcha doin?


Noemi: Celebrating!

Celebrating what?


Noemi: Dad didn’t find out where I went!!

Oh boy. Dat rebellious trait.


Noemi goes to two more of Meg’s parties. Meg leaves early with Scotch every time, at which point Noemi heads home. She’s gotten better at gauging how much alcohol she can handle, and is really cautious to sneak back home without anyone finding out.


She’s happy to have rekindled her friendships with Derek and Gerard, although it always surprises her how different they are now.

(That’s badass Derek.)


And she hasn’t stopped feeling as though she’s being watched.

Regardless, Noemi really enjoys the parties and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


She only really gives herself away when she spends half the next day sleeping. The rest of the house is usually midway through lunch by the time she wakes up with vertigo and a headache.


Sam: Noemi. Get upppp!

Noemi: *snooooore*


It hasn’t slipped past Oscar that Noemi is still sneaking out at night.

Oscar: Honey, what’s going on? Why do you keep going out at night?


Noemi: Dad, I’m not. I just wanna have breakfast.

Oscar: Yes you are going out at night. What’s happening honey?


Noemi: Nothing! Get off my case and let me eat, dad!


Oscar: You know I’m not okay with this, it needs to stop!


Noemi: I really don’t care, dad! I’ll go where I want!

Short of locking all the doors and windows in the trailer, Oscar really can’t control her and just tries his best to make sure she’s being safe. He wakes up every morning sick to his stomach worrying that Noemi won’t be in her bed.


Noemi’s been fighting with Jemyn more too, which hasn’t made her any more interested in hanging out at home.


Oh goodness me, what’s going on cutie pies?

Oscar: Double birthday party!!

Jemyn: We’re getting old, babe. Ready to blow out the candles together?

Oscar: Yeah…. I was hoping Noemi would be here but it’s getting too late to keep waiting.


Jemyn: Okay, let’s go then!


Jemyn: Well that was anticlimactic.


Oscar: Yeah, I feel the same. A few more wrinkles.

Also, his cheekbones magically turned into razor blades when he aged up. They’re SO SHARP.


Sam: Okay Patches. You distract them, and I’ll swipe one of those cakes!


And then Patches did this. I guess it would have been pretty distracting if he had been visible to anyone but Sam.


Oscar: Noemi would have loved this cake. We’d better save her a piece.


Jemyn: You told her to be here for our birthday. If she wants cake she should have been here.

Oscar: I did tell her it was important to me… but she’s got a wild spirit, she’s gotta be given her own space or she’ll take off.


They hear the creak of the front door, and Noemi walks into the kitchen.

Noemi: Oh wow, lots of cake in here.


She scoops Joey off the floor into her arms.

Noemi: Hey sweet pea!! Did you eat some cake too? Or did mean mummy not let you have any?


Noemi serves herself a slice of cake and sits to wolf it down.

Noemi: Mmmm I’m starving. How was the birthday?


Jemyn: I’m pretty sure your dad told you to be here for it.

Noemi: Well you can just-


Oscar: Guys! Let’s just enjoy our evening tonight.

Jemyn and Noemi fall silent, and Oscar launches into an explanation of how hard it is to find cake mix in the zombie apocalypse.

They finish up their dessert and soon the trailer is filled with the clinking of dishes being washed.


Oscar: Listen, honey. I don’t want to control you but I was really hoping you would be here tonight.

Noemi: Well I’m sorry that I didn’t make it for your birthday I guess, but I’m not gonna sit here and cheer about Jemyn’s new wrinkles.


Jemyn: I am starting to get really sick of living with this crap Noemi!


Noemi: Then stop dealing so much crap!

Jemyn: Are you kidding me? I’m the one who cleans up all the crap! The crap you deal when you hurt this family all the time!

Noemi: I already had a family, then you came and fucked it up!


Oscar: You can’t keep attacking Jemyn like that, Noemi! I’ve had it with this!


Noemi: What!? You’ve had it with the truth?? I did have a family once, are you ready to just forget about that?

Oscar: Of course not! We had a family, your mom left! Can you blame me for trying to rebuild something for myself?

Noemi: What the fuck dad? I wasn’t enough for you so you had to rebuild?? Was I broken??


Oscar: No, baby, you were always perfect! I just wanted you to have a family, and now you’re such an important part of it.


Noemi: Fuck you. This isn’t my family, it’s yours. I hope you fucking enjoy your new family.


She stomps out, fuming mad.

Go away, plumbob. Stop being in my pictures.


She nearly hesitates when she sees Sam and Joey giggling together by the door.

Joey: Nemmy go outside?


A sob creeps up her throat as she walks out the door.


She holds her breath and tenses as she closes the door on her sweet brothers.


She explodes into sobs as she pulls out her gun and takes off running down the road.


Finally by the pond, she breaks down on the damp grass, rocking and heaving as tears stream down her face.


Hearing her friend behind her, she slowly stands up.

Meg: Oh my god, honey. What’s happened to you?

Noemi: I’m not going back.


Meg: That’s a pretty big decision. Have some of this and then we’ll talk it over.


Noemi takes the joint and sucks it in. Meg waits patiently as Noemi coughs out half her organs. Between coughs, Noemi relays the story of the fight she had with her dad and Jemyn.

Meg: Well fuck. I wouldn’t stay there another second. I’ll take you in, you can be my rescue puppy!


Noemi: Really?

Jemyn: Sure! But it’s going to be really different than what you’re used to, you know. Don’t be surprised if it’s too much for you.

Noemi: I have to try. Where else can I go?


Sooooo yeah. Noemi’s moving to the Mad House. Which means….



It took such a long time to get here!!

Are you excited?? I am!! Noemi’s in a pretty crazy new environment. And don’t worry, I’ll give regular updates on Oscar and the family back at the trailer.

See you next time in Generation Three!!

PS. I feel kinda guilty talking about drugs, alcohol, and rude language in the sims. Like, it’s part of the story and this would just be a boring old legacy without it, but I feel like I’m corrupting the innocence of the sims. I hope that’s okay for everyone.


2 Responses to “Chapter 2.21- Octopus Wranglin”

  1. Madam Axem June 1, 2015 at 10:22 am #

    You know, after learning about what happens to Noemi in the madhouse, rereading the part where she abandons her family is one of the most heart breaking moments in the story, because you just freaking know, that if Oscar ran after her, things would have turned out better. But at the same time, we wouldn’t have Rylo and his descendants, all those people wouldn’t exist without this event happening, so it really makes you think what was the right choice. Everything has a separate time line, we just don’t always take that path.

    • thronepie June 1, 2015 at 1:04 pm #

      Definitely. I like when stories have terrible events that lead to good events, kind of like real life.

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