Chapter 3.1B- Sober as a Bird

6 Apr

And we’re back with Part B. Heavier drug use begins here kids, so use the X button in the top corner of your browser if you’re uncomfortable.


Honey’s stories end up being much funnier than Taco’s, and mostly center around the love triangles and goofy antics that arise in the Mad House.


Noemi glances over as Spades hands his pool cue off to someone else and heads off early to a side room.


Not long after Spades leaves, a small somber group gathers in the corner, led by Rush. After only a few minutes of murmured discourse, they disperse.


Noemi and Honey catch their breath after roaring with laughter at Honey’s retelling of the time Taco got his foot stuck in the chandelier.

Honey: Ahhhh…. He’s such a dork. I have no idea how that old thing didn’t rip out of the ceiling.

Noemi: That sounds like a fun night!

Honey: God, do you want to have a really fun night? Let’s go find Kaz.


Noemi follows Honey out into the foyer, where they see Kaz, Meg, and another guy lounging around.


Kaz: Heyyyy Honey Baby. Glad you could join us.

Honey: We were looking for you actually. We were wondering if you had anything tonight, in celebration of our new roommate.

Kaz: You know me baby, I’ve always got something.

Noemi watches as Kaz pulls a small bag out of her pocket. She removes the contents and reaches up to hand them to Honey.


Honey: I’m assuming it’s your first time, so you should probably start with one. Don’t let it sit on your  tongue or it’ll burn you.


Noemi stares as Honey tosses the pill into her mouth and swallows it effortlessly.


She does her best to mimic the action and is relieved to have gotten it down without burning her tongue.


Honey moves to sit in the empty chair, leaving Noemi to sit next to the guy on the couch. She realizes she recognizes him from before.


Noemi: Hey, you’re my bartender!

Guy: You sound like you forgot about me!

Noemi: I may have been drunk.

Guy: I’ll allow it this time. My name’s Shrike, and you’d better remember that.

Noemi: That’s the weirdest name I’ve heard so far, there’s no way I’ll forget it.


Shrike and Noemi continue to chat for a while, and then listen in on the others. Honey and Meg seem to be talking about art, but Noemi doesn’t know anything about art and can’t pay attention. She realizes Shrike and Kaz are now having a rapid conversation about their guns. She turns back to listen to Honey and Meg and is surprised to realize they are talking about something entirely different now.

She decides to take stock of how she’s feeling. She feels really good, and awake.

Noemi: I don’t feel anything.


Shrike: Me neither, I don’t know what Kaz thought she was giving us.

Noemi: I’m sober as a bird.

Shrike: Do you know a shrike is a kind of bird?

Noemi: Holy shit no way.


And then Noemi realizes that she is feeling it, because the people around her have become so completely interesting that all she wants to do in the whole world is stay right there and talk to them. She smiles sweetly at their beautiful faces engaged in deep conversation with one another.


She flits back to her conversation with Shrike. He is telling her about the most beautiful sunset he ever watched from the top of a mountain.

Noemi: That’s really amazing, Shrike! I just love how much you loved that experience, it’s so beautiful!

Shrike: Wow… it really was, wasn’t it?


She looks up again and Meg is gone. Kaz and Honey are wrapped in a tight embrace.

Kaz: I wanna go dance with you!

Honey: No, I wanna dance with you!

Kaz: You don’t understand, I wanna dance with you, love!


Noemi: Let’s all go dance!

They all jog into the main room, hungry for music.


Noemi laughs when she sees Meg obviously predisposed against a wall.


Honey and Kaz dissolve into the throng, and Noemi dances alongside Shrike. She loses complete track of time, feeling her body melt into the rhythm and exchanging banter with Shrike.


Then this beauty got  in my way while I was trying to take a picture. No regrets.


Noemi whirls and sings to the music. Shrike dips her and spins her, and she laughs hysterically.


She’s numbly aware that she’s still being watched, and realizes that she doesn’t care at all.


She sees Meg still busy with Scotch.

Noemi: Does she always do this?

Shrike: All night long.


Noemi: I feel like they’re gonna contaminate the keg somehow, there’s gotta be a biohazard going on by now.

Shrike: Maybe if I go grab some drinks they’ll take off. I’ll be back in a bit.


Noemi resumes dancing. Glancing over she sees that Scotch and Meg have indeed moved elsewhere.


She closes her eyes and rocks to the motion of the music.


Opening her eyes, it takes her a moment to register what she’s seeing.


She looks away to see if anyone else is noticing this. When she looks back the confrontation is over.


She stares at Rush, who has resumed his calm demeanor. He stares back, and Noemi’s mouth goes dry.


Noemi realizes how slowed her mind must be that she’s held his gaze this long, and quickly turns away.


Candy: That was fucking weird, did you see that Jade?

Noemi: I don’t even know.

Candy: These guys are crazy tonight, I don’t know how we’re going to deal with it without a few more shots in us.

Noemi: I’m so on board with that.


After taking said shots, Noemi and Candy realize that a pillow fight has broken out.


They’re torn between joining the pillow fight and staying behind to watch Daisy’s impromptu karaoke performance, but ultimately decide that pillows are less painful.


The whack of a pillow into her face reawakens Noemi to her senses, and she realizes that she has reunited with Meg.


All around her the pillow gladiators scream and cheer as they make contact.


Through the archway she notices everyone huddled around a guy telling a story, and immediately drops her pillow and sprints over to join them.


She misses every word of his story, and instead stares at the changing expressions on everyone’s faces.


She looks around herself. The story is over, and the room is nearly empty.

The few that remain are either standing around quietly or on their way to passing out.


Zana: Heyyyy. I wasn’t sure anyone was still up here. This is getting lame, let’s go.


Then Noemi is mildly aware of the fact that she is laying down in a soft bed. The last thing she registers before passing out is the sound of Zana pulling off her shoes and throwing them clumsily at the wall.

OKAY. What a long chapter. I’m not sure what to say about the level of drugs and alcohol in this post. It’s literally going to be like that this whole generation, and I’m sorry but I can’t write it without that. I feel really guilty.



One Response to “Chapter 3.1B- Sober as a Bird”

  1. Steve April 7, 2014 at 9:21 am #

    I don’t think you need to feel guilty – my experience as a teenager wasn’t too different (with the experimentation and such). The story’s coming along great! Looking forward to more. 🙂

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