Chapter 4.1- Zombie Syphilis

22 Feb

You guys.

Can you believe it??

I mean can you really believe it??

Generation four you guys. FOUR. (4).

It’s a huge deal, and there are some huge changes happening. So before we go back to Rylo’s story, I’ve got some stuffs to address.


Rylo: I don’t mind waiting. I’m contemplating the contemplativity of contemplation.

What up, broody trait.


Thing #1: We have a new world!! And this stunning new location made by some stunning person is called Roseward! If you click that, it’ll take you there and then maybe you can download it too.

This is the general gist of it. I’m really loving that it gives me some inspiration and does most of my set-building work for me.

Thing #2: Do not panic. I brought Oscar, Sam, and Joey (plus the wives) along for the ride.


I settled them in these identical little houses next to each other by the sea. As far as the story’s concerned they’re all still living happily in Moonlight Falls. But this way they can ride the Story Progression train and hopefully pop out all kinds of lil babies.

Also, this is awkward, but my game deleted Jemyn. No clue what happened there. But I’ve just now decided that according to the Zombies and Yu canon, she passed away peacefully of an aneurysm shortly after Joey’s wedding and that’s really all I can tell you.

Thing #3: It finally happened. This became a thing, and I have it.

You guys, it’s default replacement skin for zombies. Holy shitballs, my zombies can actually be scary now. They are superstars, and they will make their gruesome debut later in this chapter.

I’m not sure how to address the drastic upgrade of the zombies within the context of the story, so chalk it up to whatever your imagination likes best. Natural decay processes, funky fumes in the Roseward air, zombie syphilis, whatever feels right for you.


Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s hop right in. Last time we saw Rylo, he was getting the hell outta dodge, aka Moonlight Falls. He told himself he would wander the roads until he found somewhere worth staying, and he’s been wandering ever since. The cuts, bruises, and broken ribs from his last raid on the Madhouse have long since healed, and each day on the road blends into the next.


He’s mostly been living off the roots and berries by the roadside, and has gotten pretty good at launching his knife at squirrels and small birds that are brave enough to come within a few meters of him.


He doesn’t like to remember the last time a human was brave enough to come near him. Each time he feels Kayliss or the Madhouse slipping into his thoughts he picks up his pace. Focusing on the heavy impact of his feet against the ground keeps the weight off his mind.


Mostly for variety on the unchanging roads, he stops at abandoned buildings to explore and scrounge for supplies. Sleeping under a roof is an added but unnecessary bonus.


Getting spooked by hiding zombies would be bad, but getting surprised by hiding people would be much worse. Rylo pulls his knife out of his pocket and steps silently through the collapsing door frame.


This abandoned house is no different than every other abandoned house, with its rotting furniture strewn about and rodent nests piling up in the corners. Rylo steps gingerly on the ancient floors as he makes his way to the kitchen cabinets. Even after all these years there are still sometimes useful items stashed away.


Rylo pulls with all his weight on the old drawers, and breaks most of them in the process. The ones that don’t contain animal nests have been picked clean by other scavengers, and Rylo only manages to collect a roll of twine and some old paper he might be able to use as tinder for a fire.


A floorboard creaks, and Rylo whirls around to be met with a hurried scuffling and rasping wheezes.


Rylo slams back against the cabinets and looks wildly for an exit. The kitchen windows are gaping mouths with teeth of jagged glass that might hurt him more than the zombies. As he steps to back away he trips and hurtles through the air to meet the hard tile below. Corroded metal resonates like the clash of a gong as Rylo’s head connects with the oven door.


Immediately the first zombie is on top of him with the second close behind. Rylo thrashes and writhes away from the zombies’ gnashing jaws, and-

But these zombies are the best, most super duper dope-ass looking zombies of ALL TIME (in this legacy).


Rylo: …….

Thanks, Yeez.


Unexpectedly Rylo feels the zombie’s weight sliding off him, and he scrambles to safety in the corner.


The waif-like corpse is right on his heels, but he has just enough time to get a firm footing before she closes in.


Dead Granny: Hey bae.


Rylo: *stabby stab stab murder face*

Dead Granny: *dies*


As the subdued corpse falls heavily to the floor, Rylo takes notice of the other zombie prostrate in the dust. It seems entirely lifeless, but is somehow twitching from side to side, and seemingly not of its own accord. Rylo steps gingerly over Dead Granny and peers around the cabinets.


Rylo stares in shock at the sight of his savior enthusiastically gnawing at the zombie’s exposed heel bone.


Black and red slime oozes from punctures in the zombie’s flesh, and the massive dog, or perhaps tiny wolf, wallows elatedly in the putrid fluids.


For probably the first time in years Rylo is overcome with disbelief. He turns back into the kitchen and lowers himself into the grimy chair.


Finally, the exultant panting and cracking of bones stops, and the creature pads into the kitchen. For a moment Rylo wonders if it’s come to have a taste of him too, but it stands silently in front of him, sniffing the air.

Rylo: I guess I owe you, huh?


Rylo: Here, have something fresh.

He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out the squirrel carcass that he had meant to eat for dinner. Yes, he keeps those in his pockets, and you should too. Tentatively he holds the squirrel out for the dog, who takes it gently and then devours it whole.


He’s completely surprised with himself when he feels the desire to reach out and give the dog a pat on the head. He’s pretty sure he’s gone crazy, but the dog seems thrilled.

Rylo: What the hell am I even doing. Now I have no food.


As the day wanes Rylo rigs up a makeshift fishing rod from scraps around the old house. The stinking beast follows him every step of the way, and barks helpfully at the small fish Rylo manages to pull out of the water. Rylo eats the choice cuts of the fish raw, and amuses himself by throwing the guts through the air and into the dog’s waiting jaws.


Rylo’s new shadow follows him back into the house, and tears happily at the living room upholstery while Rylo tries to get some sleep.


Finally the dog seems to settle down, and we get this adorable scene.

Best. Slumber party. Ever.


Some time in the night Rylo feels the couch nearly give way, and then a huge weight settles onto his feet. He initially tries to kick it away, but the warmth is so nice he quickly settles back to sleep.

Total throwback to Daniel and Roscoe <3 See ya next week guys!

Chapter 3.19- Human Stench and Mold

16 Feb

Sorry for disappearing for two weeks! Life got busy.

So, oh my god, welcome to the last chapter for this generation. Oh my god. If you can’t remember what happened last time, go read it. Rylo’s pretty damn emotional right now.


Once arrived at the Madhouse, Rylo lifts the garage door and sneaks underneath, just as he has been doing since he was a small child.


He steps soundlessly through the back room. The air is thick with human stench and mold. Rylo shivers at the unsettling atmosphere produced by all the souls he knows were lost in this ruined place. He sets his unease aside and walks resolutely into the stinking central room.


Leech: Well fuck me, it’s this little twat again.

Nixon: Come here boy, we’ve got a bone to pick with you.

Rylo spins around to retreat.


The huge man stands before Rylo, having crept so quietly for a man of his size. Rylo knows this man. He knows that this man is responsible for the assortment of stray body parts that sometimes found their way into the dumpsters out back.


Rylo’s chances of escaping out the back are slim to none. He backs up against the wall, and is pursued by the first three men.


Leech: Now slow down pony, we don’t mean to spook you. We’re just not too happy about all our shit that’s gone missing over the years.

Nixon: Honestly, we probably do mean to spook you.

Leech: Yeah, I lied, we do. Listen, get the fuck over here, so we can get what we’re owed.


They advance towards him. Rylo bolts, making for the nearest door. His shoulder slams up against it, and he tries the handle. The door bursts open, and he throws himself in.


Frantically he locks the door shut and holds his weight against it to keep the men from entering. They don’t seem interested in coming after him though, and he can hear their uproarious laughter through the door.


He remembers this room. This was his father’s office, where his parents used to get high and leave him to starve for as long as they felt like. Rylo feels no sentiment for this room, or what it used to be. He does not feel sad, he simply wants to conclude his business here and escape as unscathed as possible.


Beside the desk sits a pair of boots in much better condition than Rylo’s own. He knows that they must belong to his father, and they fit him perfectly. Looking at his torn, stretched rags, he quickly changes into the clothes hanging on a hook. He smirks as he stuffs his bundle of old shoes and clothes into one of his father’s useless fancy vases.


Feeling much more comfortable, he proceeds to the room he knows to be the bedroom.

And you’re goddamn right he did just age up. What’s up, Brooding trait.


This room also seems largely unused. The only objects that don’t have a thick layer of dust are a grimy mug and bottle of vodka on the bedside table. Rylo isn’t surprised.


The mirror gives him a shock. It’s been some time since he’s seen his own reflection so clearly. He’s astonished at the face in front of him, and had half been expecting a child’s face to look back at him. But he supposes it makes sense for him to have a man’s face, since he hasn’t felt like a child for a long time.

The only remnants of childhood that he can see are the tear streaks that he didn’t realize were visible on his cheeks, and his tangled dirty hair. In a frenzy he searches the drawers, strewing his mother’s old belongings about the room. Items he does not need are thrown behind him, while scissors, razors, and other useful things are placed on the surface in front of him.


Now looking in the mirror, he doesn’t see a dirty crying child. He sees something much more serious and menacing.


And badass. I made Rylo so badass, guys. LOOK AT HIM, I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BADASS SHIT FOR SO LONG.


A cool calm comes over Rylo. He knows that this entire building is made of cement. There will be no magical escape from here, and the only way out is the way he came. Rylo leaves the bedroom and finally steps out of his father’s office to receive whatever fate is waiting for him.


Leech, Nixon, and quiet Mack are waiting for him. Rylo calmly returns their stare, and waits for them to make a move.

Leech: Well shit kid, you didn’t have to come out of there dressed up like such an asshole. And in Rush’s clothes too.

Nixon: Well since Rush is dead, we don’t give a fuck about that.

Leech: We’ve already claimed anything good anyways, we don’t give a shit if you want his ratty rags. But we’re not so happy about the fucking years worth of supplies you’ve taken from us. I’m talking food, guns, rope, clothes, all kinds of shit.

Rylo glowers back at them in silence.


Nixon: Well?! What the fuck have you got to say for your sorry fucking self?

He shoves Rylo up against the wall, pressing the blade of his arm sharply into Rylo’s throat.

Rylo wheezes.

Rylo: I don’t… have… your shit.

Nixon: Bullshit!

Rylo spits into Nixon’s face, and Nixon releases him.


He staggers away from the wall, and Nixon is after him again. The first punch connects, and he hears his skull sing.


And then one of them is on top of him, and it’s all he can do to hold off the cascade of punches.


Rylo’s thrashing nearly throws Leech off him, but once the other two join in Rylo has no choice but to give into the beating.


He regains consciousness with his face pressed to a filthy rug. He doesn’t know where he is, it doesn’t matter. The voices laughing and joking above him are so far away, and everything’s so dark.


He’s not sure how many times he tries to get up off the ground. Each time he tries, one of the men aims a half-hearted kick at him, and he drops again.


Movement rouses him from his daze. He’s moving along the floor, being dragged.  He struggles to open his eyes swollen into narrow slits. What he can make out of the dim room around him reminds him of where he is and what has happened.


His vision is dim and blurry, but it is undeniable to him that the wasted figure lying just to his left is her.

His head lolls to the side as he is dragged through the room, his gaze fastened firmly on her.


Whether she is dead or alive he has no way to know, and doesn’t care to know. It seems strange to him that his entire being had somehow come from this wretched translucent creature.


Rylo hears the opening of the door, and feels the rush of cool morning air. With one massive arm Mack lifts Rylo up onto his feet and steadies him.


Rylo walks two shaky steps before a sharp shove knocks him forwards, pitching him onto the concrete. Rylo feels his hands being scraped, and small rocks embed themselves into his palms.


He hears laughter behind him, and drags himself laboriously forward, away from the Madhouse.


Rylo hacks, and spits blood out onto the white sidewalk.

Leech: You’re still here kid, do you want more or something?

The men laugh as Rylo stumbles to his feet, and breaks into a blind run.


The morning sun rises, and Rylo staggers down the streets of Moonlight Falls.


Oscar: Hold steady, now. They’re not going anywhere. It’s better to take a long time to shoot than to waste a bullet.


Lance: The corpse with the mullet’s mine.

Oscar: You can shoot fine, Lance. Let Keane have the practice.


Keane: Thanks, sir.

Oscar: Inhale first, hold it, and shoot.



Keane: Woah.


Oscar: Beauty! How about that next one?



Oscar: Wow! I’d say the kid’s learning!


Lance: Alright, this one’s mine. Check this out, kid.


Oscar: Hold fire. That one doesn’t look right.

Lance: Sir?


Oscar: Drop your weapons, this one’s alive!


Rylo turns back to see where all the yelling is coming from. Through his slitted eyes he can just make out the shape of three men holding guns. With newfound energy he pushes himself away from the advancing men.


Oscar: Shit, this kid’s injured. Catch up to him!

The three men abandon their post, racing after the bloodied figure up ahead.


Desperately Rylo hops fences, dives into bushes, weaves around trees. His pursuers lose him many times, and each time they find him again they are further and further behind.


They falter at the top of a hill, panting and wheezing. All three look around, and see no sign of the strange person that had ran right into their line of fire.


Oscar: Damn it.

Keane: Sir, I know it’s not my place to say so, but we’re pretty vulnerable out here.

Oscar: No, you’re right. We’ve lost him.

Lance: Maybe he’s got people, he could be fine.


Oscar sighs.

Oscar: I sure hope he does.


Rylo wants to collapse. His muscles and bones are shrieking at him. His run slows to a jog, and then to a walk. He feels his face. The swollen bruises and open cuts render it completely unfamiliar to him, and dejected, he drops his hands.


Rylo’s body aches, but he’s invigorated by the knowledge that every step forward is a step away from Moonlight Falls.

He will follow this road until he either finds something nicer than this miserable town, or dies.

This was the only image I could find to portray my emotions at being done generation 3. Ho. Lee. Shit, guys.

We’re getting a new town and everything, it’s gonna be sick. Let’s fucking do this.

Also, I thought it was so nice to have Oscar, Noemi, and Rylo all in the same chapter. Sort of… The Noemi thing is a bit of a bummer. But if you look closely you can see Daniel’s shed in the pictures where Oscar and the guys are looking at the zombies. I had originally wanted to do a regular legacy and have Daniel and all his descendants live on that lot and build onto that little shed over time. God am I glad I changed my mind.

I feel like this was a good wrap-up chapter for the Moonlight Falls era. I hope you enjoy following Rylo into generation 4! From now on I’m going to be returning to a once-per-week schedule, so Chapter 4.1 will be up next Sunday!

3.18- Some Kind of Pervert

4 Feb

Well hey! I’m so stoked you guys, it’s almost Gen 4, and I’ve got so much planned out. I actually have the general course of life planned out for all ten generations now, if you can believe that.

And I dunno if this is weird, but have you checked out Rylo’s arms lately? Helloooo muscles.


Pheuw. Stop it, sims.


Last we left him, he had put together this sweet little gift thing for Kayliss, and was waiting for her to come be blown away and swept off her feet and all that. However, she still hadn’t shown up by nightfall, so Rylo had his dinner.


It’s well into the night now, and Rylo has fallen asleep in his chair.


The sun is coming up over the hills, and Rylo’s fire has long gone out. The apples and flowers still sit untouched.


As the morning light filters through his eyelids, Rylo stirs. He gingerly sits up in the chair, as his slouched sleep has left him with a painfully kinked neck and a sore back. Looking around at his empty camp Rylo begins to feel the first flittings of nervousness in the pit of his stomach.


Hoping it’s just hunger, Rylo spears some meat on a stick and is soon enjoying his breakfast.


Unfortunately, filling his stomach with food does nothing to relieve the growing sense of unease. Could Kayliss have gotten herself hurt or killed?


Rylo spends the better part of the day on high hills, trying to see any sign of Kayliss through the foggy air.


His view is so obscured by misty gloom that Rylo takes to the streets of Midnight Falls, something he never does.


Frustrated and dejected, he returns to business as usual. Although he’s anxious for Kayliss’ safety, all he can do in this weather is keep an eye out around him as he travels and sets his traps.

Three days pass in this way, with no sign of Kayliss.


It rains often, sending Rylo retreating under a tree or into a shelter, putting an end to his search. Sometimes he allows himself to fish in the vain hope that it might take his mind off Kayliss. Perhaps it’s the nasty weather, or maybe the fish can sense his nerves, but Rylo catches nothing.


And his mind is never far away for long.


Although the sun hasn’t been out to wither the apples, they have turned brown and soft. The flowers are weak and wilted, and their scent has grown very faint. Rylo knows the gifts are ruined, but can’t bring himself to get rid of them.


Today Rylo is patrolling the bank of the lake. He tells himself he’s just checking out his traps, but in truth he’s walked right past two of them already, and his concentration is completely focused on finding Kayliss.


Stepping out onto a cliff, he hears the sounds of cheerful voices carrying across the water. He stops and squints.


It seems to be a small group of travelling survivors. Two are fishing, while the other three laugh and joke together on the beach. As he examines them, his stomach plummets.


Rylo recognizes that strawberry blonde hair and the light, tinkling laugh.


He thinks about approaching the group, or just walking off and never coming back. Unsure, he ducks into the bushes and continues watching.


It’s not long before the group gather up their things and walk off into the trees. Rylo creeps silently after them. Finally they reach a clearing and busy themselves with cooking the fish they caught.


Rylo steps carefully through the underbrush, finding himself a good vantage point where he can see the group.


Yeah, so invisible chairs happened here. I don’t know why, I couldn’t fix it.

Anyway, all these guys are talking and laughing around a fire. Kayliss seems particularly caught up in giggling with the guy next to her.


She sits on the table next to him with her arm wrapped around him. The boy holds onto her possessively, and occasionally calls out commands and joking taunts to the others in the group. Kayliss vies for his attention, and Rylo watches in horror as she runs her hands through his hair, kisses his neck, massages his shoulders. He accepts the attention coolly, as though it is his right and he is more than used to it.


Girl: Somebody’s in there!

Rylo panics, and the other members of the group rise to their feet.


The boy Kayliss had been kissing leaps arrogantly onto the seat of the picnic table and shouts.

Douchey dude: I see him! Hey dickwad, step the fuck out of those bushes where I can see you!


For a moment Rylo considers doing the exact opposite of what Kayliss’ supposed boyfriend wants, but one look at the well-muscled guy holding an axe changes his mind. Rylo steps out of the bushes and into the clearing.


The group of five stare at him coldly. Kayliss especially looks at his with distaste.

Douche: So what is he, some kind of pervert?

Girl: Probably, who the fuck stares at people like that?

Douche: Jesus, and he was watching me make out with Kayliss and everything! The guy’s a fucking psycho!


At this point Rylo knows he can only hope that one person will vouch for him.

Rylo: Kayliss…

He falters, unsure how to plead his case.


Douche: Kayliss, do you know this asshole?


Kayliss: I don’t know, he’s just some weird loner.

Douche: You think he’s got a thing for you or something?

Kayliss: Maybe, I don’t know.

Douche: Fuck, what a loser.


Rylo listens to Kayliss’ venom, and his shock and hurt change into a cold rage.


He forgets entirely about the guy with the axe, and the cocky leader, and Kayliss. He doesn’t turn around for one last look. He doesn’t even turn around to see if they’re following him. He puts his trust in his legs, and the ground beneath his feet, and his own hate to carry him away.


He emerges at the beach dripping with cool sweat. He stops for a second, but is unable to stop his tirade. The flowers and the apples sit so innocently on the stool, mocking his stupidity.


With a roar he gives the whole arrangement a hard kick. Still full of angry energy, he crushes the apples, the flowers, even the stool under his feet.


He destroys the fire pit, kicking logs in every direction. Then he gathers up every piece of his ruined camp and flings it into the rushing river.


Nothing remains of his beach camp but splinters and strewn flowers. After the intensity of his outburst, Rylo stands perfectly still on the beach, listening to the soft sounds of crickets and river and leaves.


He calls up his mental image of Moonlight Falls. He can see the Madhouse, where he was born into insanity and left alone to make sense of it. He sees this beach camp, which was once his personal paradise but now tormented him with painful memories. The graveyard, where like an idiot he picked flowers and apples for a girl who was only ever just using him. And now he thinks of the clearing, and Kayliss’ hateful expression.

Rylo would never find peace in this town with such torturous memories all around him. Tonight would be his last raid on the Madhouse, and hopefully his last night in Moonlight Falls.

Chapter 3.17- Unseducable

1 Feb

Hello! Last time, our brave hero very nearly had a romantic night by the fireside with a girl.


Rylo: Shut up!

He’s just mad cause when she tried to seduce him he got scared and ran away. He couldn’t be seduced. He was unseducable.


So now he’s grumping around another camp trying to sort out his feelings. He’s pretty emotionally stunted, so it will probably take him a while. In the meantime, let’s give an update on the rest of the Yu family!

Or not, cause they never do anything, ever.


Oscar and Sam haven’t done anything noteworthy. The only person I can talk about is Joey, who is finally a young adult. I think Story Progression seriously forgot to age him, so he’s a little behind.


And he went and married this blind girl named Marina. Every single picture I took of her has her eyes shut, I have no idea why. I swear they were open when I took them. She has blue eyes, in case you were curious. She also has probably the best trait list a random townie has ever had. It’s like Good, Friendly, Charismatic, that kinda shit.

Yeah, there’s nothing to tell.


But Rylo seems to have sorted himself out and gotten some sleep. Over the course of the night he started to wonder if maybe Kayliss likes him, and maybe he should try talking to her more (Der, ya think?).

The sun is starting to creep over the hills and Rylo is hoping that Kayliss is still at the camp.


He gets within sight of the river and breathes a sigh of relief, although he’s not sure why. She’s still there, sleeping deeply and peacefully.


Suddenly Rylo senses that something’s not quite right, and breaks into a run across the sand.


Just as he reaches the camp, two rotting zombies emerge from behind a rock. Moans rattle in their throats as they shuffle towards Kayliss. Rylo knows that if she doesn’t wake up now, she’ll have no chance. He screams her name.


A fury comes over Rylo and he yanks the first zombie back by the hair. He feels her decaying scalp come loose from her skull, but it’s just enough to allow him to drive his knife upwards into soft flesh.


The sound of her name rouses Kayliss in a groggy panic. She stumbles backwards and scrambles to escape from Mister snazzy CEO zombie in front of her.


This handsome gentleman lurches towards Kayliss with a ravenous snap of his teeth. She shrieks and cowers in the sand as he looms over her, dripping brown saliva onto his nice Armani suit.


CEO is then pitched backwards as Rylo’s wiry arms wrap around his chest. The zombie flails and thrashes, nearly knocking Rylo off his feet.


Kayliss stares transfixed as the zombie’s ruined teeth smash together, blindly searching for a bite of Rylo. Rylo fights to hold on, and shakily raises the blade of his knife to the creature’s writhing head. One sharp jabbing motion, and the limp corpse drops to the sand.


Rylo gasps for breath. He is surprised to see that his hands are not shaking as he would have expected, but are perfectly still. He wipes his knife clean on the zombie’s sleeve and replaces it in his pocket.


Kayliss sits in the sand with wide eyes and tears streaming down her face. Rylo isn’t too sure what to do about that, so he sets to work on cleaning up the mess.


Kayliss eventually eases herself onto a chair to watch him work. She sits for a long time, quiet and shaking  .


Rylo binds the zombie’s wrists together and drags it off the beach and as far into the forest as he can. The corpses are absolute dead-weight, and rotted bits tear off as the bodies drag against the ground, leaving a revolting trail of flesh and gristle.


He realizes while hauling the bodies that this was the first time he’s ever come into direct contact with a zombie. He’s a little critical of himself for having so much trouble with the second one, but he’s sure that if he had a long range weapon it would be much easier.


Rylo then hauls off stripper granny zombie. He can sense that Kayliss is still dealing with some FEELINGS so he steers clear of the riverside camp for a bit.


He wanders around for a while, checks his traps, all that stuff. At this point he’s got sort of a routine for when he’s avoiding Kayliss, since that’s what he seems to be doing half the time now.


Whoops. Damn flying turtles’ll getcha every time.


Anyway, he does eventually return later that day. He figures it’s safe since he doesn’t hear any more traumatized sobbing.


Kayliss seems completely back to normal, and stands up to greet him. She steps close and stares into his eyes.

Kayliss: You saved my life you know.

Rylo: Uh….

Kayliss: I would have died if you hadn’t yelled my name.


Kayliss: I bet that’s the loudest you’ve ever yelled anything, Rylo. But you were really brave.

She looks up at him from under her eyelashes, and Rylo steps back and grimaces.


Kayliss steps forward, resting her hand delicately on his arm. He gets the strange feeling that his skin under her fingers has both turned to stone and been set on fire at the same time. He has a strong urge to pull away, run for the trees, and bury himself alive so he’ll never have to feel the soft touch of her hand again. But Rylo does none of these things, and remains frozen in place.

Kayliss: I’m so glad you came back. I didn’t know if you would, but I’m glad you did.


In a quick motion she throws her arms around him and flashes him a bright smile. His head starts to swim and his vision starts to blur. He stares wide eyed and panicked into ice colored eyes. She giggles at him.


Kayliss: You’re cute, Rylo. And I think you need to… relax.


And then Rylo has no idea what’s happening. His mind is an overwhelming rush of confusion and nothingness and he waits for it to all be over.


But then somehow biology kicks in and Rylo finds himself not just enduring it, but participating. His hands are somewhere and he has no idea what he’s doing with his face but it seems to be working and there’s no real reason to stop.


After forever hours and eternity minutes, they slow down and take a breath. Rylo’s self conscious nature kicks in again, and he becomes fully aware of her body pressed firmly against his.


Kayliss looks up at him and giggles shyly. Rylo is grateful that for once she seems to be lost for words, since he can’t seem to find any either.

Kayliss: Well that was fun.

She gives him a bright smile and then pulls out of his arms.


Rylo watches as she walks off the beach and over the hill. He doesn’t move an inch until long after she’s gone.


Finally he realizes his mouth has been gaping open for a very long time, and staggers forward towards the fire. He can’t seem to decide what to do now. He feels restless, giddy, terrified. Mostly just to move, he walks off into the forest.


Rylo finally stops a long ways off, and sits for most of the day pulling out handfulls of grass. Occasionally he lets out a swear word. Nothing really gets accomplished, but by sunset he’s decided that she’s surely in love with him, so he must be in love with her too. He’s not sure. He’s never loved a person. But he loves swimming, and trapping food, and fishing, and warm summer days. He’s starting to think he might love killing particularly disgusting zombies. So he’s probably starting to love Kayliss too.

Rylo thinks it was very nice of her to kiss him. In fact, she had been so nice this whole time and all he’d done was act awkward and mean towards her. Maybe he could do something nice for her. He’s not sure what.


On the way home he stops by the graveyard, which is infested with wildflowers. He follows his nose until he finds the sweetest smelling flowers, and pulls out as many as he can carry. Then he stops at a nearby apple tree and fills his pockets with the ripest, reddest apples he can see.


Back at the river camp, Kayliss still hasn’t returned. Rylo is feeling much less nervous, in fact he’s almost happy. He arranges the flowers and apples on her bench for her in a way that he thinks she might think is pretty. This takes him about ten minutes of arranging and rearranging and getting frustrated with himself and telling himself he’s stupid to even be doing this.


By nightfall he gives up arranging the items on the stool, and even forbids himself from touching them. The apples have started to look pretty tempting, so he gets to work on cooking himself some dinner.


It’s quite dark now, but Rylo is feeling positive and warm. He’s finished eating his dinner, and now sits in his chair admiring the gifts he’s gotten Kayliss. He’s sure the flowers will be beautiful to her, and the apples will be the sweetest of the summer. Each breath of the wind in the trees causes him to turn around, not out of fear of zombies, but in anticipation of Kayliss.


He’s. So. Cute. Barf.

Chapter 3.16- Girlish Giggles

28 Jan



Last time, Rylo made eye contact with a naked girl. Although he mostly wishes she would gtfo and leave him and his riverside in peace, he kinda secretly liked it. For three whole nights Rylo stays at other camps, avoiding the riverside like the plague. Eventually it gets to be so hot out  that he needs a swim to cool down, and creeps warily back to his camp. Thankfully, the girl is nowhere to be seen and he is able to enjoy a quiet day alone.


The next day, however, the girl seems to be back. And this time she’s on his side of the river.


Rylo glares at her, and she stays a safe distance away. Any other day and Rylo would have taken off for another camp, but today is so hot that he’s stubbornly holding his position by the river. It makes him a little bit nervous to have her so close, but he resolves that no dumb naked girls are going to chase him off.


She seems to get the hint that he wants nothing to do with her, and he doesn’t see her around for another two days. By this point he’s nearly forgotten all about her, and is back to his usual lazy routine. At the peak of summer Rylo spends most of his hours floating on his back in the river with his eyes closed against the sun. He could almost fall asleep like this, and it’s the best way to lose track of time.


Idly he muses that now might be a good time to go hunting for fresh strawberries, and begins swimming back to shore. As his eyes adjust to the bright sunlight he tells himself he has to be hallucinating.


It seems his camp has been infiltrated, and this trespasser is even less welcome than the undead ones he usually gets.


He lowers himself in the water and stares the girl down. His menacing expression seems to have absolutely no effect on her, so he changes tactics and ignores her completely.


She stares unashamedly at him as he walks out of the water and hastens to put on his clothes. The only change he registers in her is an expression of mild amusement at his discomfort.


Once dressed, Rylo uses Mean Look again. But it’s not very effective.

Yeah, basically, he’s got himself a little stalker. He takes off for another few days, and returns back to the beach camp only after he needs a bath so bad he smells worse than the zombies he’s running from.


He hasn’t even finished cooking his freshly caught rabbit when she casually walks up to his fire and joins him. He grinds his teeth as she sits herself down on his favourite stool without even asking. 


He sighs and looks back at the cut of meat he’s cooking. His only comfort is the fact that she hasn’t tried to talk to him. Rylo has no interest in talking to this invader, and is only able to somewhat relax knowing that she’s keeping her mouth shut.


She’s not even such a horrible guest. She mostly just stares into the fire, and doesn’t really bother him.


It’s only when he starts eating does she look up at him with clear blue eyes. From her expression Rylo can tell that she’s as hungry as the kids in the Madhouse basement. But that’s not his problem.


He takes a few more bites before his perfectly cooked cut of meat starts to feel like sand in his mouth. He looks up. She’s still there, staring at him with her starving blue eyes. Rylo furrows his brow, sniffs angrily, and tosses her a small cut of his rabbit.


She beams at him as she skewers the meat on a nearby stick. And then she does the unthinkable.

“Thanks. I’m Kayliss.”


Rylo focuses his eyes on the horizon and tries not to hear her, but she goes on.

Kayliss: Do you have a name?

He glares at her before speaking.

Rylo: No.

Kayliss: Well you sure have a good camp. Is it just you?

Rylo stares silently at the sky.

Kayliss: I’m all alone too. I had a group, but then my boyfriend and I had sort of a breakup thing, so I’m kind of on my own for now. It’s tough, huh?

Rylo finishes eating, throws the bones into the river, and huffs off into the forest, away from Kayliss.


He spends the day wandering aimlessly in an angry daze, and returns at nightfall to find his camp empty. He seems to be turning into a bit of a broody teen, huh?


He hardly gets five minutes of broody peace when she shows up again. She stands just outside the warmth of his fire with a hand on her hip and a flirty smile playing at her lips.


Kayliss: I had to come back here. I heard howling in the forest and I knew it would be safe out here by your fire. Do you believe in werewolves?

Rylo snorts in disbelief, still not looking at her.

Rylo: I believe in coyotes.

Kayliss: All the same…


And then, to his complete astonishment, she curls up next to his fire and closes her eyes.


He stands up and crosses his arms. No amount of glaring would help now, she had fallen asleep. Rylo paces back and forth, grinding his teeth and furrowing his brow. He debates waking her up and making her leave. Or he could just go somewhere else.


The sun is starting to come up again when he decides to just go to sleep and hope she disappears.


I think he basically just adopted a cat. Or, the cat adopted him. His strategy actually works, and she does take off before he wakes up the next morning. But she’s back by lunch. And he’s already fed her once, and he catches so much extra fish that he might as well give it to her. And then she’s back again at night to fall asleep by the fire. Rylo tells himself it’s fine as long as she only comes during certain times and doesn’t talk too much.


But then she starts breaking both those rules, coming at random times during the day and trying to start conversations. Rylo mostly shrugs her off with grunts and glares, but she’s pretty hard to deter.

Kayliss: You must have other places you go back to when you’re not here, huh? Are there people there?

Rylo: ….

Kayliss: I bet not, if you’re this quiet! You’re pretty good at surviving, I bet you’ve been on your own for a long time! Do you even remember your name? What your parents called you?

Rylo: Some kids called me Rylo.

Kayliss: Some kids? That’s okay, I don’t remember my parents much either. I left them when I was eleven. Screenshot-103

Rylo: ….

Kayliss: Well it’s nice to make your acquaintance Rylo. Maybe now that I know your name you’ll start talking to me more!

Rylo recoils from her hand which had been reaching out to touch his arm. Disgusted with himself for telling her so much, he stalks off. He grunts at the sound of a girlish giggle behind him. When he returns to the river that night, he’s pleased to find that Kayliss is nowhere to be found and falls asleep, perfectly happy and perfectly alone.


For a while. The sound of her footsteps wakes him up in a panic, thinking a zombie has shown up and it’s time to run.


In fact, it’s much worse. Kayliss giggles and sits down next to him.

Kayliss: Wow, I scared you, huh? Sorry I crept up on you, you must have thought I was a zombie! The truth is, I couldn’t sleep so I went and picked some blueberries from over the hill and I brought a whole bunch back. We can eat them in the morning if you like.

Rylo stares incredulously at her and starts inching away. Screenshot-121

She throws herself forward onto the sand next to him. Her face is uncomfortably close to his, and he sits up to get some distance between them.

Kayliss: I still don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. Warm summer nights do that to me. We could stay up and tell our life stories, although I get the vibe that you’re not the type.

Every muscle in Rylo’s body is tensed, and he stares intensely at the sand.

Kayliss: Ghost stories? I like a good ghost story.

Rylo: No ghost stories.

Kayliss: Something else then?


She says this in a breathy whisper, and Rylo barely registers her hand creeping up his inner thigh before he leaps backwards into the chair. He and the chair go clattering painfully together into the sand.


His face burning red, he stands up and walks off into the night.


His last glance back at her reveals Kayliss giggling and curling up next to the fire, her eyelids already beginning to droop.

Lolllll. This isn’t even real and I think it’s hilarious how uncomfortable Rylo is. Kayliss is kinda fun.

Chapter 3.15- Power Donut Zombie

25 Jan

Haiiii. Welcome back!

Last time Rylo did stuff. This time, he’s still doing stuff, and is getting increasingly independent (if that’s even possible).


Since his encounter at the graveyard with his first zombie Rylo has been getting braver about venturing away from the Madhouse. He’s set up a few little hidden spots around Moonlight Falls where he likes to come relax, play, and make small fires for cooking.


Of course, danger is always just around the corner, and he always returns to the Madhouse to sleep.


Lately Rylo’s been avoiding the basement. Every time he goes down there the other kids  crowd around him and ask him what he’s brought them with large sad eyes.


He throws them whatever food he has and flees back up the stairs.

Rylo: Let go, get your own stuff.

He shudders as he walks out of the dank hole they live in, disgusted at how weak and dependent the other kids are.


He vows only to go down to the basement to check on the kids every few days. Then, he tries something new. He’s nervous at first that the pipe may be too loose to climb. It wobbles a bit, but seems to hold his weight as he clambers up onto the old rotted roof.


Once on top, Rylo carefully tests the strength of the roof for weak spots. As he steps towards the middle of the roof he begins to feel some give under his feet. It seems to be alright if he sticks to the edges though.


This quickly becomes Rylo’s new favourite spot to sleep, and he’s extremely proud of himself for having found it. No zombies can see him, and no adult could ever chase him up the flimsy pipe.


He spends the second half of his childhood uneventfully on this roof, watching sunsets and sunrises and tuning out the sounds of the pitiful lives below him. With his excellent trapping skills and extensive knowledge of Moonlight Fall’s edible plants, he never returns to the dumpsters for a meal.


And I just love him. Even when his hand sinks into the floor a little bit.


With noone to tell him, he doesn’t even notice that he’s grown into a tall, lanky teenager. The only difference he notes is the continuous need for new clothes, which is a huge annoyance in these circumstances. His recent growth spurt left him alarmingly skinny, but it’s not for lack of food. He is now much stronger, and able to gather much more and travel farther. His only regret is that the pipe up to the roof finally snapped, leaving him with a few bruises and the need for a new spot to sleep.


Oh yeah, here’s his face. I like it.


More face.


On the rare occasion he decides to check on the basement, nobody ever begs him for food.


The kids don’t seem to recognize him, and gaze blankly at him for a few seconds, and then look away. That suits him just fine, since he doesn’t know most of them anymore either.


However, he did take notice of the fact that shortly after he left they were suspiciously able to continue scraping some food together. He’s sure some other child took his place as the group’s provider, and stops visiting the basement.


It’s also gotten harder to continue his old habit of pilfering the Madhouse for supplies. Since he’s grown so much he’s become more and more conspicuous to the drugged out inhabitants.


Yikes. Nervous that their cold glares might turn into something a little more troublesome for him, Rylo slinks out of the Madhouse.


The loss of his ability to leech off the Madhouse doesn’t bother Rylo too much, and he sets to work on improving his hideouts. Using old mattresses, sawhorses, pallets, and whatever else is around Rylo is able to make a few small shelters around Moonlight Falls.


It’s nothing fancy, but the freedom and solitude are thrilling for him. Best of all is not having to sleep listening to the whooping and screaming of a bunch of junkies.


That doesn’t mean there’s never any rude awakenings, though.

Haha I love this zombie. Power donut zombie is best zombie.


Rylo bolts out of his shelter and sprints off into the forest. He’s very quick, and has never had to enter into a direct confrontation with a zombie. When his camps are infiltrated, and they always are, he simply heads to the next one.


He loves exploring the decrepit town, although he mainly sticks to the outskirts. Civilization gives him the creeps, and makes him feel claustrophobic.


Besides, all the best views are off-road.


I forgot to mention he gained the Brave trait. I picked it for him, cause duh. I don’t give a shit about randomizing traits, if Rylo isn’t brave then the sky isn’t blue. Look how brave he is, he just jumped off a waterfall into the river below.


That’s the best part about being completely removed from society. Skinny dipping- anytime, anywhere, anyhow.


He’s like, a male Pocahontas. But damaged and lonely.


Oh jeez, so I was just kinda scouting out the riversides to see where Rylo could go, and I found these. It’s a shitload of graves, leftover from the zombie raid that claimed dear Daniel. So of course I located Daniel’s grave, and now Rylo is carrying around his great-grandfather’s grave in his inventory. Cool huh?


Anyway, after checking out the riverside I set up this sweet new camp for Rylo (aka he built it). It’s quite scenic.


I’m really glad we’re finally out of the Madhouse, especially the basement. I was getting kind of sick of all the dark reds and greys that filled my screenshots. It’s time for some colour!


So, Rylo eventually did teach himself to fish, although he never did develop a taste for the stuff. He prefers to eat what he can trap, and mostly just fishes to pass the time. However, time is something he has tons of.


He can stand for hours on a warm day running sand through his toes and competing against himself to catch the biggest fish. He stares transfixed at the water running by him, and at the grasses of the opposite bank being blown by the wind. He knows the view better than his own face, which is why today he nearly falls over in shock at what he sees.


Rylo’s sure it sees him too. He stands motionless as the thing walks towards the water.


His skin grows cold and he drops his fishing rod when he sees what the girl does next. With not a care in the world, she strips down and carefully arranges her clothes into a neat pile on the sand. Rylo begins to panic, and backs away as the glisteningly naked girl lowers herself into the frigid water.


While the girl frolicks in the river Rylo cowers behind a boulder, trying desperately to slow his heart rate and stop his hands from shaking.


After a few moments of hiding Rylo gathers enough courage to see if she’s realized her mistake yet. Surely when she notices him she’ll be so embarrassed she’ll run off.


On the contrary, she seems perfectly aware of his presence, and stares right back at him.


This may be the first time Rylo’s actually made eye contact with another human in years, so when she flashes him a coy smile he just about shits a hole through the floor. He waits until her back is turned to sneak away. Unfortunately, he’s so agitated that he’s unable to be stealthy at all and breaks into an awkward sprint over the hill.

Aww, I’m super stoked about my little cutie pie turning into a man and doing man stuff. Catching fish, seeing boobs, man stuff.

Chapter 3.14- Aggggghhhhkkk

21 Jan

Happy Wednesday! Last time, Rylo became Rylo instead of Rigel, and is a sneaky little survivor dude. He’s really good at finding food, and is sort of the main guy doing that for the other kids now.


Because they’re so glad he gets them food, they pretty much just let him sleep in the little room by himself now. He likes that, cause that’s what loners do.


Things in the basement don’t really change. Kids come and go. None of them really get close, they mostly just depend on each other for survival.

Rylo feels like he’s the only one who really makes an effort at survival anyways, the rest of the kids just sit around and wait for someone to put food in their hands.


He’s been getting better at setting little traps for the rats that plague the basement. It took a lot of trial and error, but Rylo had a lot of time on his hands to figure it out.


Trapping the rats serves two purposes. The most important is that the kids get a fresh meal that isn’t garbage, as well as not having scurrying little feet waking them up in the night.


Yeah so this shirt makes him look sorta chubby, but I swear he’s literally as skinny as a sims kid can get. Blame it on the ma-ma-ma-malnutrition.

But anyway, this is him sneaking out through the garage, which generally isn’t a problem. Sometimes a big man will aim a kick at him out of boredom, but if he’s quick about it he’s usually never bothered.


Sometimes he sees the woman he knows to be his mother. She’s always lying around somewhere different, and he feels no connection to her at all.


He knows he used to live with her upstairs and everyone loved him, but any memories he has of her are vague and jumbled.


He recognizes his father too. He knows his father used to lead this place, but it doesn’t seem like he’s in any fit state to be leading people now. Just as with his mother, he feels nothing for his emaciated father beyond a mild dislike.


After a bit of door opening, Rylo discovers what used to be an armory. He has a general idea of how guns work. At least, he knows you need bullets. There are no bullets left in this armory though, just the empty boxes they might once have been kept in.


Still, maybe noone will kick him if he has a gun to wave in their face. He picks up a handgun and secures it in his pocket.

You know how on most TV shows people never run out of bullets? And on apocalyptic shows like the Walking Dead, they still have bullets from god knows where, even though there shouldn’t be any left? Yeah, I’m not doing that. This world is out of bullets, guys. It’s been like sixty years now. There might be a few bullets left with the military, I dunno. But they don’t grow on trees anymore.


In the Madhouse, there’s no real way to know if it’s day or night. Currently it’s like 2 AM, but Rylo doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to spend all his life lying in the basement like the other kids. There’s a lot of world out there to see, and he plans to see it.


There are a lot less zombies running around Midnight Falls these days, mostly due to the military’s years of raids. Rylo has only ever seen them from a distance, but he’s sure he’s faster than they could be.


He comes to a crumbling wall and climbs over into an old cemetary. Walking over the dead doesn’t scare him, at least they’re deep under the ground.


He runs through the quiet graveyard. The sun seems to be lightening the sky now.


As he runs towards the crypts, he sees a hidden treasure. Grapes!


Yeah so I have this mod where my kids can harvest shit, and it looks like this. Oscar did it in generation 1, and it’s still just as weird.


Regardless, he wolfs them down and picks as much as his pockets will hold. They’re not very filling, but at least it’s something in his stomach. Maybe there are more somewhere. He slips around the corner to keep searching the graveyard.


And holy shit balls, he nearly runs straight into a zombie. The thing is slow, but it immediately lurches after him. Adrenaline shoots through his veins, and he whips around and runs for his life.


He just manages to scramble over the fence as the growling zombie closes the distance.


Unable to follow him over the fence, it reaches hungrily out for him. Rylo stares in shock at the hideous wasted body.


He knows that at any moment it could topple right over the fence and get back to its feet, but this is the first time he’s ever seen one up close before.

Rylo: Hello?

Drooly chick: Agggghhhkkk! Raaaaghhh!


The thing shows no more understanding of his greeting than if he’d said hello to a tree. He watches it extend its body, desperately grasping for him. The stench of rot permeates his sinuses. It gnashes its decayed teeth, and dark red saliva flies wildly out from between its menacing lips.

He shudders, and turns back for the Madhouse.


Back in the basement, everyone is extremely grateful for the few grapes Rylo was able to bring back. They are initially skeptical, and most of them have never even seen grapes before. After the first bite, they’re all sold, and greedily eat the few they are given.


Despite knowing the threat looming outside the Madhouse walls, Rylo firmly prefers the great outdoors. He knows that unlike everyone stuck inside walls, he’s quick and clever.


He knows that he’ll always be able to appreciate the beautiful things, and he’ll also be able to kill the ugly things.


Although the first fire he built was with matches, he quickly learns how to light some dry grass by aiming sunlight through a small bit of broken glass.


He discovers that most foods are much better after roasting for a few minutes, and the kids downstairs are always grateful for a bit of warm meat or vegetables.


The Madhouse is situated just next to a slow moving river. Rylo doesn’t know anything about catching fish, but the air coming off the water is refreshingly cool.


He groans in the summer heat. A dip in the river would feel really great right now, even if he’s not sure he can swim.


But luckily, this is the sims, where everyone can swim just fine.


He strips down and throws himself into the water, and gets immediate relief from the heat. He can feel the dirt falling away from his body, and vigorously scrubs his face with his hands. Then he holds his head back in the water and runs his fingers through his matted hair as best he can. He emerges from the water totally clean for the first time in years, and dries off in the summer sun.


Rylo then gets to work on checking his outdoor traps. The rodents he can catch outside are much better than the rats from the basement.


I love how my shitty graphics card makes all small animals look like origami. I wish I was doing this legacy with an amazing custom built machine. But alas, I have to use my old overworked HP laptop from years ago. So I’m sorry that this legacy doesn’t have beautiful quality graphics. I guess we’re pretty far into generation 3 now, so if anyone cared about my graphics they’d have left a long time ago.



There is NOTHING wrong with eating small mammals raw. Right?

Daryl: Right.


At this point, Rylo knows he’s too small to take on a zombie without some sort of long range weapon. Sometimes he gets himself into sticky situations, but he quickly becomes an expert hider, and an even better runner.


He’s cute, and badass, and damaged, and I love him. Poor kiddo had to grow up so fast, but he’s becoming pretty self reliant. I would actually say that he’s probably the first true ‘child of the apocalypse’. Oscar and Noemi were both so encompassed in some sort of civilization that they never really had to deal with the consequences of the plague. Rylo’s all alone, so he’s got no choice.

Also, I don’t think zombies have even mattered in this legacy since like, Velma was around at least. Soooo screw that, I’m bringing zombies back. The idea was that the military had greatly removed the threat of zombies in Moonlight Falls by killing most of them, but now the military have sort of backed off since the rebels quit doing anything noteworthy. Moonlight Falls is sort of a ghost town now, and I’m actually kind of thinking of introducing a new area for the Yu legacy.

Which means, new zombies!! And in honour of these lovely ghouls, here’s the pictures of what my zombie pose pack did to their faces!!




Lollllll. Good job to whoever made this, I love the gnarly eye thing. Nyan cat zombie’s looking properly disgusting here.

Bye guys!!


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