Chapter 3.11- Junkie Face

11 Jan

Hey everybody!!

I’m pretty psyched about having a toddler in the game, it’s a great excuse to spam the blog with cute pics.


Sooo I don’t usually care for tattoos, but men with tats holding babies is just… wow.

Anyone else?

Like, hooooly.


But yeah, after the night in which they all pass out on the bed together, Noemi and Rush develop a system.

They basically just take shifts looking after Rigel while the other carries on and parties and drapes themselves over furniture. This morning Noemi is teaching cutiepants to talk.


And other times, Rush teaches him to walk. I have no idea why, but as soon as they started the interaction, the skill bar shot that far up.


I don’t know if it’s cause he’s athletic or something, but he was walking like a pro in minutes.


They also spend a good amout of time all together, because Rigel’s favorite thing in the world is to pretend he’s the big bad wolf and making daddy squeal like a little pig.


I want him.

LOL so today Rush rolled a wish to join the military. It was hilarious, and I canceled that shit so fast.


Somtimes it can be really hard for Rigel to understand what’s going on when mommy or daddy can’t play with him.

Rigel: Da? Da!

Rush: Buddy… Daddy’s… Noemi….


Noemi: Come play with mommy, sweetie!! Let’s go see how your trucks are doing!


I just noticed these. I must have put them on Rush’s wall forever ago, but I never really looked at them. They’re kinda cool.

Anyway, Rush and Noemi’s turn taking system works pretty well. For a while. But then they start to argue over whose turn it is, and who needs it more.


They slip into the compromise that they’ll both only get soooorta high, and they’ll both stay in the room with Rigel.


Clearly, that’s working out wonderfully.

Noemi tells herself that as long as she doesn’t hear him screeching in pain, she knows he’s alright.


That’s usually not a problem, and Rigel stays very quiet as he watches his parents.

Occasionally they start to mumble. Rigel pulls his thumb out of his mouth and tries to talk back. He waits patiently for them to wake up and start talking back to him. After the slow realization that they’re not waking up, he replaces his thumb and returns to watching.


Getting stuck in a room with cracked out mommy and daddy starts to become standard practice. Usually Rush remembers to give Rigel something to eat before he and Noemi go on a bender. Usually.


Noemi can see her appearance slipping. She tries to keep up with doing her hair and makeup, but the bags under her eyes are so hard to cover up that usually she just lets it go.


Noemi’s been downgraded to Junkie Face, which means dilated pupils and eye bags galore.


Pretty much everyone in the Madhouse is now sporting this fresh new look.


So. Let’s take a tour, because things have shifted around a little bit.


This is what the cool kids are doing these days.


It’s totally awesome.


And super fun.




Yeah so that’s pretty much what we’ve got going on now. A fabulous post-apocalyptic crack house.


These three are like the only ones still on their feet right now.


Rigel has just woken up on the floor next to his daddy. He’s been waiting for something to eat, but his dad isn’t answering.


Sometimes Rush’s eyes open and he starts to mumble and flail, and then his eyes roll back into his head and he’s still again.

Rigel’s stomach contracts painfully, and he stands up to go try for mom’s attention.


Rigel: Mama. Mum.

She doesn’t answer. He tries to struggle up on to the bed, but only manages to bring the covers sliding to the floor with him.


He tries again to wake her, but can’t even reach to try to pull her eyes open.

Rigel: Mum.

His arms drop to his sides, and he toddles over to the door. The doorknob is so high, but he can reach it if he jumps. He hangs on, and it rotates, dropping him back to the floor. The door opens just a crack, and he wraps his little fingers around it and pulls it open.

Rigel repeats the process to escape from his dad’s office. Then it’s just a matter of sneaking around until he finds something to eat.


With everything laying out in the open these days, it doesn’t take long.


Noemi finds him some time later, and carries him back to her room to clean him off.

Soooo basically I feel like a monster for writing this stuff. It is seriously unpalatable.

I know what will make us all feel better.

That’s a nice thought to end on.


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