Chapter 3.1A- Sick Beatz

6 Apr

WARNING: This whole chapter generation is rated M for mature. As in, hopefully you’re all mature enough to read about the irresponsible use of drugs, liquor, and sexuality without feeling the need to go out and emulate it.

We’re all grown ups here right? Okay, good.

So you know that little problem I sometimes have where it’s really really hard to get a whole bunch of sims to cooperate for a scene at the same time? It’s gonna be like that ALL THE TIME now that Noemi is living in a place with like 50 other people. Shit.

Oh well, let’s get started.


Noemi steps out of the chill air and into the Madhouse, and immediately feels the discomfort of like twenty eyes staring at her.


All of the men are huddled around a long table littered with cigarettes. They have obviously been talking, but they fall silent as the girls enter the room.

This is especially uncomfortable because, in case you’ve forgotten, these are all the people that are trying to kill Noemi’s family and friends, and if they knew who Noemi was she’d probably get killed dead.


The thin man at the head of the table looks up from his conversation and glares coldly at them with a raised eyebrow.


Meg exchanges a glance with the man and quickens her pace. Noemi focuses her eyes on the floor and follows after Meg as quick as she can.


As she reaches the next room she hears them return to their conversation in hushed voices.


Meg and Noemi join a group of girls lounging around the bar. They seem to be much more light hearted than the men had been, and merrily greet the newcomers.


Meg: The guys were being pretty secretive, does anyone know what kind of plots they’re hatching back there?


Red Bra Girl: No idea! They haven’t moved for hours. We really want to listen in but they’re just so serious we’re scared we’ll get shot!

Meg: God, they looked like they were going to shoot us for trespassing. Well anyway, I just wanna let you all know that Jade is going to stay here now, and I want to celebrate!


Glasses girl: Super cool! I’m Kaz. I don’t actually live here, I’ve got a place not too far away, but I’m here all the time.

Noemi smiles and greets all the girls as they introduce themselves.


Red bra girl: I’m Candy!

Panda hat girl: Hey Jade, I’m Tally!


The pink haired girl sprawled out on the bar reveals her name last.

Pink hair chick: Hey honey, I’m Daisy. And I remember you! You’re my pool partner!

Noemi: Yeah I remember that! I forget who we played, but we kicked their asses.


Candy: Honey and Zana and a few others are hanging out in the garage. I’m not sure if Jade’s met them, you should go introduce her!

Meg: Yeah we’ll go say hi.


Noemi follows Meg into the garage where the girls are chatting. The air is thick with pungent smoke.

Meg: Hey ladies! Smells like we’re starting the fun early over here!

Face Paint girl: We don’t really have anywhere else to go, the boys have banned us from their secret little scheming session.

Meg: Yeah I could practically hear their asses tighten when we came in. But anyways, Jade’s staying with us now so you should probably all remind her what your names are.


Face Paint Girl: Awww nice! I’m Zana.


Red Lipstick chick: Hi, I’m Rexie. Nice to meet you, hon!

Shaved head girl: I’m Rave.

Noemi: Then you must be Honey.

Blonde girl: I sure am! God you are just the cutest!

Meg: Isn’t she? I’m so glad we’re keeping her!


The conversation moves back to the men’s meeting. Rave reveals that she’s been hearing shouting coming from locked rooms lately, and Rexie agrees that the guys have seemed more tense.


Rave: I’m willing to bet the guys are getting restless from laying low for so long.

Zana: Definitely. And that was fine while our numbers were down, but we’ve gotten so much stronger that I think the Dogs are getting thirsty for combat.

Honey: Of course they are, the testosterone fueled monsters.

Zana: Hey I hear music! Sounds like they’re done in there!


Meg: Finally! Let’s go dance, Jade!


The girls head to the main room in search of liquor and sick beatz.


The men pour into the room from the other side. The small man scowls and walks ahead of the others.

Noemi ogles him curiously but is interrupted by a shout.


Daisy: Come dance with me, darlings!


They dance their way into the group, cheering together for the start of another great night.

Noemi: Holy shit, this is the greatest place in the world!

Meg: You betcha baby!


Then Meg is swept into the air in Scotch’s huge arms, prompting wolf whistles from Candy and Daisy.


Still laughing, Noemi whirls as she’s pulled blindly into a hug.

Noemi: Taco!!!

Taco: Jaaaade!!!


Noemi: Yo, I live here now!!

Taco: New roommate, niiiice!! Hey, sorry I didn’t say hi earlier, it was pretty tense back there.


Noemi: No problem! I got to come back here and meet all the girls and gossip about the guys.

Taco: Sweet! Come get a drink with me and I’ll tell you allll the gossip.


After pounding back a shot at the bar they retire to a corner where they can observe the whole room. Noemi decides she wants to start by finding out what Taco knows about Gerard and Derek.

Taco: Okay, just keep your voice down if you’re gonna ask questions, alright?

Noemi: Sure. So those two younger guys over there, who are they?


Taco: The one with the tats is Weasel, cause he’ll do anything you tell him and he’s a sneaky little fucker. The other guy’s called Toothless Gerry.

Noemi is horrified.

Noemi: How did he lose his teeth?

Taco grins.

Taco: He’s got all his teeth. It’s the guys who piss him off that don’t.

Noemi: Shit, okay. How about that big guy?


Taco: Dr. Sweet.

Noemi: He’s a doctor?

Taco: If we need him to be. Usually he’s more of what you’d call an un-doctor.

Noemi: What’s an un-doctor?

Taco: Ehhhh, let’s just say an un-doctor does the opposite of what a doctor does.

Noemi swallows involuntarily.


She looks over at the pool table, knowing exactly who she needs to ask about next.

Noemi: How about the really serious man in the glasses? He freaks me out.

Taco: Spades. He’s king here. He freaks everyone out.

Noemi: And his weirdo henchman?


Taco: Spades has got plenty of henchmen, but Rush ain’t one of them. They were kids together, so Rush is basically first mate of this crazy ship.

Noemi: I don’t like him.


Taco: I think you’re in the minority, hon. Rush is the only one who can get Spades to loosen up a bit. He’s basically the reason we get to party.

Noemi: It seems like if it were up to Spades you’d all be stuck in super serious meetings all day.

Taco: You got that right.


Honey: Hey lovelies, are we having a gossip sesh?

Taco: I’m just educating young Jade here about all of our fine Mad House members.

Honey: I know way more gossip than you do! Leave her education to me!

Taco: You can have it, I’ve said too much already! I’m gonna grab a beer.

*This chapter is so incredibly loooong that I am splitting it into parts A and B. Part B will literally just resume here.


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