Chapter 3.9- Vampire Skin

3 Jan

Hey people!! So last time we had a baby on the way. It’s probably gonna be born this chapter. I didn’t plan this, but Noemi was born in 2.9, and now the first member for Generation 4 is gonna be born in 3.9. I call that good timing.

…If you have beef with the fact that I’ve been gone since June (JUNE!!) see my previous post which contains numerous apologies and zero excuses for my appalling absence.


Right now I don’t think Noemi really cares about that, though. She’s busy crying on the basement floor cause Rush freaked out on her when she told him she was military.


Fortunately Zana notices Noemi pretty quickly, and rushes over to find out what’s wrong. Between sobs Noemi relays the story to her and begs her not to tell anyone.

Zana: God, honey. I don’t know what you were thinking getting involved with him when you’re from there, but it doesn’t matter now. I won’t tell anyone where you’re from, but just get off the floor please. It’s like, never been cleaned.

Noemi: No! This is where I d-deserve to b-beeeee!


Zana: There you go, you raging ball of hormonal emotion. Try to get some sleep, I’m sure Rush’ll get over it.


Rush doesn’t get over it. Noemi tries a few times to get him to talk.


However, he is completely disinterested in talking it over, and pulls away from her every time she comes near him.


After the first few weeks, she gives up entirely.


Her friends are very supportive though, and help her out with every aspect of living in the basement. They’ve even started working in pairs to carry her up and down the stairs when she starts to feel off balance.


Although Rush won’t talk to her, he seems insistent on making her aware of his dislike for her. His icy glares are ever present, and Noemi can feel them even when she’s turned away.


While she had once been so excited for the arrival of the baby, she now feels only dread and despair. She can’t imagine raising a child alone in the basement of all places, especially a child that Rush will likely hate.


That’s why when she feels her first labour pains, she waits as long as she can before telling anyone. Finally a contraction nearly knocks her off balance and she grabs on to Honey for support.

Honey: Oh lord, girl. We’re doing this today, aren’t we?

Noemi: Noooooo!


She nearly vomits from terror when she sees Zana rush over to Dr. Sweet.

Noemi: No! No, not him!!

Honey: Shhh Jade, he’s all we’ve got if something goes wrong.

Noemi weakly allows herself to be lead to Dr. Sweet’s room, her heart pounding almost hard enough to distract her from the pain in her abdomen.


They lay her down on a creaky bed that is mysteriously adorned with rusty shackles at either end. Noemi is roused out of her panic by Meg rushing in, lugging a heavy iron chair.

Meg: Sweetie I am gonna be right here with you, even if I wanna puke! Go ahead and squeeze my hand til it breaks if you need to!

Noemi nods and focuses on steadying her breath.


It turns out to be pretty tough to think about your breathing when confronted with Dr. Sweet’s choice in decor.


Dr. Sweet comes in, and Noemi closes her eyes and lets him do whatever he’s doing. She refuses to look, and she’s sure she’s broken at least one of Meg’s fingers.

The baby is just starting to crown when the door creaks open.


Noemi opens her eyes to look, and feels only hot rage.


Noemi: Fuck you!! I’m giving birth in a torture chamber right now, I don’t want you here!!

Rush: Noemi, I’m sorry! I’ve been a dick, but I’ve gotta be here!

Noemi: Fine, sit the fuck down and don’t talk!


Meg hops up and Rush takes the chair next to the bed. Noemi gives him a menacing glare and takes his hand, making sure to squeeze it twice as hard as she squeezed Meg’s. As she pushes out their child, Noemi finds it strangely cathartic to watch Rush’s fingers turn purple.


His hand is finally released from her death grasp when Doc presents him with a baby boy wrapped tightly in an old brown blanket. Noemi shuts her eyes and leans back, exhausted but satisfied at the sound of her baby’s strong cries.


Look at cute!!

Eventually Rush hands him to her, and Noemi holds the boy close.

Rush: I know I’m not in a position to ask anything of you right now, but if I ask only one thing for the rest of my life, it’s that you please don’t name him something ordinary like Michael or Dave.

Noemi: How about Tim? Just kidding. Back when you were being a giant piece of shit, the baby would keep me up all night with his kicking. The only thing that ever seemed to chill him out was if I went outside and got the cool air on my belly. I spent a lot of time looking at the stars.

Rush: Please don’t name him Star!

Noemi: Maybe I will if it bothers you that much. Nah, that’s gross. He’s Rigel.

Rush: Oh thank god, he’ll fit in perfectly here!


After agreeing on the boy’s name, Rush doesn’t want anyone in the torture chamber any longer than necessary. He has Noemi carried back to their bed. She’s extremely surprised to see that in her absence he has set up an entire area for the baby, complete with salvaged toys.


She’s mostly just glad for a warm, quiet place to sleep and care for the baby.

Oh yeah, and his traits are Loves the Outdoors and Athletic. And no more vampire skin, thanks Rush!! Actually though, Noemi’s skin tone comes from Emelie, whose family actually was a bunch of spooky vampires. So I’m pretty glad that’s out of the picture for now.


For the next few days she gets as much sleep as possible in between caring for the baby. Rush helps out where he can but seems to be trying to give her some space.


It takes her a while to accept his apology, and even after she does, she’s still wary of him.

Rush: God I was stupid. I should have been glad you came over from the military. Now I wish the whole military would just defect and come over to me. It shouldn’t have even mattered where you’re from.

Noemi: I thought you were going to kick me out.

Rush: I thought you were going to leave. I couldn’t kick you out though, it was too nice still seeing your face I guess.


Rush: I couldn’t have lived with myself if you and Rigel had gone missing or died over my own stubbornness.

Noemi: You are too stubborn. And you’ve got a lot of making up to do.

Rush: I’ll do it. I fucking love you Noemi.

Noemi: I love you too, but the first thing you’ll have to do is stop swearing so much around the baby.

Will we stop swearing around the baby? Probably not. But just in case we do, tune in next time!!


2 Responses to “Chapter 3.9- Vampire Skin”

  1. notjustabook January 3, 2015 at 3:08 pm #

    It’s AMAZING to see you back with another chapter! 😀 ha, ha, not sure you even remember me but I sure remember this story! Glad to see the two crazy kids make up, and to see the baby boy! 😀

    • thronepie January 3, 2015 at 3:11 pm #

      Of course I remember you, every like and comment means a lot to me 🙂
      I’m stoked to be posting again!

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