Generation One- Daniel Yu


Chapter 1.1- A Restless Night

Chapter 1.2- Shoot Em Dead

Chapter 1.3- One Ugly Skank

Chapter 1.4- Crossbows and Ramen

Chapter 1.5- Return of the Immortal Gutter Slut

Chapter 1.6- Shitttt

Chapter 1.7- Rotten Body Goo

Chapter 1.8- Swamp Ass

Chapter 1.9- Baked Flesh

Chapter 1.10- Squish the Guts Around

Chapter 1.11- The Joys of Liquor

Chapter 1.12- Fresh Fish

Generation Two- Oscar Yu


Chapter 2.1- Man-Arms

Chapter 2.2- Watch and Learn

Chapter 2.3- The Darkest Timeline

Chapter 2.4- Inappropriate Touching

Chapter 2.5- Guns Out

Chapter 2.6- The Four Best Friends

Chapter 2.7- Redneck Swag

Chapter 2.8- Tighty Whities

Chapter 2.9- Toe Disease

Chapter 2.10- Bro Hugs

Chapter 2.11- Looking Alive

Chapter 2.12- AND WE DANCED.

Chapter 2.13- Sweaty Pheromones

Chapter 2.14- Smells Like Roadkill

Chapter 2.15- War Cry

Chapter 2.16- Thug Face

Chapter 2-17- Loin Fruit

Chapter 2.18- Exited 2 Party

Chapter 2.19- Freaky Giraffe Thing

Chapter 2.20- No Clothes and a Pool Cue

Chapter 2.21- Octopus Wranglin

Generation Three- Noemi Yu


Chapter 3.1A- Sick Beatz

Chapter 3.1B- Sober as a Bird

Chapter 3.2- El Jefe

Chapter 3.3- Taco You’re Drunk

Chapter 3.4- Life is Normal

Chapter 3.5- Beer Thirty

Chapter 3.6- Angels on Steroids

Chapter 3.7- Shameless Groping

Chapter 3.8- Infinite Backrubs

Chapter 3.9- Vampire Skin

Chapter 3.10- Ladykiller

Chapter 3.11- Junkie Face

Chapter 3.12- Wy-ol

Chapter 3.13- Eating Garbage

Chapter 3.14- Aggggghhhhkkk

Chapter 3.15- Power Donut Zombie

Chapter 3.16- Girlish Giggles

Chapter 3.17- Unseducable

Chapter 3.18- Some Kind of Pervert

Chapter 3.19- Human Stench and Mold

Generation Four- Rylo Yu

4A- Rylo

Chapter 4.1- Zombie Syphilis

Chapter 4.2- The Cuddly Puppy Bandwagon

Chapter 4.3- Cat Meat

Chapter 4.4- Stupid Dumb Dream Bubbles

Chapter 4.5- Flesh and Cartilage

Chapter 4.6- Not For The Kids

Chapter 4.7- Nice Bum Where Ya From

Chapter 4.8- The Post-Apocalyptic Walk Of Shame

Chapter 4.9- Blood-Covered Hands

Chapter 4.10- Birth Fluids

Chapter 4.11- Noxious Smog

Chapter 4.12- How Do You Like Them Road Apples

Chapter 4.13- That Dead Dog On Your Head

Chapter 4.14- Theatrics and Absurdity

Chapter 4.15- Direct Harassment

Chapter 4.16- Sorta Kinda Child Abusey

Chapter 4.17- Horrific Crimes Against Fashion

Generation Five- Briony Yu


Chapter 5.1- Slimy Green Algae

Chapter 5.2- Human Gristle

Chapter 5.3- Undead Minotaur

Chapter 5.4- A Smart Slap on the Rump

Chapter 5.5- Something Called Bread

Chapter 5.6- Milk-Heavy Udders

Chapter 5.7- Clammy Dead Skin

Chapter 5.8- 100 Duck-Sized Horses

If the link isn’t in, that means it’s coming soon =)


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