Chapter 4.1- Zombie Syphilis

22 Feb

You guys.

Can you believe it??

I mean can you really believe it??

Generation four you guys. FOUR. (4).

It’s a huge deal, and there are some huge changes happening. So before we go back to Rylo’s story, I’ve got some stuffs to address.


Rylo: I don’t mind waiting. I’m contemplating the contemplativity of contemplation.

What up, broody trait.


Thing #1: We have a new world!! And this stunning new location made by some stunning person is called Roseward! If you click that, it’ll take you there and then maybe you can download it too.

This is the general gist of it. I’m really loving that it gives me some inspiration and does most of my set-building work for me.

Thing #2: Do not panic. I brought Oscar, Sam, and Joey (plus the wives) along for the ride.


I settled them in these identical little houses next to each other by the sea. As far as the story’s concerned they’re all still living happily in Moonlight Falls. But this way they can ride the Story Progression train and hopefully pop out all kinds of lil babies.

Also, this is awkward, but my game deleted Jemyn. No clue what happened there. But I’ve just now decided that according to the Zombies and Yu canon, she passed away peacefully of an aneurysm shortly after Joey’s wedding and that’s really all I can tell you.

Thing #3: It finally happened. This became a thing, and I have it.

You guys, it’s default replacement skin for zombies. Holy shitballs, my zombies can actually be scary now. They are superstars, and they will make their gruesome debut later in this chapter.

I’m not sure how to address the drastic upgrade of the zombies within the context of the story, so chalk it up to whatever your imagination likes best. Natural decay processes, funky fumes in the Roseward air, zombie syphilis, whatever feels right for you.


Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s hop right in. Last time we saw Rylo, he was getting the hell outta dodge, aka Moonlight Falls. He told himself he would wander the roads until he found somewhere worth staying, and he’s been wandering ever since. The cuts, bruises, and broken ribs from his last raid on the Madhouse have long since healed, and each day on the road blends into the next.


He’s mostly been living off the roots and berries by the roadside, and has gotten pretty good at launching his knife at squirrels and small birds that are brave enough to come within a few meters of him.


He doesn’t like to remember the last time a human was brave enough to come near him. Each time he feels Kayliss or the Madhouse slipping into his thoughts he picks up his pace. Focusing on the heavy impact of his feet against the ground keeps the weight off his mind.


Mostly for variety on the unchanging roads, he stops at abandoned buildings to explore and scrounge for supplies. Sleeping under a roof is an added but unnecessary bonus.


Getting spooked by hiding zombies would be bad, but getting surprised by hiding people would be much worse. Rylo pulls his knife out of his pocket and steps silently through the collapsing door frame.


This abandoned house is no different than every other abandoned house, with its rotting furniture strewn about and rodent nests piling up in the corners. Rylo steps gingerly on the ancient floors as he makes his way to the kitchen cabinets. Even after all these years there are still sometimes useful items stashed away.


Rylo pulls with all his weight on the old drawers, and breaks most of them in the process. The ones that don’t contain animal nests have been picked clean by other scavengers, and Rylo only manages to collect a roll of twine and some old paper he might be able to use as tinder for a fire.


A floorboard creaks, and Rylo whirls around to be met with a hurried scuffling and rasping wheezes.


Rylo slams back against the cabinets and looks wildly for an exit. The kitchen windows are gaping mouths with teeth of jagged glass that might hurt him more than the zombies. As he steps to back away he trips and hurtles through the air to meet the hard tile below. Corroded metal resonates like the clash of a gong as Rylo’s head connects with the oven door.


Immediately the first zombie is on top of him with the second close behind. Rylo thrashes and writhes away from the zombies’ gnashing jaws, and-

But these zombies are the best, most super duper dope-ass looking zombies of ALL TIME (in this legacy).


Rylo: …….

Thanks, Yeez.


Unexpectedly Rylo feels the zombie’s weight sliding off him, and he scrambles to safety in the corner.


The waif-like corpse is right on his heels, but he has just enough time to get a firm footing before she closes in.


Dead Granny: Hey bae.


Rylo: *stabby stab stab murder face*

Dead Granny: *dies*


As the subdued corpse falls heavily to the floor, Rylo takes notice of the other zombie prostrate in the dust. It seems entirely lifeless, but is somehow twitching from side to side, and seemingly not of its own accord. Rylo steps gingerly over Dead Granny and peers around the cabinets.


Rylo stares in shock at the sight of his savior enthusiastically gnawing at the zombie’s exposed heel bone.


Black and red slime oozes from punctures in the zombie’s flesh, and the massive dog, or perhaps tiny wolf, wallows elatedly in the putrid fluids.


For probably the first time in years Rylo is overcome with disbelief. He turns back into the kitchen and lowers himself into the grimy chair.


Finally, the exultant panting and cracking of bones stops, and the creature pads into the kitchen. For a moment Rylo wonders if it’s come to have a taste of him too, but it stands silently in front of him, sniffing the air.

Rylo: I guess I owe you, huh?


Rylo: Here, have something fresh.

He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out the squirrel carcass that he had meant to eat for dinner. Yes, he keeps those in his pockets, and you should too. Tentatively he holds the squirrel out for the dog, who takes it gently and then devours it whole.


He’s completely surprised with himself when he feels the desire to reach out and give the dog a pat on the head. He’s pretty sure he’s gone crazy, but the dog seems thrilled.

Rylo: What the hell am I even doing. Now I have no food.


As the day wanes Rylo rigs up a makeshift fishing rod from scraps around the old house. The stinking beast follows him every step of the way, and barks helpfully at the small fish Rylo manages to pull out of the water. Rylo eats the choice cuts of the fish raw, and amuses himself by throwing the guts through the air and into the dog’s waiting jaws.


Rylo’s new shadow follows him back into the house, and tears happily at the living room upholstery while Rylo tries to get some sleep.


Finally the dog seems to settle down, and we get this adorable scene.

Best. Slumber party. Ever.


Some time in the night Rylo feels the couch nearly give way, and then a huge weight settles onto his feet. He initially tries to kick it away, but the warmth is so nice he quickly settles back to sleep.

Total throwback to Daniel and Roscoe ❤ See ya next week guys!


3 Responses to “Chapter 4.1- Zombie Syphilis”

  1. notjustabook February 23, 2015 at 9:01 am #

    Aaaaw, what a cute doggie 😀 I’m hoping poor Rylo has a brighter future ahead. Tell him to read the comments so he doesn’t suffer a fate like poor Noemi!

    • thronepie February 23, 2015 at 10:21 am #

      I told him, but he said no one ever taught him how to read…

      • notjustabook February 24, 2015 at 12:43 am #

        Dang it! I blame Noemi.

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