Chapter 4.8- The Post-Apocalyptic Walk Of Shame

12 Apr

Hey all. Quick recap: Rylo made some friends. He realized they were cannibals. That wasn’t chill, so he ran away. He ended up on a hill, and got super high from weird burning fumes. He had some wacko hallucinations, and topped off the night by doing the dirty with some chick in a caved-in mansion. Shit’s cray.


But that’s the story we’re going with, so let’s get back to it. Rylo is doing the post-apocalyptic walk of shame, and is discovering that some of the stuff from last night was imagined, and some of it was not. I feel like that’s an experience many of us can relate to.

Rylo is surprised to find that there really are horrific faces carved into the trees on this hill, and mulls over the fact that his acquaintance from last night is most likely the artist behind it all. He decides that everything on this hill is absolutely batshit and he can’t get away fast enough.


Finally alone in the wild, Rylo starts to feel like himself again. This is how he belongs, just him and the trees and the sky and the occasional zombie to tousle with. Ever since he can remember other people have had some sort of dark secret or ulterior motive. For a while he thought maybe Harlan’s group was the nice little family they looked like. Rylo used to think that people like that had to be out there somewhere. But even for all their happy nights laughing around the fire and sleeping cuddled up warm somewhere, they were really all in it for themselves.

Rylo can live that way too. He always had, and now he’s sure he always will.


Rylo shifts easily back into his routine of hunting, sleeping, and maybe taking a dip in the river. It’s a mindless life, but it’s comfortable enough.


He’s found the crossbow to be an incredible convenience, and he can’t believe Harlan would ever have relinquished it. He no longer has to wait for zombies to come anywhere near him, and can take them down from a much safer distance.


Also, it’s super fun.


Rylo hardly has to spend any time worrying about his own safety, and knows that if any living people were to come near, it wouldn’t be too hard to scare them off.


In this way Rylo spends his days, lounging in the water, hiding in the trees, and hunting in the brush. Seasons pass, and Rylo doesn’t keep track of how many. When the weather starts to cool he simply kills a deer and wears its hide for a few months before casting it off again.


Luckily, we can keep track of time, by looking at all the other Yu cutie pies growing up! Here’s Titus, and I still don’t know if he/she is a he or a she. Still fluffy and clueless looking though.


Marina and Joey spent a few years contending with Reuben, who developed a horrifying case of floating baby syndrome. It was all they could do to keep him from getting stuck to the ceiling, and they nearly lost their minds when they found out they were pregnant again.


Thankfully, Reuben grew out of it as he entered toddlerhood, and became a bright-eyed little guy who stayed firmly planted to the ground.


Shortly after, Siri was born and the whole family was delighted to discover that she operated normally within the limits of gravity.


Carys also grew up, and I was pretty psyched to see she has Oscar’s hair and eyes. Apparently, Sam and Dorah are pregnant again, so that’s cool.

Also, let’s all please just ignore the fact that the toddlers and Marina are in brand new modern-day clothes. I was too lazy to change them, okay? I have so much CC that changing a sims’ outfit takes like 15 minutes and it’s just not worth it for the side characters.


While the extended family he doesn’t know he has does all this cool stuff somewhere off-screen, Rylo spends years of his life alone, glad to be looking out only for himself.


Whenever he comes to a town, he does his best to circle around it. Towns offer way too many hiding places, as well as rotted out floorboards and old ceilings waiting to collapse.


Sometimes, for variety, he explores standalone buildings. This old train station will probably provide decent shelter for the night and might even give him some zombie killing entertainment.


Me and Rylo both think this old train looks pretty slick. I love CC <3


Rylo climbs in through a crumbled wall and tests out the floors. They seem sturdy and so far nothing has come running at him, but he raises his crossbow just in case.


As the end of his weapon peeks out from the doorway, he hears a hungry gurgling coming from the corner to his left.


Rylo whips around and plants an arrow right in the zombie’s mouth. It drops to the floor with a heavy thud, and everything is quiet.


Rylo looks around the rest of the little train station, but this zombie seems to be the only occupant. Satisfied, Rylo sets to building a fire to cook up some dinner.


A rabbit that was too slow for Rylo’s arrows makes for a flavorless but filling meal. Rylo basks in the heat of his fire as the sun goes down and clouds gather in the sky.


Eventually it starts to rain, and Rylo licks his fingers before heading inside.


The roof has more than a few holes, but Rylo finds himself a bench in an area with the least amount of leaks. It’s a bit too short for him, but he settles down to sleep anyways.


He just seems to have drifted off when a loud thump jolts him awake. Before his eyes even open Rylo pulls his knife from his pocket and scrambles back from the sound.


As Rylo’s eyes adjust he sees a group standing in the doorway, eyeing him with equal surprise. He wonders if they’ll kill him, or eat him, or both. He’s pretty shocked when they completely ignore him.


They silently move about the building, taking out bedding and arranging it in the driest spots they can find. They scarcely talk to each other any more than they talk to Rylo.


Rylo watches as they set up their camp for the night. One girl drags out the body of the zombie Rylo killed earlier and drops it off somewhere in the rain. Conversation is minimal, and everyone seems focused on taking care of themselves.


Some of them have some fruit or a bit of dried meat that they take out of their bags. They eat alone, just for the sake of eating, and make no move to share or sit together.


After some time they all lay down to sleep somewhere. Rylo decides he doesn’t really mind them. They’re very good at keeping to themselves, and seem solely focused on survival.


That’s good enough for Rylo, and he lays back down on his bench and falls asleep to the sounds of pouring rain.


As the morning breaks, Rylo hears the group rustling around and getting ready to leave again.


As they file out into the morning light, Rylo stands to watch them go.


An older man is the last to leave, and he glances at Rylo in the corner.

Man: Come along if you want.

His disinterested way of throwing out the offer before walking out the door is what sells Rylo.


Rylo decides to tag along, mostly out of boredom. He had been living alone for years, why not do something a little different for once? It’s always a lot safer to sleep with others around, and it seems to Rylo like this group is only together for that reason. He knows none of them really care about each other, and he won’t have to pretend to care about them.

That’s it for this time. Sorry not a lot happened, but that’s life. Sometime’s life’s kinda boring. See you all next week anyways.

Chapter 4.7- Nice Bum Where Ya From

30 Mar

Hello! If you don’t remember, last time Rylo was surrounded by spooky trees and spooky zombies and was having some wacko hallucinations due to being accidentally high as ballz.

Sooo I don’t wanna give anything away but… you know how Zombies and Yu occasionally has R rated posts? This chapter has the same likelihood of being R rated as any other chapter. So it may or may not contain adult elements.

Hint: It does.



Rylo lurches through the smoky, bitter air, groaning and growling with the crowd. It’s so much easier being one of the undead. No thoughts, no feelings, no hurt, no hatred. Just two feet shuffling around on a hillside.


For the first time, a thought invades his mind in the form of vague awareness at being at the top of the hill. Rylo’s innocent emptiness pushes him onward.


The building ahead seems to be falling in on itself, and Rylo presses thoughtlessly on towards a hole in the crumbling foundations.


The pungent smoky aroma is less strong here, and allows Rylo’s consciousness to struggle back to the forefront. The world is still foggy and distorted, but Rylo begins to feel more in control, more aware of his surroundings.

As badass as Rylo looks, I just realized… Tonto, is that you?

I’ve never even seen The Lone Ranger and don’t plan to, so I was having a hard time figuring out why that last picture of Rylo screamed Johnny Depp to me. IMDB answered that question for me.


Feeling more in control of his legs, Rylo creeps in through the opening in the foundations. The inside of the house seems to be emitting more of the same flickering firelight as the outside.


Interspersed among the rubble of the caved-in basement is, strangely, pots and pots of leafy plants. Rylo’s thoughts come slow and thick, and the concept of caution escapes him. He staggers curiously around the corner, and is stopped in his tracks by the strangest sight he’s seen all night.


At the end of a long room stands a glisteningly white woman, arms extended with shimmering hair cascading down her figure.


Rylo stands rooted to the spot, and an expression of total shock and wonder takes over his face. He wants to back away, to escape, but the dancing girl is the most graceful thing he’s ever seen and his clouded mind can’t seem to get his feet to move.


His head pounds, and he stares on at the slow, elegant movements. The flickering firelight gleaming against her hair seems to lend the girl an ethereal glow.


Rylo wonders how she hasn’t seen him yet. Will she scream? Will she attack? All of these questions enter his mind, but none seem to matter now that he is entirely at the mercy of the painfully lovely scene ahead.


He’s not even startled when she calmly gazes back at him. His dazed mind hungers only to stay, to watch, to know this creature dancing by firelight.


Silently she steps towards him. Her ice coloured eyes pierce his, and she runs a hand up his arm.

Rylo shivers at her touch, and stands perfectly still but unafraid.


And then she presses herself to him, and the world smells of bitter smoke and tastes of spices. Rylo’s normally unyielding mind forgets to resist, and he allows himself to be taken along.


It’s very much the same as outside in that his consciousness keeps going in and out of focus, but this time rather than cold numbness Rylo is filled with warm, syrupy desire. The entirety of existence seems to be her lips against his and the curtains of golden hair wrapped around them.


He’s unsure if it’s been hours or minutes, but every time he comes up for breath they seem to be somewhere new, with her fingers dancing on his cheek and her hot breath on his neck.


Somehow he finds himself up the stairs, onto what must have once been the first floor. The entire place is filled with strange things, but what he sees in front of him takes his breath away.


Rylo’s limbs seem to turn to water and his mouth goes dry. His breath speeds up, quick and shallow. Her whole body seems to glow from the firelight and he aches to bury himself in her hair.


But it’s her who grabs him by the front of his shirt and pulls him over, across the room. Rylo winds his fingers through her hair and lets her run hers up under his shirt.


Again Rylo’s mind feels full of fog and sand and water and he’s not sure what comes next, but she’s sure, and pushes him down onto the creaking bed.


And then he’s just as sure as she is, and everything is skin and firelight and sweet, heavy smoke.


She falls asleep almost immediately afterwards. Rylo fights sleep for as long as he can, drinking in the sight of her breathing softly next to him. The eastern sky is just turning the blue of her eyes as Rylo’s finally close.

OHMYGOD did I really just write that. What.

Half of me is like dayum baby get it but the other half is five years old and like eww stahp. This might be the last and only super sexy sex scene I ever write. Too much sex.

Do you know what sex makes?


Babbies. That’s how babby is formed.

This one is named Reuben Yu and he belongs to Joey and Marina. They originally named him Reginald but then I was like, fuck that. So I changed it to the first decent R name that popped into my head. Reuben is a brave natural cook. I assume that means he’s totally okay with using really big knives when cutting vegetables. I always get so nervous, but this lil baby don’t give a shit.


It’s a pretty nice morning, and Rylo is sleeping right through it. He’s down under the triangle thing somewhere.


There he is.

Nice bum where ya from.


The bright sunlight flooding in through the windows gently eases Rylo awake, and he rolls over to figure out where he is. The fires burn low in the barrels, and the smoke sits much lighter in the room. Though still groggy, Rylo is able to piece together what happened last night. He remembers the boy in the warehouse, the stew, running up the lighted hillside.


Suddenly it all comes back to him and he leaps from the bed and scrambles for his clothes. His heart rate slows a little when he realizes he’s alone, but he is still filled by the need to be far away from here.

Also, sorry guys, but Rylo’s coin slot is in every damn shot and there’s nothing I can do about it. Let’s all just accept it and revel in its glory.


Once dressed, Rylo puts off departure for a moment to satisfy his curiosity. He creeps back into the caved-in basement and heads for the potted plants. One breath in answers his question. The leaves are thick and oily, and give off the same strong scent as the flames in the barrel. Knowing how far they took his mind last night, Rylo makes a mental note to avoid those from now on.


He takes one last look before departing out what must once have been the front door.


As soon as he’s away from the flames Rylo breathes the fresh cold air in deep to clear his hazy mind. In no time he’s back to his same old routine of trekking solo through the wasteland, with no goal other than forward.


Aaaaand that’s the end, I’ll leave you with this nice last lil shot.

Yeah so that was crazy as hell, I don’t know. Sorry for posting a day late, I was on a trip and didn’t get back until late last night.

Chapter 4.6- Not for the Kids

22 Mar

Hey all! This post is kind of a two parter, so if it seems like a lot of weird stuff happens and doesn’t get explained in this post, calm yo self. I’ll post the next one really soon.

I’m super excited to get back into Rylo’s story, but before we do….



Yeah, it’s exciting and all, but it is no excuse for that shirt. No excuse, Marina!


And then this happened.

Marina: I… I think you have the wrong legacy. We just do zombies here.

Nigfop: Whoops, I goofed. Bye now.


Don’t worry, alien pollination is not permitted in my legacy. Joey’s paternity is safe.

Great, now that that’s covered, let’s waltz on over to Rylo’s freaky corner of the world, where they eat people.


Rylo’s been lying still for hours, listening carefully for slow, deep breathing. Once he’s sure everyone’s been asleep for some time, he rises silently from his sleeping bag.


He creeps through the warehouse until he reaches the sleeping forms of Harlan and Danek. He spots the crossbow lying on the floor, and bends to claim his awaited prize.


Mostly out of convenience he stops at Danek’s backpack. He could use some new clothes.


The last stop is Bea’s backpack. Rylo’s heart pounds as he gingerly removes every item in the bag until he feels the fur at the bottom. He nearly flees from the building when Byron rolls over in his sleep, but after what feels like all night he manages to get everything he needs.


Feeling better dressed and better equipped, Rylo slinks out the door and into the blackness of the night.


Having spent his childhood in a basement, Rylo’s eyesight is well attuned to the dark. He breaks into a paced run with the intention of putting as much distance between himself and Harlan’s group as he can. He’s very aware of what the consequences would be if he ever ran into them again.

Pause. I need to say. Yes, Rylo is wearing his dead dog’s face on his head.

People have described this legacy as “not family friendly” and “not for the kids”. I frankly have no idea what they’re talking about.


After some time Rylo slows to a walk to conserve his energy. Almost immediately he hears the sounds of shouting behind him. He turns to see his pursuers running wildly through the dark, although they don’t seem to have seen him yet.


Harlan: Figured he take my bow, but the asshole had to take my shirt too!

Elijah: We should’ve just eaten the guy, I’ve been saying it since day one.

Harlan: Yeah, well, I’m an idiot and I thought we could trust him. At least-

Renna: He’s there! I see him!


Panic comes over him and Rylo races through the forest, the hunters screaming curses after him. There are four of them and he’s only one, but he knows he’s faster than them and much more confident in the dark. Rylo darts around trunks and under bushes until finally he breaks out of the treeline.


Barrels of fire light up the hillside, but Rylo has no time to stop and find another way. He’s winded from the run, and the hunters behind him are closing the gap.


Danek: No!

Elijah: Shit, it’s Ravenna’s.

Harlan: Damnit. I liked that bow.

Renna: We’ll find you a new one. Let’s get out of here, I hate this place.


Deflated of all their furious energy, Rylo’s attackers retreat back into the forest.


Running up the lighted hillside, Rylo senses that Harlan’s group has let him go. He slows to a nervous walk, glad to be out of their grasp but on edge about what it is that could have scared them off.


Rylo cautiously approaches the flames. They give off a sharp, heady odour, and seem to beckon him to come warm his hands.


His hands are chilled from the night air, and the warmth seems to tickle at his rough palms. Rylo breathes in deeply and is filled with an exhilarated sense of lightness in his entire being. The urgency of the past 24 hours melts away, leaving him feeling as innocent and unknowing as a child. His mind feels soft and empty, and the dark world around him seems so safe and kind.

Rylo takes in another deep breath of the pungent air, and a slack smile slides onto his face. Vacantly, his gaze drifts upwards.


And then Rylo’s comfortable dream shatters and his jaw drops open.


His head fills with wordless screaming, although no sound escapes his lips. Somehow he regains control of his legs and breaks into a stumbling run.


Through the bushes is another scene of horror. Rylo’s mind and body feel so heavy, and can’t seem to work together. Rylo scrambles desperately away from the ghastly face in front of him, tearing at dirt and brush.


He backs up against something hard and clings to it, keeping his eyes glued to the terrifying face in front of him. And then his groping hands feel an eye, and a shrieking mouth.


Horrified, he leaps away and slams into his back downhill.  He does a few rolls and lays prone in the dirt.


The smoke from the barrel fills Rylo’s lungs, and his fears evaporate. He can’t remember what he was just doing. He can’t remember what he was supposed to remember. Everything’s fuzzy and soft.

Then a word comes to him… run. Why? But then he’s pulled himself to his feet and is again crashing through the forest.


Rylo wanders back out of the trees and stops dead in his tracks. He wants to scream. He wants to cry. He doesn’t know how to fight these.


But this one seems to look right through him. It flails around purposelessly, slow and directionless.


Finally it takes a few slow, staggering steps and disappears into the trees. Rylo loses track of himself.


Clumsily he crashes through the thick bushes, not even feeling the claws of the branches scraping at his face and hands. He’s unsure if he’s just been going in circles, but finally he hones in on a light shining through the leaves and follows it desperately.


Rylo stumbles out of the brush and plunges deeper into the nightmare.

Surrounding him on all sides is a swarm of horrific zombies pacing around the hillside.


He tries to run from them, but his legs are unable to manage anything more than a clumsy shuffle. He staggers from left to right and careens straight into a tree.


Rylo drops to the ground and heaves with hopeless sobs. He can’t move, he can’t think. All that’s left to do is surrender to the will of the faces or the zombies, whichever come first.


Rylo moves in and out of consciousness, and vaguely registers his body rolling downhill. He feels the welcome heat of the flames lick his skin, and breathes in the heavy smoke. His mind fills with water, with sand, with colours, with darkness.


And then he grasps the edges of consciousness again, and he’s become one of them, lurching and staggering and haunting the hillside.


He feels the evils inside himself telling him this is where he belongs. These are his true people. The directionless, the purposeless, the already dead.

The bitter smoke fills his lungs and his mind empties. He releases his thoughts, his fears, and becomes a shell like them.


Rylo staggers through the dark, the only constant being the thick black smoke pooled in his lungs.

SO. I think I’ll cut it short for now, but we’ll pick up right where we left off next update. Tune in to see if this is all just in Rylo’s head, or if the entire legacy is over because the heir has been zombified.

Hint: I’d never do that. Homeboy is hallucinating big time.


Chapter 4.5- Flesh and Cartilage

18 Mar

Hey der big bears. So last night I wrote a chapter that I’m super super excited about, and felt like what better way to celebrate than by releasing another chapter I’m super excited about. On a Wednesday. Off schedule. Thug lyfe amirite?

Last time, Rylo gained social acceptance through the hunting of a raccoon, which is probably a redneck manhood ritual somewhere.


Harlan: Congrats on your manhood.

Rylo: Thanks bro.


Rylo: Does this mean I can hunt with you guys now?

Harlan: I’m no dictator so I can’t say that for sure, but I’m going to put in a good word for you today.


Today the group is heading to the BEACH to frolic and play. And also to have baths because that like never happens and it’s so gross.


Literally as soon as they got to the beach it started pouring rain, but since sims lets you play god I made it sunny and glorious in no time.

Rylo hasn’t spent much time at the beach since his beach bum summer featuring Kayliss, and it feels great to be back. True, he’s plagued by the annoyance of other people (shudder), but the sun and the water and the sand totally make up for it.


The rest of the group are having a great time messing around in the water. Quentin and Bea splash and shriek, and Danek and Byron whoop and holler as they race into the refreshing waves.


Over on the other side of the beach Rylo can just make out the signs of yet another serious conversation. He can’t hear any of it, but he’s quite sure that this is Harlan putting in his ‘good word’. This time it looks like Renna is on Harlan’s side, while Elijah still isn’t convinced.


At mid day the group finally gets dressed and heads back inland in search of food and shelter for the night. Everyone looks and feels refreshed, although Rylo can still feel some tension between Elijah and Harlan.

Elijah and Harlan are brothers. But I never mentioned it because it was never relevant, and it doesn’t affect anything at all. So, enjoy that new knowledge I guess.


The group walks past the old factory without stopping, since huge places like that are usually more trouble than they’re worth. Old chemicals, broken machinery, and zombie hiding places don’t make for a good survival strategy.


Suddenly they hear the sound of something metal falling to the ground, and then everything is still.

Renna: Could be dinner. Dare we?

Byron: I say we keep moving. The place looks like it could collapse.

Elijah: I say it’s either dinner or maybe a couple zombies. Whatever it is, we could take it.

Harlan: Elijah’s right, there’s enough of us. Let’s check it out.


Everyone with a weapon runs up to the door, and Elijah wrenches it open. Four of them burst through, ready for the hunt.


In front of them a skinny unarmed kid raises his trembling hands. In the still surprise of the moment, Rylo lowers his knife to his side.

And then, simultaneously, his group members lunge forward.


Confused, Rylo runs in after them to find them giving chase inside the abandoned warehouse. The kid darts around discarded barrels and tanks of chemicals with Elijah two steps behind. Renna darts to the right, cutting off a possible path of escape.


Cornered, the kid boxes himself in behind a fallen fridge. His eyes search wildly for an exit that isn’t there.


Rylo stands frozen as Harlan raises his bow and steps slowly forward. Elijah and his axe block off the kid’s right side, and Renna jumps up on top of the fridge with her knife gleaming.


Time stops for Rylo. He feels every sound, every movement in this room. He can hear the very breathing of the others who have followed him into the warehouse.


The boy drops to his knees. His shoulders convulse with sobs, and his head falls into his hands.


Rylo feels as if he’s left his body. His breath sits inert in his still chest.


Rylo’s whole life seems to happen in the space of a few seconds, in front of this scared crying boy.

And then Rylo hears the thwang of a bow, and the thump of a body.


Rylo releases a long-held breath. Weapons are lowered, and blood begins to pool.

As if from far away Rylo hears life go on around him.


Quentin: What is this place? There’s so much weird stuff!

Bea: Careful love, it might have rusted through!


Renna: Sunflower seeds! Those are mine, I’m claiming them now.

Harlan: Byron will want this knife, his broke last week.


Danek: Bea I’ll get the fire this time. I bet whatever’s in this container will do the trick.

Bea: Just don’t burn your eyebrows off like the last time you got it into your head to play with fire.


Rylo’s stupor ends in an icy jolt as he feels Elijah’s poisonous smirk boring into him. Understanding sinks in.

Meat is meat.


Now Rylo knows. He is officially a hunter.


In a daze Rylo finds ways to look busy, though he actively avoids the side of the yard where the butchers are at work. The group carries on entirely as usual, setting the fire and building dirt castles.


The one time Rylo’s curiosity to look gets the better of him he immediately regrets it. After that, he keeps his eyes firmly planted on the ground.


Rylo’s mind feels like a complete blank, and he couldn’t make conversation with these people if he tried. Thankfully, they’re used to him being that way and don’t seem to notice anything strange.


Unfortunately, Rylo’s never wanted to make conversation more. Any noise would be welcome if it could cover the sounds of flesh and cartilage being torn apart, followed by the wet slap of meat in a pan.


Tonight’s stew is hardly different from any other stew, but as the smell wafts into his nose Rylo’s stomach seems to turn itself upside down and inside out. Elijah lingers close by, poorly masking his delight at Rylo’s horror.


Elijah flashes Rylo a sticky sweet smile as he personally hands him a bowl of stew. It crosses Rylo’s mind that Elijah would be perfectly satisfied if Rylo were in the next stew.


Around him dinner time is carrying on as usual. Smacking lips, inane chatter, and compliments to the chef.

Rylo hasn’t felt this self-conscious since his first night with these people. Elijah stares at him, waiting, and Rylo raises the spoon to his mouth.


Most bites he swallows without chewing. Chewing would undoubtedly push him over the edge. For the first time in his life he digs into his memories of Kayliss, of the Madhouse, of his parents. Anything for a distraction, but the one time he wants to remember them, his memories seem dim and foggy. Even his most painful experiences seem to be running away from the little white bowl in his hands.

It feels like eating this stew is the most difficult thing he’s ever done, but once he drops his bowl onto the pile of dirty dishes, all Rylo’s feelings of wanting to scream and throw up and run away dissipate. The stew wasn’t really that bad. He doesn’t feel any different. Just the same old angry, alone, antisocial survivor as always. Add cannibal to the list, what does it matter?


It’s not that difficult for Rylo to go through the same old motions of putting out the fire, saying goodnight, and getting into his sleeping bag. It would be so easy to just stay in this life with these people. It was right here in this room that Rylo saw them for what they really were, just over there that the boy dropped to his knees, but it’s already so in the past. Rylo lies awake long after everyone else is asleep, mulling it all over.


Finally Rylo makes his decision. Silently he crawls out of his sleeping bag and steps through the darkness of the warehouse.

Chapter 4.4- Stupid Dumb Dream Bubbles

15 Mar



Quentin: I like cat meat. And dog meat.


Byron: Attaboy son!

Welcome to Zombies and Yu!

We’re going to jump right back into where we were last week, when Rylo was sort of denied when he asked Harlan if he could help hunt, and then went to bed early. Well, he had to pee, so he crept out of the house super quietly and went round back to squirt the dirt.


Dirt sufficiently squirted, he heads back through the long grass. As he nears the front of the house he registers some sort of heated argument going on in the firelight. He crouches down low and tries to pick up what’s being said.


Renna: He doesn’t know us well enough yet, it would be a disaster.

Harlan: Come on, the poor guy’s so bored. If it goes well it goes well, and if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

Renna: And if he starts a fight about it?

Harlan: There’s enough of us, we could take him.

Renna: How long do you think that guy’s survived on his own? He’s tough enough to take two of you, easy. Don’t even put yourselves at risk.


Danek: I’m with Harlan, I think Rylo would be fine with it.

Elijah: Well you all know what I think we should do.

Harlan: And we would, Elijah, if we had to. But right now there’s no reason, he’s useful. Let’s let him pull his weight around here.

Danek: I do think he needs more time with us first.

Harlan: Fine. We give it another week, and then we resume the discussion. Agreed?


The conversation comes to an end and they all head in to bed. Rylo stays put in his hiding place for another hour or so trying to piece together what he just heard.


The next morning is moving day. Harlan’s group never stays in one place for more than a week, so today they pack up and head out.


And they won’t. Stop. Making. Stupid. Faces.




They spend the day walking up and down and up and down the rolling hills of the countryside. Occasionally they’ll run into a patch of wild strawberries or blueberries, and the group will collectively stop drop and snack.


Quentin: Can we stay in this thing tonight?


Harlan: Sorry, it’s unroutable. So no.


Quentin: How about down here?


They follow Quentin over to where there is an old shed with half it’s roof blown off perched on the hillside.


Harlan: Quentin, you’re gonna get yourself killed. It could be full of zombies. Or asshole humans. We’ll check it out.


Harlan: Rylo, cover me. We’ll head around either side and meet up at the entrance to this thing, okay?


Rylo pulls out his knife and wades through the dry grass. He knows something could jump out of the shed and kill him, but hey, it would sure be interesting.


The front of the shed is just an open wall, and Rylo creeps up towards the entrance. Harlan’s crossbow peeks around the corner, followed by Harlan himself.


Harlan locks eyes with Rylo and then mouths silently “One… Two…”



On Harlan’s word they charge into the shed with their weapons raised.


But it’s empty.


They drop their weapons to their sides, and Harlan is the first to start up with a relieved snicker. Rylo laughs too, and then they’re both laughing in earnest.

Harlan: We sure scared nobody.


He heads back around to the other side and yells to the group.

Harlan: All clear, move on in!


Within minutes there’s a fire started and everyone is settling in.

Rylo: Hmmm… I just don’t see how this could be useful.

Quentin: It’s not. I’m playing.


Rylo: What is a ‘play’?

Quentin: Playing. You know, having fun. Kids do it?


Rylo: Never heard of it.

Quentin: Come on! You can build the armory. Or a drawbridge, that’ll keep the zombies out.


Quentin: Okay, back up, here come the zombies! Gaaaaaghhhh, bleeeeghhhh!!


Quentin: Ahhhhh!!! The glaring architectural flaws in your drawbridge have caused a complete breakdown of castle security! The zombies have taken the armory! They’ve got the machine guns!! Ahhh nooo save my baybeeeeee!

Rylo: lolwut.


Quentin: THAT’S playing.


Quentin: Pathetic amateur.


Rylo: I’m not sure I underst-

Quentin: LOOK!!!


Quentin’s hyperactive spiel is hard to follow, but Rylo is able to ascertain his meaning by a rustle in the bushes in the general area where Quentin is pointing.


Quentin dives in after the raccoon, yelling to Harlan and Byron and Renna and Danek and Elijah and Bea to go catch dinner.


Always glad for a convenient meal, they grab their weapons and make a mad dash into the bushes.


Rylo has the right idea, here.

Rylo: Mmmmm dinner.


And like, cutest dinner ever, omg.


The raccoon darts in and out of the bushes, and sometimes they have to split up to corner it. Even when they think they have it, it seems to just barely slip away from them.


Finally they chase the raccoon out of the bushes and onto a road. The raccoon runs straight downhill, giving them a clear shot.


Harlan starts readying a bolt in his crossbow, but Rylo is faster. He extends his arm back, and then his knife is flipping through the air and embedding itself square into its target’s neck. Go Rylo go!

Hey, what do you say to an interlude?

We need to check on the rest of the Yu family, and the only way I can do that right now is to awkwardly force it into the middle.


Sushi grew up! He/she is soooo fuzzy.


And kind of grumpy looking. And no, I don’t know this dog’s gender.


Also, look who I found wandering around by herself. Dressed like a crazy.


I switched her into something a bit less psychotic, and was thrilled to see that she is indeed still pregnant.

Rylo’s getting a cousin soon, guys! Not that he’ll ever know, but whatevs.


Anyway, look who brought home din-din!


These guys did! These guys did!

The raccoon is skinned and gutted, and all the delicious rodent meat is thrown into the stew. Rylo notices that Harlan makes extra sure to let everyone know who it was that finally got the raccoon.


Harlan: Rylo’s the one that finally got the raccoon.

Danek: Cool beans.

Also, can I just say what a bitch it is to try to put a raccoon in the story? You can’t make them active. I had to add it to my household, and then reset it so it was at the lot with the shed, and then drain its motives with Master Controller so it would go the fuck to sleep, and then moveobjects it into place. THEN I had to wait til its stupid dumb dream bubbles went away. It was a process, okay?


As usual Rylo doesn’t say anything to brag about himself, but he hopes the others will start to consider letting him tag along on hunting days now.


Everyone does seem to be a bit more friendly with him tonight. They ask him stuff about catching the raccoon, and at one point Byron actually asks Rylo to pass him the pot of stew. Like, what. Actual interaction happening, guys.


Quentin: Tomorrow night I want zombie meat stew.

Bea: No honey, that’s-

Quentin: Zombie meat stew!!


Despite the shed only having three walls and half a roof, it ends up being pretty cozy.


Again, cute sleepover pic. They’re packed in there like sardines.

And ermahgerd guess what.


Guys. Dorah had her BABY!


This is Carys Yu, and she is excitable and charismatic and I am so thrilled about her existence. Holy mother of shit we have spare relatives now!

I’ll end it on this note, cause it’s great and I’m psyched. See ya next time!

Chapter 4.3- Cat Meat

8 Mar

So I know there’s a lot going on with Rylo right now, but I’m gonna start off the post with an announcement.


This lil lady here is pregnant!! Go Dorah, Go Sam! Go Dorah, Go Sam!







When we left off, Rylo had just witnessed a very unexpected dog death, and he teamed up with the people who killed his dog in exchange for a crossbow. Just everyday kind of stuff.

As an ultra-loner since forever, he’s pretty nervous about the idea of being with a group. The only group he’s ever known was a bunch of crackheads, so.


They finally make it out of the trees, and at the bottom of a hill Rylo sees what must be the rest of Harlan’s group. So far noone looks particularly drugged out. A woman stirs a huge pot over the fire while the others rest or cut firewood.


Rylo’s companions rush to greet the rest of the group, and the air fills with chatter and excitement about the success of the hunt.


Lady: I’m so glad you all made it back before dark! Everything went well?

Guy: For the most part. We brought back lots of meat for tonight’s stew.


Rylo looks down at the aforementioned meat. The idea of eating that makes him uneasy, but he’s sure it’s better than letting it go to waste.

And like, it might be a wolf. Or part wolf. It’s probably not full-on dog meat, right?

Desperate times, yo.


Rylo suddenly begins to feel very self-conscious as an outsider standing just outside the firelight. He starts to wonder if they’ve forgotten about him. Maybe he should just sneak off and forget about it.


Then to his relief Harlan addresses the group.

Harlan: Guys, attention please! I want to introduce you to Rylo, who will be staying with us. There was a bit of a kerfuffle over a dog today, and as it stands now we owe Rylo a pelt and a crossbow in exchange for a few weeks of help. Bea, I know the pelt is your area of expertise. Everyone else, please make Rylo feel welcome and make sure he has everything he needs.


So um, babe alert.

Would you believe that this sex-bomb was literally created when I hit the random button in CAS? Like, what.


And then this other sex-bomb named Danek happened. And they were both so damn attractive that they fell for each other and humans of every gender and every sexual orientation wept, all over the world, because these two were taken. The agony of it all.


Rylo soon finds himself ushered over into the firelight. He keeps his head down and tries to stay out of the way while the others talk and laugh and get the stew going. Eventually someone hands him a bowl of hot, meaty stew. His heart beats rapidly with the first bite as Smiler invades his mind, but he pushes thoughts of her away. The stew becomes easier to eat with every spoonful, until he’s scraping the gravy off the bottom of the bowl with his finger and wishing someone would give him some more.


Everyone lounges contentedly in the warmth of the fire. Danek leans back and closes his eyes, letting the light dance on his eyelids. Elijah and Renna, whose names Rylo managed to pick up, crack jokes with Harlan.


Elijah: We’re on a bench.

Renna: LOL.


Bea beams at her little family as Byron gives Quentin a ride on his feet.

Quentin: Daddy, make me walk like a zombie! Braaaaaaghhhhh!


They sit sharing the warmth of firelight and company late into the night. Rylo’s eyes start to feel heavy, and the heat coming off the flames wraps around him like a blanket.


Quentin is the first to fall asleep, and Bea carries him into the little old house, careful not to wake him. The others trickle in after her, and Rylo eventually turns in as well. Maybe he’ll be able to find a little corner for himself.


Inside the house Rylo finds a big main room filled with sleeping bags and blankets. Most of the group is fast asleep already, with only the sounds of soft snoring and Bea’s hushed singing as she snuggles Quentin on the couch.


Harlan: We have an extra sleeping bag, you’re welcome to use it. If you’re the last to fall asleep just make sure the candles are blown out, cool?

Rylo: Yeah. Thanks.


Rylo pulls his boots off and settles down to sleep. The sleeping bag kind of smells like people. The whole house smells like people. Rylo is sure he’s going to be awake all night, and that there’s no way he’ll be able to sleep with all these people around him. But actually, he’s out within minutes, and doesn’t wake up once all night.


I like my overhead slumber party pics. They all look so damn CUTE.


The next morning, the sky is made of cotton candy.


Rylo rolls up his sleeping bag, pulls on his boots, and heads outside to see if there’s any way he can make himself useful.


To his surprise, the guys of the group are just leaving to hunt and search for vegetables.

He’s not sure why he wasn’t invited along. Finding food is something he’s always been very good at, and he’s disappointed to be left behind.


He scrapes some leftovers of last nights stew into a bowl and eats it cold. He spends the rest of the day staring moodily into the fire. Occasionally Bea asks him for help, mostly out of pity. He wordlessly helps her collect water and with some of the hide tanning process, but his somber presence is draining and soon Bea stops asking him.


In the late afternoon the men return, flushed from the day of exercise.

Bea: And what did you find for tonight?


Rylo is a little bit smug to see they’ve only managed a skinny cat today, but everyone else seems satisfied with the measly catch.

He’s actually a little weirded out at the thought of eating a cat. His face betrays his disgust as Bea drops cubed cat meat into the stew, but she just shrugs her shoulders and says “Meat is meat.”

Rylo supposes she’s right. Some days he sees where the meat comes from, and other times he doesn’t. It generally tastes the same, and Rylo’s not one to be picky.


Five days pass in pretty much the same way.

Harlan: Hey man, how you been? Is everything going okay for you?

Rylo: Sure, I guess.

Harlan: I don’t know man, that might just be how you always are, but you seem kinda glum.

Rylo: Well I’ve just been so useless. I want to help hunt.


Harlan: Yeah… we already kind of have a lot of hunters Rylo. And when we go on a hunt it makes us feel a lot better to know that you’re holding down the fort back here. Byron feels a lot better knowing Bea and Quentin are safe, you can ask him.

Rylo: I guess I just miss hunting is all. I want to try hunting the bigger stuff with you guys, deer and things. You hunt pretty much everything right?

Harlan: Well… whatever we can catch I guess. Meat is meat.

Rylo isn’t sure how to be persuasive, and the conversation ends with no real resolution. Rylo heads to bed early that night, his head full of half-finished arguments.

Hooookay. I think I’m gonna wrap up the post now. Tune in next week to see if Rylo learns any social skills.

Chapter 4.2- The Cuddly Puppy Bandwagon

1 Mar

Welcome back!

Let’s start out today’s update with some math. I’ve been thinking about how long it’s actually been since the zombie outbreak, and this is what I came up with. If Oscar was born about a year after the outbreak, and he probably had Noemi when he was 20ish (so 20 years after outbreak), and Noemi probably had Rylo when she was 20ish (40 years after outbreak), and Rylo is currently 18-20ish, then it’s been like 60 years.

Just thought I’d share that.


Rylo is exactly where we left him. The weather took a turn during the night, so now him and the dog are just sitting around brooding at the rain. But it’s all good, Rylo likes to brood.


So I guess Rylo started a trend or something, because Joey and Marina got a puppy!


It’s name is Sushi, and it’s a lil fluffer ball.


Shortly after that, Oscar jumped on the cuddly puppy bandwagon and got this little guy named Titus. I’ve never seen a more clueless looking creature in all of the sims games.


LOL, look what showed up in Rylo’s inventory when we moved worlds.


Toy: Love me.

Rylo: I do not love.

I sorta felt like it clashed with his general vibe, so I deleted it.


With nothing else to do in the damp little house, Rylo picks up an old book and begins flipping through the pages. The pictures interest him, and he can’t seem to figure out why so many people gathered around to watch men throw balls around.

It’s a sports book.


The rain slows, and Rylo closes the book. His head is starting to hurt from looking at all those strange little black marks swimming around on the pages. In another world, he’d probably be lysdexic or something.


The last few falling raindrops are illuminated in sunlight as Rylo leaves his shelter. He’s not surprised to hear his panting shadow trotting along behind him.


Around the corner he spots his breakfast. A little digging and he’s got himself a bland but filling meal.


He tosses a potato to the dog, but it takes one disinterested sniff before running off to frolic in the morning dew.


After a while Rylo gets kind of exasperated with how everywhere they go the dog has to stop and do goofy shit.


If you’ve never walked a dog off-leash, this is what it’s actually like.

You’ll wait around for a bit. Then, once you give up and just keep walking, your dog will eventually look up and realize how far ahead you are. It will probably freak out a bit, and run at full speed to catch up with you. Then it gets distracted again and the process repeats infinity billion times. The struggle is real, and Rylo is living it.


They turn the corner around an abandoned building and take this lovely lady by surprise.


Looks like she’s feeling peckish today, so Rylo pulls out his knife and gets ready for a scuffle.


His knife is hardly halfway out of his pocket before a grey streak shoots ahead and plows down the zombie. Rylo rushes forward, ready to help out.


By the time he makes it over the zombie is still, and the dog is joyously batting the lifeless head back and forth.


Rylo sinks to his knees and gives the dog another pat on the head.

Rylo: Good doggy risking your life for my sorry ass! Way to go!


Rylo gives the dog’s belly a good scratch, and nearly gets his eye gouged out by a huge twitching leg. The dog’s tongue lolls happily out the side of it’s grinning mouth.

Rylo: Put your tongue away, you’re making us both look dumb.


Rylo plods up the hill feeling lighter than he has in years, with his buddy trotting just a few steps behind him. Then, Rylo gets a ridiculous idea. He stops in his tracks, and whirls around.


Rylo: Ima getchu! You better run, Smiler! I’m coming to get you!


Smiler barks and races up the next hill. Rylo tears after the dog, and is quickly exhausted.


He slows to a jog as Smiler becomes a grey speck against the golden hillside.

Rylo: Ima getchu Smiler! Keep running!


Smiler slows to wait for him, and then picks up the pace again when Rylo closes in.

Rylo feels the wind blowing up the hillside, and can smell the freshness of the nearby lake. The bright sunlight makes everything around him feel so alive as he breathes warm clean air deep into his lungs.


And then suddenly it all goes wrong. Smiler drops, and Rylo registers the thick black bolt embedded deep into her shoulder.


He looks wildly around, searching for the source, and locks eyes with a pack.


The man lowers his crossbow, and together the three hunters come running towards their fresh kill. Rylo holds his ground and focuses on turning angry sobs into deep heavy breaths.


The woman makes it to the dog first, and plunges her knife deep into its skull. Smiler’s last twitches stop, and her suffering ends.


Rylo glares harshly at the group, and prepares himself in case of a fight. The man slings his bow onto his back and steps forward.


Guy: Shit, man, I’m sorry. I didn’t even see you when I shot, but that was your wolf-dog-thing, wasn’t it?

Ever the stoic, Rylo stays silent.

Guy: Listen, we can try to make it up to you. I have people who know how to tan a hide, and we’ll give you that and any meat or bones you want as well.

Rylo: …

Guy: I wish I could get you a new dog, man, but I don’t have one of those. Let me know how we can make it up to you. We have food, and a decent amount of safety in numbers.


Rylo: I’ll take the hide. How long?

Guy: The process takes a few days, our group would be glad to feed you and let you stick around for that time. If you’re not crazy and you want to stay afterwards that can probably be arranged too.

Rylo: I don’t want to stay with you. I want one more thing.


Guy: Sure, shoot.

Rylo: I want your bow.


The man and woman behind the leader start to laugh, and he lets out a chuckle before continuing.

Guy: Buddy, that’s a very tall order. I’d hate to part with it.

Rylo: Then we have a problem.

Guy: No, listen, it’ll just take an extra deal. You stick with our group for, say, two fortnights. Til the next full moon. You seem like a pretty tough guy, so you work with us and help us out with whatever we need, and if you can do that, you’ve got your hide and a shiny new crossbow.


Guy: Fair?

Rylo looks down at the outstretched hand and considers.


Rylo: Deal.

Guy: Cool. I’m Harlan.

Rylo: Rylo.


Harlan whistles and the group moves out. Following along, Rylo can already feel the oppressive closeness of being surrounded by people, but focusing on Harlan’s powerful crossbow keeps him steady in his resolve.

Fun chapter right?? Next week our silent hero meets his new roommates. That’s actually the twist for the next season of The Real World. They’re all secretly a bunch of assholes trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It probably wouldn’t be much different from The Real World now.


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