Chapter 4.7- Nice Bum Where Ya From

30 Mar

Hello! If you don’t remember, last time Rylo was surrounded by spooky trees and spooky zombies and was having some wacko hallucinations due to being accidentally high as ballz.

Sooo I don’t wanna give anything away but… you know how Zombies and Yu occasionally has R rated posts? This chapter has the same likelihood of being R rated as any other chapter. So it may or may not contain adult elements.

Hint: It does.



Rylo lurches through the smoky, bitter air, groaning and growling with the crowd. It’s so much easier being one of the undead. No thoughts, no feelings, no hurt, no hatred. Just two feet shuffling around on a hillside.


For the first time, a thought invades his mind in the form of vague awareness at being at the top of the hill. Rylo’s innocent emptiness pushes him onward.


The building ahead seems to be falling in on itself, and Rylo presses thoughtlessly on towards a hole in the crumbling foundations.


The pungent smoky aroma is less strong here, and allows Rylo’s consciousness to struggle back to the forefront. The world is still foggy and distorted, but Rylo begins to feel more in control, more aware of his surroundings.

As badass as Rylo looks, I just realized… Tonto, is that you?

I’ve never even seen The Lone Ranger and don’t plan to, so I was having a hard time figuring out why that last picture of Rylo screamed Johnny Depp to me. IMDB answered that question for me.


Feeling more in control of his legs, Rylo creeps in through the opening in the foundations. The inside of the house seems to be emitting more of the same flickering firelight as the outside.


Interspersed among the rubble of the caved-in basement is, strangely, pots and pots of leafy plants. Rylo’s thoughts come slow and thick, and the concept of caution escapes him. He staggers curiously around the corner, and is stopped in his tracks by the strangest sight he’s seen all night.


At the end of a long room stands a glisteningly white woman, arms extended with shimmering hair cascading down her figure.


Rylo stands rooted to the spot, and an expression of total shock and wonder takes over his face. He wants to back away, to escape, but the dancing girl is the most graceful thing he’s ever seen and his clouded mind can’t seem to get his feet to move.


His head pounds, and he stares on at the slow, elegant movements. The flickering firelight gleaming against her hair seems to lend the girl an ethereal glow.


Rylo wonders how she hasn’t seen him yet. Will she scream? Will she attack? All of these questions enter his mind, but none seem to matter now that he is entirely at the mercy of the painfully lovely scene ahead.


He’s not even startled when she calmly gazes back at him. His dazed mind hungers only to stay, to watch, to know this creature dancing by firelight.


Silently she steps towards him. Her ice coloured eyes pierce his, and she runs a hand up his arm.

Rylo shivers at her touch, and stands perfectly still but unafraid.


And then she presses herself to him, and the world smells of bitter smoke and tastes of spices. Rylo’s normally unyielding mind forgets to resist, and he allows himself to be taken along.


It’s very much the same as outside in that his consciousness keeps going in and out of focus, but this time rather than cold numbness Rylo is filled with warm, syrupy desire. The entirety of existence seems to be her lips against his and the curtains of golden hair wrapped around them.


He’s unsure if it’s been hours or minutes, but every time he comes up for breath they seem to be somewhere new, with her fingers dancing on his cheek and her hot breath on his neck.


Somehow he finds himself up the stairs, onto what must have once been the first floor. The entire place is filled with strange things, but what he sees in front of him takes his breath away.


Rylo’s limbs seem to turn to water and his mouth goes dry. His breath speeds up, quick and shallow. Her whole body seems to glow from the firelight and he aches to bury himself in her hair.


But it’s her who grabs him by the front of his shirt and pulls him over, across the room. Rylo winds his fingers through her hair and lets her run hers up under his shirt.


Again Rylo’s mind feels full of fog and sand and water and he’s not sure what comes next, but she’s sure, and pushes him down onto the creaking bed.


And then he’s just as sure as she is, and everything is skin and firelight and sweet, heavy smoke.


She falls asleep almost immediately afterwards. Rylo fights sleep for as long as he can, drinking in the sight of her breathing softly next to him. The eastern sky is just turning the blue of her eyes as Rylo’s finally close.

OHMYGOD did I really just write that. What.

Half of me is like dayum baby get it but the other half is five years old and like eww stahp. This might be the last and only super sexy sex scene I ever write. Too much sex.

Do you know what sex makes?


Babbies. That’s how babby is formed.

This one is named Reuben Yu and he belongs to Joey and Marina. They originally named him Reginald but then I was like, fuck that. So I changed it to the first decent R name that popped into my head. Reuben is a brave natural cook. I assume that means he’s totally okay with using really big knives when cutting vegetables. I always get so nervous, but this lil baby don’t give a shit.


It’s a pretty nice morning, and Rylo is sleeping right through it. He’s down under the triangle thing somewhere.


There he is.

Nice bum where ya from.


The bright sunlight flooding in through the windows gently eases Rylo awake, and he rolls over to figure out where he is. The fires burn low in the barrels, and the smoke sits much lighter in the room. Though still groggy, Rylo is able to piece together what happened last night. He remembers the boy in the warehouse, the stew, running up the lighted hillside.


Suddenly it all comes back to him and he leaps from the bed and scrambles for his clothes. His heart rate slows a little when he realizes he’s alone, but he is still filled by the need to be far away from here.

Also, sorry guys, but Rylo’s coin slot is in every damn shot and there’s nothing I can do about it. Let’s all just accept it and revel in its glory.


Once dressed, Rylo puts off departure for a moment to satisfy his curiosity. He creeps back into the caved-in basement and heads for the potted plants. One breath in answers his question. The leaves are thick and oily, and give off the same strong scent as the flames in the barrel. Knowing how far they took his mind last night, Rylo makes a mental note to avoid those from now on.


He takes one last look before departing out what must once have been the front door.


As soon as he’s away from the flames Rylo breathes the fresh cold air in deep to clear his hazy mind. In no time he’s back to his same old routine of trekking solo through the wasteland, with no goal other than forward.


Aaaaand that’s the end, I’ll leave you with this nice last lil shot.

Yeah so that was crazy as hell, I don’t know. Sorry for posting a day late, I was on a trip and didn’t get back until late last night.


4 Responses to “Chapter 4.7- Nice Bum Where Ya From”

  1. Kate March 31, 2015 at 2:22 pm #

    Haha, coin slot.

  2. Echo Weaver April 1, 2015 at 9:11 am #

    So he really did have sex with a beautiful woman. Huh. Or at least there was a beautiful woman. I wonder what actually played out.

  3. ixot April 13, 2015 at 5:15 am #

    “Reuben is a brave natural cook. I assume that means he’s totally okay with using really big knives when cutting vegetables. I always get so nervous, but this lil baby don’t give a shit.” – LOL! That’s exactly what it means. Has to be! So funny to be a natural cook coming out of the womb.

    I’m going to admit here, sim sexy times isn’t my favourite as far as story themes go, but that’s OK, there are two teams on the subject obviously. And I think you did a good job, for what it’s worth. The whole thing made me think of that Sonic Youth album Confusion Is Sex. 😉 I liked her house, it was cool. Especially the bookcases along the wall and the missing floor, that was a nice touch.

    Rylo did look like Tonto there, haha

    • thronepie April 13, 2015 at 11:46 am #

      I also don’t like writing about sims getting it on, but I kind of had to for the story. There was no way I could see around it, and once I’ve thought it up I feel like I have to make it happen.

      It’s not something I’m going to do often, it makes me uncomfortable just writing it!

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