Chapter 3.14- Aggggghhhhkkk

21 Jan

Happy Wednesday! Last time, Rylo became Rylo instead of Rigel, and is a sneaky little survivor dude. He’s really good at finding food, and is sort of the main guy doing that for the other kids now.


Because they’re so glad he gets them food, they pretty much just let him sleep in the little room by himself now. He likes that, cause that’s what loners do.


Things in the basement don’t really change. Kids come and go. None of them really get close, they mostly just depend on each other for survival.

Rylo feels like he’s the only one who really makes an effort at survival anyways, the rest of the kids just sit around and wait for someone to put food in their hands.


He’s been getting better at setting little traps for the rats that plague the basement. It took a lot of trial and error, but Rylo had a lot of time on his hands to figure it out.


Trapping the rats serves two purposes. The most important is that the kids get a fresh meal that isn’t garbage, as well as not having scurrying little feet waking them up in the night.


Yeah so this shirt makes him look sorta chubby, but I swear he’s literally as skinny as a sims kid can get. Blame it on the ma-ma-ma-malnutrition.

But anyway, this is him sneaking out through the garage, which generally isn’t a problem. Sometimes a big man will aim a kick at him out of boredom, but if he’s quick about it he’s usually never bothered.


Sometimes he sees the woman he knows to be his mother. She’s always lying around somewhere different, and he feels no connection to her at all.


He knows he used to live with her upstairs and everyone loved him, but any memories he has of her are vague and jumbled.


He recognizes his father too. He knows his father used to lead this place, but it doesn’t seem like he’s in any fit state to be leading people now. Just as with his mother, he feels nothing for his emaciated father beyond a mild dislike.


After a bit of door opening, Rylo discovers what used to be an armory. He has a general idea of how guns work. At least, he knows you need bullets. There are no bullets left in this armory though, just the empty boxes they might once have been kept in.


Still, maybe noone will kick him if he has a gun to wave in their face. He picks up a handgun and secures it in his pocket.

You know how on most TV shows people never run out of bullets? And on apocalyptic shows like the Walking Dead, they still have bullets from god knows where, even though there shouldn’t be any left? Yeah, I’m not doing that. This world is out of bullets, guys. It’s been like sixty years now. There might be a few bullets left with the military, I dunno. But they don’t grow on trees anymore.


In the Madhouse, there’s no real way to know if it’s day or night. Currently it’s like 2 AM, but Rylo doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to spend all his life lying in the basement like the other kids. There’s a lot of world out there to see, and he plans to see it.


There are a lot less zombies running around Midnight Falls these days, mostly due to the military’s years of raids. Rylo has only ever seen them from a distance, but he’s sure he’s faster than they could be.


He comes to a crumbling wall and climbs over into an old cemetary. Walking over the dead doesn’t scare him, at least they’re deep under the ground.


He runs through the quiet graveyard. The sun seems to be lightening the sky now.


As he runs towards the crypts, he sees a hidden treasure. Grapes!


Yeah so I have this mod where my kids can harvest shit, and it looks like this. Oscar did it in generation 1, and it’s still just as weird.


Regardless, he wolfs them down and picks as much as his pockets will hold. They’re not very filling, but at least it’s something in his stomach. Maybe there are more somewhere. He slips around the corner to keep searching the graveyard.


And holy shit balls, he nearly runs straight into a zombie. The thing is slow, but it immediately lurches after him. Adrenaline shoots through his veins, and he whips around and runs for his life.


He just manages to scramble over the fence as the growling zombie closes the distance.


Unable to follow him over the fence, it reaches hungrily out for him. Rylo stares in shock at the hideous wasted body.


He knows that at any moment it could topple right over the fence and get back to its feet, but this is the first time he’s ever seen one up close before.

Rylo: Hello?

Drooly chick: Agggghhhkkk! Raaaaghhh!


The thing shows no more understanding of his greeting than if he’d said hello to a tree. He watches it extend its body, desperately grasping for him. The stench of rot permeates his sinuses. It gnashes its decayed teeth, and dark red saliva flies wildly out from between its menacing lips.

He shudders, and turns back for the Madhouse.


Back in the basement, everyone is extremely grateful for the few grapes Rylo was able to bring back. They are initially skeptical, and most of them have never even seen grapes before. After the first bite, they’re all sold, and greedily eat the few they are given.


Despite knowing the threat looming outside the Madhouse walls, Rylo firmly prefers the great outdoors. He knows that unlike everyone stuck inside walls, he’s quick and clever.


He knows that he’ll always be able to appreciate the beautiful things, and he’ll also be able to kill the ugly things.


Although the first fire he built was with matches, he quickly learns how to light some dry grass by aiming sunlight through a small bit of broken glass.


He discovers that most foods are much better after roasting for a few minutes, and the kids downstairs are always grateful for a bit of warm meat or vegetables.


The Madhouse is situated just next to a slow moving river. Rylo doesn’t know anything about catching fish, but the air coming off the water is refreshingly cool.


He groans in the summer heat. A dip in the river would feel really great right now, even if he’s not sure he can swim.


But luckily, this is the sims, where everyone can swim just fine.


He strips down and throws himself into the water, and gets immediate relief from the heat. He can feel the dirt falling away from his body, and vigorously scrubs his face with his hands. Then he holds his head back in the water and runs his fingers through his matted hair as best he can. He emerges from the water totally clean for the first time in years, and dries off in the summer sun.


Rylo then gets to work on checking his outdoor traps. The rodents he can catch outside are much better than the rats from the basement.


I love how my shitty graphics card makes all small animals look like origami. I wish I was doing this legacy with an amazing custom built machine. But alas, I have to use my old overworked HP laptop from years ago. So I’m sorry that this legacy doesn’t have beautiful quality graphics. I guess we’re pretty far into generation 3 now, so if anyone cared about my graphics they’d have left a long time ago.



There is NOTHING wrong with eating small mammals raw. Right?

Daryl: Right.


At this point, Rylo knows he’s too small to take on a zombie without some sort of long range weapon. Sometimes he gets himself into sticky situations, but he quickly becomes an expert hider, and an even better runner.


He’s cute, and badass, and damaged, and I love him. Poor kiddo had to grow up so fast, but he’s becoming pretty self reliant. I would actually say that he’s probably the first true ‘child of the apocalypse’. Oscar and Noemi were both so encompassed in some sort of civilization that they never really had to deal with the consequences of the plague. Rylo’s all alone, so he’s got no choice.

Also, I don’t think zombies have even mattered in this legacy since like, Velma was around at least. Soooo screw that, I’m bringing zombies back. The idea was that the military had greatly removed the threat of zombies in Moonlight Falls by killing most of them, but now the military have sort of backed off since the rebels quit doing anything noteworthy. Moonlight Falls is sort of a ghost town now, and I’m actually kind of thinking of introducing a new area for the Yu legacy.

Which means, new zombies!! And in honour of these lovely ghouls, here’s the pictures of what my zombie pose pack did to their faces!!




Lollllll. Good job to whoever made this, I love the gnarly eye thing. Nyan cat zombie’s looking properly disgusting here.

Bye guys!!


2 Responses to “Chapter 3.14- Aggggghhhhkkk”

  1. notjustabook January 22, 2015 at 10:49 am #

    I love Rylo, too! Poor kid. But he’s such a clever little guy.
    I have mentioned I’m so glad you’re back, right? ‘Cause I am.

    • thronepie January 22, 2015 at 12:20 pm #

      I’m glad too!!

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