3.18- Some Kind of Pervert

4 Feb

Well hey! I’m so stoked you guys, it’s almost Gen 4, and I’ve got so much planned out. I actually have the general course of life planned out for all ten generations now, if you can believe that.

And I dunno if this is weird, but have you checked out Rylo’s arms lately? Helloooo muscles.


Pheuw. Stop it, sims.


Last we left him, he had put together this sweet little gift thing for Kayliss, and was waiting for her to come be blown away and swept off her feet and all that. However, she still hadn’t shown up by nightfall, so Rylo had his dinner.


It’s well into the night now, and Rylo has fallen asleep in his chair.


The sun is coming up over the hills, and Rylo’s fire has long gone out. The apples and flowers still sit untouched.


As the morning light filters through his eyelids, Rylo stirs. He gingerly sits up in the chair, as his slouched sleep has left him with a painfully kinked neck and a sore back. Looking around at his empty camp Rylo begins to feel the first flittings of nervousness in the pit of his stomach.


Hoping it’s just hunger, Rylo spears some meat on a stick and is soon enjoying his breakfast.


Unfortunately, filling his stomach with food does nothing to relieve the growing sense of unease. Could Kayliss have gotten herself hurt or killed?


Rylo spends the better part of the day on high hills, trying to see any sign of Kayliss through the foggy air.


His view is so obscured by misty gloom that Rylo takes to the streets of Midnight Falls, something he never does.


Frustrated and dejected, he returns to business as usual. Although he’s anxious for Kayliss’ safety, all he can do in this weather is keep an eye out around him as he travels and sets his traps.

Three days pass in this way, with no sign of Kayliss.


It rains often, sending Rylo retreating under a tree or into a shelter, putting an end to his search. Sometimes he allows himself to fish in the vain hope that it might take his mind off Kayliss. Perhaps it’s the nasty weather, or maybe the fish can sense his nerves, but Rylo catches nothing.


And his mind is never far away for long.


Although the sun hasn’t been out to wither the apples, they have turned brown and soft. The flowers are weak and wilted, and their scent has grown very faint. Rylo knows the gifts are ruined, but can’t bring himself to get rid of them.


Today Rylo is patrolling the bank of the lake. He tells himself he’s just checking out his traps, but in truth he’s walked right past two of them already, and his concentration is completely focused on finding Kayliss.


Stepping out onto a cliff, he hears the sounds of cheerful voices carrying across the water. He stops and squints.


It seems to be a small group of travelling survivors. Two are fishing, while the other three laugh and joke together on the beach. As he examines them, his stomach plummets.


Rylo recognizes that strawberry blonde hair and the light, tinkling laugh.


He thinks about approaching the group, or just walking off and never coming back. Unsure, he ducks into the bushes and continues watching.


It’s not long before the group gather up their things and walk off into the trees. Rylo creeps silently after them. Finally they reach a clearing and busy themselves with cooking the fish they caught.


Rylo steps carefully through the underbrush, finding himself a good vantage point where he can see the group.


Yeah, so invisible chairs happened here. I don’t know why, I couldn’t fix it.

Anyway, all these guys are talking and laughing around a fire. Kayliss seems particularly caught up in giggling with the guy next to her.


She sits on the table next to him with her arm wrapped around him. The boy holds onto her possessively, and occasionally calls out commands and joking taunts to the others in the group. Kayliss vies for his attention, and Rylo watches in horror as she runs her hands through his hair, kisses his neck, massages his shoulders. He accepts the attention coolly, as though it is his right and he is more than used to it.


Girl: Somebody’s in there!

Rylo panics, and the other members of the group rise to their feet.


The boy Kayliss had been kissing leaps arrogantly onto the seat of the picnic table and shouts.

Douchey dude: I see him! Hey dickwad, step the fuck out of those bushes where I can see you!


For a moment Rylo considers doing the exact opposite of what Kayliss’ supposed boyfriend wants, but one look at the well-muscled guy holding an axe changes his mind. Rylo steps out of the bushes and into the clearing.


The group of five stare at him coldly. Kayliss especially looks at his with distaste.

Douche: So what is he, some kind of pervert?

Girl: Probably, who the fuck stares at people like that?

Douche: Jesus, and he was watching me make out with Kayliss and everything! The guy’s a fucking psycho!


At this point Rylo knows he can only hope that one person will vouch for him.

Rylo: Kayliss…

He falters, unsure how to plead his case.


Douche: Kayliss, do you know this asshole?


Kayliss: I don’t know, he’s just some weird loner.

Douche: You think he’s got a thing for you or something?

Kayliss: Maybe, I don’t know.

Douche: Fuck, what a loser.


Rylo listens to Kayliss’ venom, and his shock and hurt change into a cold rage.


He forgets entirely about the guy with the axe, and the cocky leader, and Kayliss. He doesn’t turn around for one last look. He doesn’t even turn around to see if they’re following him. He puts his trust in his legs, and the ground beneath his feet, and his own hate to carry him away.


He emerges at the beach dripping with cool sweat. He stops for a second, but is unable to stop his tirade. The flowers and the apples sit so innocently on the stool, mocking his stupidity.


With a roar he gives the whole arrangement a hard kick. Still full of angry energy, he crushes the apples, the flowers, even the stool under his feet.


He destroys the fire pit, kicking logs in every direction. Then he gathers up every piece of his ruined camp and flings it into the rushing river.


Nothing remains of his beach camp but splinters and strewn flowers. After the intensity of his outburst, Rylo stands perfectly still on the beach, listening to the soft sounds of crickets and river and leaves.


He calls up his mental image of Moonlight Falls. He can see the Madhouse, where he was born into insanity and left alone to make sense of it. He sees this beach camp, which was once his personal paradise but now tormented him with painful memories. The graveyard, where like an idiot he picked flowers and apples for a girl who was only ever just using him. And now he thinks of the clearing, and Kayliss’ hateful expression.

Rylo would never find peace in this town with such torturous memories all around him. Tonight would be his last raid on the Madhouse, and hopefully his last night in Moonlight Falls.


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