Chapter 3.8- Infinite Backrubs

26 Jun

Hey readers! Get ready for another awesome chapter of Zombies and Yu!


After the big victory over the military Noemi is basically treated like a goddess by the other girls. Everyone is constantly eager to hang out with her, do her hair, pour her drinks, stuff like that. The general atmosphere of the Madhouse is much more happy and boisterous, with heavy partying almost every night. It’s like a perma-bender.


Noemi throws herself into the excitement of everyone else, drinking and doing enough drugs to match some of the biggest guys. Yayyy…..

It’s like, three in the afternoon, which is pretty much still morning for the Madhouse, but Noemi, Layla, and Taco have already started drinking.


She takes her first sip of beer and is met with a taste so foul her breakfast rises in her throat.


Hardly able to hold it back, she dashes for the door. God, I’d be so worried about twisting my ankle in those heels.


Layla and Taco follow her out as she empties the contents of her stomach onto the sidewalk.

Layla: Woah Jade, you okay?

Noemi: That shit did not taste right.


She shakily stands up.

Layla: It seemed fine to me.

Noemi: God, I think it was mostly the smell. You’re telling me it was fine??


Taco: Yeah, nothing different than usual.

Noemi: I’ve probably just had too much of it lately. Made myself sick of it.

Layla: That happens to me sometimes, that’s probably what it is.


Off screen is this freaky child who must have some serious zombie slaying skills to still be delivering the news. Such persistence in the face of adversity.


Rush: Noemi, what’s up? You look pale.

Noemi: I came in from outside, it’s just cold out there is all.


Rush: Well I hope you’re okay… cause I kinda got you something. It’s probably the nicest thing ever, but if you’re not feeling well then maybe it’ll have to wait.

Noemi: Show me, show me!!


Rush: Taadaaaa!!

Noemi: *squeeee*

Rush: I know, right?


She throws herself into his big romantic arms and he carries her off to their room.


Unrelated: This guy’s name is Shakey, and he likes guns. He only has one eyebrow, and always has.


Anyway, these guys are getting down to business. Noemi put the roses on the bedside table, but refrained from smelling them as just a slight whiff had made her stomach turn again.


Noemi: Fuck!

Rush: Noemi, what??


She races out of the room, leaving him standing there bewildered.


So she does this again, and I imagine it’s much colder this time without clothes on.

At this point, I’m sure you all are speculating at what’s going on here.


Noemi completely crashes down onto the bed, and her entire body is exhausted.

Rush: No sex then?

Noemi: No.

Rush: Alright, get some sleep. You seem to need it.


He tucks the blankets around her and joins her. She curls up against his warm body.


Ohhhh shit. Look what she’s dreaming about. Hint. HINT.

Noemi learns to stay away from beer and most other alcohol as she can hardly force it down anymore. She starts to recognize a few more signs, and slowly descends into panic.


She hasn’t said anything to anyone, but the real freaking out begins when she discovers that she no longer fits into her old clothes, and has to fashion a toga dress thing out of some old fabric laying around.


Examining herself in the mirror, it’s pretty clear that even this loose fabric does little to conceal her ballooning stomach. She crumples onto the bed and breaks down sobbing.


Rush: Okay, babe. I’m pretty sure something’s going on, and has been for a while. You’ve gotta tell me. Whatever it is, I can help.

Noemi: No you can’t.

Rush: Well why not?

Noemi: Cause it’s kind of your problem too! Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m fucking pregnant.


Laughing, he scoops her up onto the bed and covers her with kisses.

Rush: What are you crying for? Jeez, I thought you were dying or something.


Noemi spends a while sobbing in his arms at the relief of him being okay with it.

Noemi: What do you hope it is?

Rush: Whatever it is, it’s gonna be badass, and I’m good with that.

Noemi: I hope it’s a little boy who looks like you.

Rush: He’ll probably be born with tattoos and piercings then. All ready to join this crazy place.

Noemi: Just as long as he doesn’t pop out with a gun in his hand, I don’t mind.


Of all her friends, Noemi decides that the first person she tells should be Meg.

Meg: Oh my god, no way!!! Well I’m glad you’re having one, cause I never will. I am gonna be such a kickass auntie.


The others take it equally well.

Daisy: I hope it’s a little princess, and we can make her tiny pink clothes and one day we’ll even dye her hair pink like mine!!


Molly: Ahhhh, a little Mad Puppy!! Hey there, precious, can’t wait to meet you!!


Everyone else’s excitement completely alleviates the stress Noemi had had over the pregnancy. Rush’s infinite backrubs policy helps too.


She’s pretty sure that Rush is the most excited out of anyone at the growth of her belly. He pretty much can’t keep his hands off it.


Most of their time together is now spent cuddling and giggling far away from the others. She’s starting to feel that this is the happiest she’s ever been.


Rush: You know what I haven’t thought about? Where are we gonna put the kid?

Noemi: Well, a crib will fit in our room for the first few years, but after that you may have to consider repurposing your office.

Rush: I don’t even mind. My parents gave me everything they had, I won’t have any problem doing the same for my kid.


Rush: Hey babe, what were your parents like? You’ve never told me about them.

Noemi: Well… my mom left right after I was born, so I guess she was a piece of shit.

Rush: Wow, sorry. How about your dad?

Noemi looks trustingly into his eyes, knowing that it is finally time to tell him. She takes a deep breath.


Noemi: Well… my dad raised me. It was okay for him I think, he had a lot of support. He was… in the military. That’s where I grew up.

Rush wrenches out of her arms and jumps up.


Rush: WHAT??!


Noemi: I’m- I’m not with them anymore! I ran away when I was a teenager. I don’t care about them!


Rush: Get. Out.


Noemi: Babe-

Rush: Don’t call me that. Go.


Noemi: But-

Rush: What the fuck, Noemi! You’re telling me that the mother of my child is military pig shit!

Noemi: No!

Rush: Have you been informing on us??


Noemi: Of course not!! I can’t believe you don’t trust me by now!!

Rush: This is bullshit!

Noemi: Yeah, it is! It shouldn’t matter where I came from, I’m beyond fucking done there!

Rush: Just get the fuck out of my office, I’m done hearing about it!!

Noemi: Rush-

Rush: OUT!!


He glares hatefully and waits for her to leave.


The tears burst like a dam from her eyes, and she begins to hyperventilate.

Noemi: Fuck you, Rush!

She turns and dashes away.

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, but I feel like we need it. Sorry guys =(


6 Responses to “Chapter 3.8- Infinite Backrubs”

  1. morgibritt June 26, 2014 at 11:03 am #

    I’ve been keeping up with you legacy for a while now and absolutely love it! I haven’t commented before, at least I don’t think I have, so I thought I’d drop a couple lines and tell you how great of a writer you are. I seriously look forward to new updates like I do with my shows I watch – like The Walking Dead.

    • thronepie June 26, 2014 at 12:22 pm #

      This is one of the loveliest comments I’ve ever gotten and it totally made my day! Thanks for inspiring me to keep writing!

  2. Mineing simmer September 7, 2014 at 5:10 am #

    When is the next chapter out I HAVE NOTHING TO READ!!!!! LOL I love this blog

    • thronepie January 3, 2015 at 9:31 am #

      Right MEOW!! Holy moly it’s been too long.

  3. tenshus December 26, 2014 at 10:21 pm #

    Heya! I’ve been a fan of your work for a while, but have been too shy to say anything, so its nice to finally be able to talk. I kinda… was inspired by you and have tried a zombie legacy at least over 10 times. (My computer is really bad so it deletes saves, doesn’t help I mod the carp out of it) When it wasn’t crashing, it was really fun! Here is my question though, how do you manage the mad house? Do use the apartment Mod so they aren’t active or just manually take over at least 20 sims, cause I have a hard time with just 4 sims!

    • thronepie January 3, 2015 at 9:31 am #

      I literally take over all the sims. But I always max their moods, and I turn free will off. So basically, they just stand there being mannequins until I use pose player on them, and then I use moveobjects to move them around. Most of them have never actually lived a single sim day. Poor lil guys.

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