Chapter 4.2- The Cuddly Puppy Bandwagon

1 Mar

Welcome back!

Let’s start out today’s update with some math. I’ve been thinking about how long it’s actually been since the zombie outbreak, and this is what I came up with. If Oscar was born about a year after the outbreak, and he probably had Noemi when he was 20ish (so 20 years after outbreak), and Noemi probably had Rylo when she was 20ish (40 years after outbreak), and Rylo is currently 18-20ish, then it’s been like 60 years.

Just thought I’d share that.


Rylo is exactly where we left him. The weather took a turn during the night, so now him and the dog are just sitting around brooding at the rain. But it’s all good, Rylo likes to brood.


So I guess Rylo started a trend or something, because Joey and Marina got a puppy!


It’s name is Sushi, and it’s a lil fluffer ball.


Shortly after that, Oscar jumped on the cuddly puppy bandwagon and got this little guy named Titus. I’ve never seen a more clueless looking creature in all of the sims games.


LOL, look what showed up in Rylo’s inventory when we moved worlds.


Toy: Love me.

Rylo: I do not love.

I sorta felt like it clashed with his general vibe, so I deleted it.


With nothing else to do in the damp little house, Rylo picks up an old book and begins flipping through the pages. The pictures interest him, and he can’t seem to figure out why so many people gathered around to watch men throw balls around.

It’s a sports book.


The rain slows, and Rylo closes the book. His head is starting to hurt from looking at all those strange little black marks swimming around on the pages. In another world, he’d probably be lysdexic or something.


The last few falling raindrops are illuminated in sunlight as Rylo leaves his shelter. He’s not surprised to hear his panting shadow trotting along behind him.


Around the corner he spots his breakfast. A little digging and he’s got himself a bland but filling meal.


He tosses a potato to the dog, but it takes one disinterested sniff before running off to frolic in the morning dew.


After a while Rylo gets kind of exasperated with how everywhere they go the dog has to stop and do goofy shit.


If you’ve never walked a dog off-leash, this is what it’s actually like.

You’ll wait around for a bit. Then, once you give up and just keep walking, your dog will eventually look up and realize how far ahead you are. It will probably freak out a bit, and run at full speed to catch up with you. Then it gets distracted again and the process repeats infinity billion times. The struggle is real, and Rylo is living it.


They turn the corner around an abandoned building and take this lovely lady by surprise.


Looks like she’s feeling peckish today, so Rylo pulls out his knife and gets ready for a scuffle.


His knife is hardly halfway out of his pocket before a grey streak shoots ahead and plows down the zombie. Rylo rushes forward, ready to help out.


By the time he makes it over the zombie is still, and the dog is joyously batting the lifeless head back and forth.


Rylo sinks to his knees and gives the dog another pat on the head.

Rylo: Good doggy risking your life for my sorry ass! Way to go!


Rylo gives the dog’s belly a good scratch, and nearly gets his eye gouged out by a huge twitching leg. The dog’s tongue lolls happily out the side of it’s grinning mouth.

Rylo: Put your tongue away, you’re making us both look dumb.


Rylo plods up the hill feeling lighter than he has in years, with his buddy trotting just a few steps behind him. Then, Rylo gets a ridiculous idea. He stops in his tracks, and whirls around.


Rylo: Ima getchu! You better run, Smiler! I’m coming to get you!


Smiler barks and races up the next hill. Rylo tears after the dog, and is quickly exhausted.


He slows to a jog as Smiler becomes a grey speck against the golden hillside.

Rylo: Ima getchu Smiler! Keep running!


Smiler slows to wait for him, and then picks up the pace again when Rylo closes in.

Rylo feels the wind blowing up the hillside, and can smell the freshness of the nearby lake. The bright sunlight makes everything around him feel so alive as he breathes warm clean air deep into his lungs.


And then suddenly it all goes wrong. Smiler drops, and Rylo registers the thick black bolt embedded deep into her shoulder.


He looks wildly around, searching for the source, and locks eyes with a pack.


The man lowers his crossbow, and together the three hunters come running towards their fresh kill. Rylo holds his ground and focuses on turning angry sobs into deep heavy breaths.


The woman makes it to the dog first, and plunges her knife deep into its skull. Smiler’s last twitches stop, and her suffering ends.


Rylo glares harshly at the group, and prepares himself in case of a fight. The man slings his bow onto his back and steps forward.


Guy: Shit, man, I’m sorry. I didn’t even see you when I shot, but that was your wolf-dog-thing, wasn’t it?

Ever the stoic, Rylo stays silent.

Guy: Listen, we can try to make it up to you. I have people who know how to tan a hide, and we’ll give you that and any meat or bones you want as well.

Rylo: …

Guy: I wish I could get you a new dog, man, but I don’t have one of those. Let me know how we can make it up to you. We have food, and a decent amount of safety in numbers.


Rylo: I’ll take the hide. How long?

Guy: The process takes a few days, our group would be glad to feed you and let you stick around for that time. If you’re not crazy and you want to stay afterwards that can probably be arranged too.

Rylo: I don’t want to stay with you. I want one more thing.


Guy: Sure, shoot.

Rylo: I want your bow.


The man and woman behind the leader start to laugh, and he lets out a chuckle before continuing.

Guy: Buddy, that’s a very tall order. I’d hate to part with it.

Rylo: Then we have a problem.

Guy: No, listen, it’ll just take an extra deal. You stick with our group for, say, two fortnights. Til the next full moon. You seem like a pretty tough guy, so you work with us and help us out with whatever we need, and if you can do that, you’ve got your hide and a shiny new crossbow.


Guy: Fair?

Rylo looks down at the outstretched hand and considers.


Rylo: Deal.

Guy: Cool. I’m Harlan.

Rylo: Rylo.


Harlan whistles and the group moves out. Following along, Rylo can already feel the oppressive closeness of being surrounded by people, but focusing on Harlan’s powerful crossbow keeps him steady in his resolve.

Fun chapter right?? Next week our silent hero meets his new roommates. That’s actually the twist for the next season of The Real World. They’re all secretly a bunch of assholes trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It probably wouldn’t be much different from The Real World now.


2 Responses to “Chapter 4.2- The Cuddly Puppy Bandwagon”

  1. notjustabook March 1, 2015 at 11:05 am #

    Poor little doggie 😦 And there I was, starting to like it… You know you’re a writer when you make people like a character and then unceremoniously kills it off. Congrats.

    • thronepie March 1, 2015 at 11:29 am #

      Thanks. I’m a game of thrones fan.

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