Chapter 3.7- Shameless Groping

23 Jun

Hey guys, welcome back!

So before starting to write this, I uploaded 234 pictures to WordPress, so I’ve got a lotta work to do!

I also want to mention the fact that if I were writing a few Oscar or Daniel chapters, playing through and taking pictures would take like an hour and a half. With Noemi? Good luck getting it done in like FIVE HOURS. There’s just so many people to coordinate, oh my god. I love Noemi’s storyline, but I can’t freakin wait til all this Madhouse stuff is done.



Noemi’s finally woken up, and she can tell just from listening that the guys aren’t back from their raid of the military base.

She’s sort of in a position where there is a conflict of interest, and is simultaneously worried for Rush and her friends, but her father and brothers too.


She pushes the thought out of her mind and goes off looking for the other girls. As she leaves Rush’s side rooms she is struck by just how completely empty the place is.


Noemi knows better than to worry that everyone has left. She quickly finds them hiding out in the basement, just as she had expected.


Noemi: Hey guys, any news?


Rexie: Not so far.

Layla: Did Rush tell you what they were planning? It’s kind of huge.

Noemi: I didn’t really ask, I didn’t want to know about anything that could get him killed.


Rave: I’ll tell you right now, our guys are gonna be fine! They’ve been rounding up zombies in huge trucks for like two months now. Just corralled in the back.

Noemi: What? How do you know?

Rave: Nixon told me when he was wasted, it was totally secret though. But anyways, super early this morning I guess they were gonna release truckloads of zombies in and around that old gym the military are using as a base. And then camp out in the trees ready to snipe any army pricks that don’t get eaten alive.


Molly: They left hours ago, they’ll probably be back soon. Tonight’ll be a hell of a party!


Noemi finds a spot to sit and waits out the remainder of the morning with the other girls. She eagerly accepts a joint from Candy to take her mind off wondering who would be dying today.

At the first sound of life from above them, the girls immediately start squealing and jostling to be the first up the stairs.


They make it up in one big horde, and then stop just inside the door. Their eyes are wide as they process the scene before them.


Every single Mad Dog is crowded around Rush and the three terrified prisoners (this time it’s nobody we know). The Dogs are cheering and throwing garbage at the prisoners. The old man in the middle has collapsed to his knees, and the other two have sickening gashes oozing blood down their faces.

Noemi watches as the other girls dissolve into the crowd of men, giggling and cheering along with them.


Rush: So… you’re finally in the big bad rebel fortress. How do you like it??

The prisoners give no answer.

Rush: I’ll admit it’s not much of a castle, but you’re my prisoners, and the least you can do is bow before me. That’s the best way to beg for your lives, you know.


The prisoners make no move, quivering as they arch their bodies away from the guns held to their heads.

Rush: Dogs, help this dirt find the floor.

The two standing prisoners are delivered blows to the back and stomach from the butts of the Dog’s guns, sending them hurtling to the floor.


Rush: There’s some manners! Alright, I’ve opened up my schedule to listen to some begging, so get on with it!!

The captives are silent save for their anguished wheezing.

Rush: No? Nobody?


Dr. Sweet: I can teach these boys to beg.

Rush: He’s not lying, I advise you all to take that as a very serious threat.

The youngest prisoner begins to whimper weakly, but no other sound is made.


Rush: Wow, Doc. Busy day at the office for you, then! Alright Dogs, you know where to take them!

He sneers menacingly as they are carried off into the room where Dr. Sweet makes people scream.


Cheers and howls rise up from the crowd, from men and women alike.

Nixon: Teach the military to bow!! Make em beg!!


Puck: Ahoooooo! King Rush!!!


Jublilant cries of “Rush is king” and “King Rush” fill the air, and Noemi watches the chaos with astonishment.


Rush does nothing to accept the title, but glares moodily off above their heads as his people scream his name.

Eventually the clamor shifts to drinking and dancing. The attention finally off of Rush, he strides towards Noemi.


As she responds to his insistent kisses, she realizes that at this point, there is no going back. She has come too far, is too highly involved here. There might not even be anywhere to go back to anymore.


Finally Rush releases her. He stares intensely into her eyes, drunk on power and victory.

Rush: Kings need queens, Noemi.

Her only answer is to kiss him hard again. At last he pulls away, and twirls her into the sea of dancers, laughing joyously.


Molly’s prediction comes true; it is a pretty fucking rad party. Everybody is completely inebriated in under an hour.


Somebody manages to procure two costume crowns, which they slap down atop Rush and Noemi’s heads. Noemi thinks this is a bit excessive, but really, nothing’s better than wearing funny hats at parties.


I was so stoked when they started doing the smustle in complete coordination.


This just kind of happened, I have no idea. Unfortunately the horse wasn’t really in the mood to party, and cowered and ran around the room.


Dusty: Yo buddy, smoke some of this, it’ll chill you right out.

True story: One time I was in a super country bar and a guy tried to bring his horse inside. I guess the horse wouldn’t go though, and the guy was sort of a dick.


So yeah, everything’s crazy, and Noemi and Rush decide to retire to their room right once the party starts getting naked.


An entire corner of the room has turned into the shameless groping area, but I guess Noemi wants privacy to do that.


Clothes and crowns get chucked off quickly. The crowns leave big dents in the walls, and roll under the bed, never to be seen again.

RIP crowns.

Hey, so who’s worried about Oscar and co?


They’re fine, I’m not that heartless. They moved into a nice big army constructed house in a district far far away. After the gym got infested, the army sent all the families with women and children to live in a safer area, and replaced them with tons of big burly men with huge guns to reclaim Moonlight Falls.


See? Everyone’s fine. The second story on this house gives them lots more room, too.


Here’s a nice daylight picture of Sam for your viewing pleasure.


And here’s Sam’s GIRLFRIEND!! Oooooooh. Her name is Dorah, and she is carrying an invisible dog, I think. She actually looks weirdly related to the Yu family, but that’s literally impossible. Soooo whatever.

This seems like a good spot to end it, so thanks for reading and see you all next time!!


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